Natural Foursome Leads To Swapping!

Natural Foursome Leads To Swapping!

Characters in this episode

Aryan – Our protagonist
Foram- His future beau
Anmol -Foram’s boyfriend
Amisha- Aryan’s current girlfriend


The game had broken the ice amongst us. Foram’s milky boobs and pink nipples were jiggling when Anmol was fingering her from behind. Amisha then lowered her eyes and kept on checking Anmol’s cock again. His cock was hard as a rock.

She took my cock out of her mouth and mused “Foram, do you think their cocks taste similar?” Foram played along, “That’s not possible, you wanna find out?”

“I can try it if Anmol is OK with it,” said Amisha.
“I dare you to do it, and let me know,” said Foram.

Amisha sat on her knees and called Anmol to come near her. She took his cock in her tiny hands and gulped his cock in her mouth. Foram was smiling when he saw Amisha gulped his cock all of a sudden and Anmol was almost out of his breadth.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock, she said “Yes they taste different,” to which Foram said, “Let’s see I don’t believe you.”

“Then why don’t you try for yourself,” said Amisha. Biting her lower lips Foram said, “Okay, Aryan can you come and sit on this sofa. I can check for myself.”

I quickly moved and got adjusted to the sofa with my cock hard as a rock and directly facing to Foram right now. Her technique was far different from my girlfriend. She first slowly stroked my cock soft with one hand and then again with both hands. She was gentle with her technique.

Then she slowly pulled the skin from below exposing my pink mushroom tip. With both her hands still wrapped on my cock she first kissed the tip of my penis and then slightly sucked the tip of the mushroom head. Slowly and steadily she started to gulp every inch of my penis.

Her hands were still stroking slowly from below while her tongue doing all the dancing. Almost a third of my cock was in her mouth and then she started making slurpy moans while sucking my cock. I couldn’t care to see what Anmol and Amisha were up to.

But I am sure she must have stopped sucking Anmol for a while. Foram’s skills were excellent when it came to giving a blowjob. After sucking for a reasonable amount of time by the ladies Foram took her head off. I said, “Yes they do taste a little different. We have made the boys happy and I am sure they would want to return the favor too.”

“Return the favor? I am dying to lick that juicy pussy of hers,” I thought in my mind.
“Sure, that seems to be a good idea,” said Anmol.

The girls both sat next to each other on the couch. They were close enough that their shoulders rubbed each other. They both spread their legs high enough for us to see their creamy wet pussies. Amisha was on left and Foram was on right. Anmol was quick to place Foram’s right thigh on Amisha’s felt thigh.

She gave me a wink. The look of both the ladies stark naked with both huge boobs. tangled legs on each other and soaking wet cunts were to die for. Amisha’s pussy was fully shaved. Foram had kept a neatly trimmed triangle just above her clit. I could also see her birthmark perfectly placed above her clit.

Anmol and I knelt in front of the girls very next to each other and buried our lips on their soaking wet pussies. I was licking Foram’s pussy while Anmol worked on Amisha’s. “ Ahhh” both moaned together. Foram had the silky fragrance of her pussy, silky and sweet within.

Slowly I dragged my nose over her labia and circled my tongue over her perfect G-spot. She moaned instantly and was nearly melted. Within moments we were helping ourselves on their intimate parts and one hand on their boobs. I was shifting my hand to fondle her boobs and nipples.

Then occasionally putting my finger on her lips. She was in ecstasy and was gently biting my fingers. “Yes put your tongue inside my pussy,” Foram said. I exactly did what she ordered. Her intimate juices were all on my face and lips and I knew she was squirting.

“Oh! Aryan, I am gonna cum. Keep on doing it. Put 2 fingers inside my pussy and finger me hard.” Her hips became to tremble and her hands were hard on my hair pulling them in excitement. I lifted my head and saw Foram was satisfied with my skills. Besides us, Amisha also reached a powerful orgasm.

“Thank you very much. That was awesome. I need some water and then I want you to put that big fat cock of yours inside my pussy.” She stood up and gave me an intense smooch.

“That was amazing. Please let me fuck your boyfriend and I will return him in one piece.”

“I know. He is all yours” said Amisha.

Foram went to the dining area to drink some water. Besides me, Amisha and Anmol were kissing passionately. Seems they did not need water. Anmol sat on the couch and Amisha came upon him.

My girlfriend guided his dick inside her pussy and started moving her hips like a cowgirl. His hands were all over her boobs and she was riding his cock. “Yes fuck me. Fuck me,” he moaned. Amisha was riding his dick hard. Her boobs were jumping up and down.

“Did you miss me?” Foram came from behind cupping my ass. “Come on, I want you to put that thick fat dick inside my pussy.” She slept on the couch and I came upon her. I teased her pussy from the tip of my cock by rubbing my mushroom head on her clit and G-spot.

“God. That feels so fucking good. Anmol you don’t do this thing to me. Aryan you are so good at this.” Slowly I put inserted my cock inside her pussy half inside her, took it out again and then inserted it half. I was teasing her pussy and she was moaning in pleasure.

“Put that fucking cock inside my pussy and fuck me hard,” she screamed. I put my dick inside her pussy and started giving her long and hard strokes. I stretched her legs more and started fucking her with fast and hard. “Fuck me, Aryan. Fuck me. Tear my pussy. Fuck me till my pussy becomes red.”

She placed both her hands on my butts and started pushing me inside her. She spanked my butts with both her hands. It was a completely new feeling for me. I cupped both her boobs and fucked her hard.

“I am going to explode. Fuck me hard, Aryan.”

I was on fucking her cunt fast and hard. The feelings that I was having for her was out of the world. “I am cumming, Anmol,”  I heard from Amisha. “Yes come for me baby Ride my cock hard, I love you and I want to cum inside you. Come inside my pussy, Anmol.”

He came inside Amisha and slowly her strokes started getting subsided. I was fucking Foram hard. Wait, did I hear ‘I love you’? I thought but Foram placed my head in both her hands and told me, “Look into my eyes. Am I beautiful? Just kiss me hard, let’s reach together and get ready to cum inside my pussy.”

We kissed passionately. It was time for me to explode inside her, Her kisses became more vibrant to which I understood that she is about to explode too. We came together. I think I must have exploded the highest cum to date. Amisha was still stroking Anmol’s flaccid dick. They were watching us cum together.

Foram and Amisha smiled at each other as they had developed some kind of unsaid understanding. Amisha came near to Foam and kissed her on her lips. “Thank you so much,” she said. By looking at them it seemed they knew what they want now

It was the best moments that I had spent with anyone. I am sure Amisha and Anmol would also feel the same for each other. We bid farewell to each other. While leaving, Foram and I had kissed each other and Anmol and Amisha too. Things were a lot different now, coming days were going to be a lot different and with excitement.

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