Neighbour’s hot wife Ayesha in my bed! – Lockdown sex story

Neighbour’s hot wife Ayesha in my bed! – Lockdown sex story

Hello to all readers. This is Mr. K here again from Bangalore. Thank you for sending all your feedback for my previous stories. I am here to share another interesting affair that happened after the lock-down.

This story revolves around my neighbor whom we can call ‘Ayesha’ (name changed). She is into her early 30s but difficult to say so by the way she has maintained her figure. She has a daughter who is just around 3 years old. I was attracted to Ayesha’s breasts but was careful not to get caught by her whenever I was ogling at melons.

We were just at the level of greeting each other when we passed by.

Her husband had gone to another city before the lock-down and he was stuck there for a few weeks. So it was Ayesha and her daughter alone in her home. I used to enquire her if she needed any help for which she said that she would not hesitate to ask when it was required.

One morning, I was alone at home. I heard the calling bell and went to open the door. I was surprised it was Ayesha who needed some help in lifting some boxes from upper shelves in her room.

I went to her apartment to help her. I insisted that I will myself pick up the boxes from shelves. But she insisted that she will do it and asked me to help her to do it. Ayesha was wearing a t-shirt and track pants with her hair tied up in a messy bun. When she climbed the ladder and trying to take the boxes, I was getting aroused looking at her breasts.

I pretended to be innocent when taking the boxes from her. While she was handing me the last box, I hit the ladder by mistake and she fell on me. We both fell on the ground but luckily, we were not hurt rather she was lying directly on top me with her lovely melons over my chest.

Before Ayesha started to apologize, I started to kiss on her lips in the heat of the moment without having any second thoughts! She was trying to resist by trying to get up but did not make any noise as her daughter was sleeping in the next room.

She eventually gave up after a few seconds and started to kiss me back. Once we broke the kiss, she whispered in my ears that she saw how lustfully I was looking at her breasts when she was on the ladder. I tried to apologize to which she said it was too late now and she was hungry too as she has been away from her husband since many weeks.

Ayesha sexily sighed at me to move to the bed. I removed her t-shirt and she was looking even sexier now in her black bra. I started to kiss her melons over the bra and Ayesha asked me to remove the bra and then suck them. I tore her bra and threw it away. Her 36 size boobs were now set free, I got to know the size later.

I sucked both her boobs like a hungry baby. She was moaning like, “Oh baby. I wish I had some milk in there to feed you”. I kept sucking both the boobs to my heart’s content.

Ayesha now wanted me to move down and show some love there too.

I went down and pulled her pant as well as her pantie in one go. There she was, my dream woman lying completely naked in front of me and asking me to suck her pussy which was cleanly shaved.

I kept sucking her pussy but she wanted something special. So I asked her if she has chocolate at home which was luckily in the room and that was brought for her daughter. I took a few pieces of chocolate.

I inserted those chocolate pieces in her pussy and then started to finger her in the love hole with the chocolate in there. Ayesha had her climax and let her juices flow which I sucked. Her love juice was now mixed with chocolate which I kept licking and she wanted to taste that as well. So I kissed her and shared her own juice with her.

She hugged me tightly and told me that no one has shown such things to her and that she was super happy to be in bed with me. I wanted her to return the favor and she quickly understood. Ayesha took my cock in her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob which she did like a pro.

We were now ready for the next level of the game. To my luck, Ayesha’s husband had kept some condoms in their room. I grabbed one and entered Ayesha in missionary position. I kissed her lips to make her quiet so as to not disturb her daughter.

She kept hurling abuses while I was fucking her and kept asking to tear off her pussy. She was also moaning that she was so much missing this since the lock-down kept her husband away. I assured her that I will keep her loved and not to worry. She scratched my back with her nails and I made love bites on her boobs in return.

After a few minutes, I had burst my juices in her pussy. However, Ayesha still did not have her orgasm. She started to play with my dick and slowly, I was getting hard again after a few minutes.

Now I entered again in doggy style. I was banging Ayesha from behind while I was holding her silky hair in one hand. Ayesha dug face in a pillow to silence herself as she was moaning out of joy.

This time, I fucked her for a longer time. We both climaxed this time together and we collapsed on the bed. After some time, she wanted to take control as she said she needs to catch up on the time lost during the lockdown where she had to finger herself to kill the loneliness.

Ayesha got on top of me and inserted my dick in her pussy. Now she was riding me and the pleasure was unmatched to anything we had before. It was such a sight to see her bouncing boobs while she rode me.

I was holding her boobs and squeezing them hard while she was screwing me. After this session, the hungry tigress finally felt satisfied.

I had to leave for my place after that. We had fun a few more times whenever I was alone at home and she used to put her daughter before inviting me to her place.

This went on until her husband returned after a few weeks. Ayesha has promised to make out again when her husband goes out of station. We have kept our affair secret and no one will ever get to know.

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