Nephew fucks Sanskari mami while mama next to her – Hot story

Nephew fucks Sanskari mami while mama next to her – Hot story

Hi, my dear readers. Thank you so much for the feedback and appreciation. I had stopped writing as I was damn busy in my professional life. But the way you responded made me so delighted. I am planning to spare a few hours to write stories. Thank you.

Read part 1 as this is the continuation.

Let’s start the story.

I and my mami had a quick session when mama was taking bath. It was nice but we were in hurry, so could not enjoy it much. I was planning something about it.

10.00 am Saturday.

Mama and mami were ready and we three had breakfast.

Mama: Maddu, we need to go to Indira Nagar. As I said to you earlier, we need to meet your mami’s sister and console them. You are coming with us, right?

Something was running in my mind.

Me: No, mama. I have some office work. Though it’s Saturday, I have to finish my work. The deadlines are there.
Mama: Ohh.

Even mami was in shock when I said it.

Me: But don’t worry. I will book a cab and you will reach their house. Once you want to come back, I will book a return cab too.
Mama: Ok, fine.

I booked a cab for them. They just waved at me and moved to Indiranagar.

4.22 pm.

My phone is ringing. It was mama.

Me: Ha, mama?
Mama: Book the cab. We are ready to leave the place.

Me: Ok, mama.

I just booked and confirmed that they are sitting in the cab.

6.02 pm.

Knock knock!

I just opened the door and they entered my house. As I had tracked their trip, I made the tea. I served it once they settled on my sofa.

Mama smiled and took tea. Mami was serious. Mama explained what all happened in their house about the death. It was irrelevant talks while having tea. Mami had not even seen me while mama was explaining. I thought she might be sad as she visited to console her sister.

As usual, mama went to the toilet and once the bathroom door closed, I just jumped and sat beside my mami.

Me: Mami, you are looking so sad.
Mami: Hmm yes (serious tone).

Me (slow voice): The dead lady was 82 years and I know that you and your sister never liked her. But still, you are upset!
Mami (slow voice): I am upset because you dint come with me. I thought of spending maximum time with you and you just escaped.

Oh shit! My dear mami was upset because I didn’t go with them! I just smiled.

Me: Oh, my mami is angry about that. Let me show something to you.

I took her hand and went to the other bedroom (it was a 2bhk) which was locked. I opened it with a key and asked her to peep inside.

Mami just saw inside and her face filled with smile and glow!

I had decorated that room like a first night room with so many flowers!

Mami (smiling): But kaise? Mama?
Me (smiling): Leave that on me. I will take care.

We both are happy and excited about the night.

Mama came out of the toilet in 10 minutes. As it was still evening, I took them to the garden area of my apartment. They just relaxed and we spent some time chitchatting there.

9.10 pm.

Mami: Chalo. I need to cook. Already it’s 9.

Me: Arey, mami. I will order food now. You people have traveled so much and damn tired. Let me order nice food and it will come in half an hour.

We reached my flat and I ordered good food. By 10 pm, we finished the complete food and they liked the food. Mama was almost sleepy at the time of finishing dinner. I asked mama, “You want butter milk?”

Mama (laughingly): Yes. You know that I just love buttermilk.
Me (smilingly): 2 minutes.

Actually, mama loves buttermilk and the doctor also suggested him for easy motion. I prepared masala butter milk and gave him. He enjoyed having it.

We just moved to the hall and started watching the news on the TV. On the sofa, we three were sitting and mami was sitting in the middle.

The random news channel was on and we both were in no mood to watch it. Mama was trying his best to watch but he was unable to watch due to sleep.

I waited for 5 minutes and suddenly, removed my shorts and sat on the sofa. Mami was damn shocked.

Mami (her eyes became wide in shock): Ye kya kar rahe ho?
Me (smiling): Just took out my weapon.

Mami (tensed): But Madduuu!

I just showed the pills rapper to mami.

Me: These pills were given to me by the doctor when I had a bike accident. I was unable to sleep at that time due to pain. I took a few and it will be active in 15 minutes. It will be for 4 hours. Later I stopped consuming those pills and preserved them for situations like this. I gave it to mama earlier when he asked for it. He will not wake up for the next 4 hours.

Mami (smilingly): Aha.
Me: But now you need to do something. Just bend and clean the weapon with your tongue, mami.

She blushed and slowly bent to hold my cock. We three are sitting on the same sofa and mami was giving me a blowjob when her husband was beside her. Wow, amazing feel it was.

As she was so good at it, slowly she started tempting me with her tongue skills. My cock became rock hard.

Me: Arey wait, mami. Let’s make mama sleep in my bedroom. So we can start in another room.

She nodded. I poked mama so hard and said, “mama, room me jaake so jao.”

He was in no mood to listen. I and mami made him stand. Slowly, we brought him to the bedroom and put him on the bed. He didn’t even open his eyes to know what was happening.

Finally, we got privacy. I just pulled mami and took her to the other bedroom which was decorated like first night room. The moment I entered, I pushed her on the bed and started kissing her so badly. She was also responding so nicely.


Mami: Stop, Maddu.

I was shocked. I asked, “What happened, mami?”

Mami: Shall we have sex beside your mama in the same bedroom?!

It was my turn to get shocked.

Me: Are you serious?
Mami: Yes! That’s my fantasy. I always thought of it and this is the perfect time.

I smiled and agreed. I held her hand and took her to the bedroom in which mama was already sleeping. As it was a double bed, I adjusted mama to one end. I just lied on the other end. Mami settled in the middle of us.

I just hugged her and kissed her all over her face. It was so thrilling to romance her when her husband was beside her. I slowly lowered her pallu and started kissing her neck. Mami was enjoying my every move. I started licking her neck. “Slruppppppp! Slruppppp!!”

Mami: Ahhhhh Maddduuuuu..Amazing..
Me: You are amazing, mami. See this tasty skin, muaaaahhhh.

Mami: Aaahhhhh..

I came down a bit and saw her boobs over the blouse. I could feel her grown boobs. I just bent and kissed her boobs over her blouse. Quickly, I completely removed her sari and started scanning her body.

Mami (blushing): Kya hua?
Me: You are so sexy mami. Dekho kaise mera lund khada hua hai.

Mami: Shut up. Is this right to talk to your mami like this? That too when mama is beside?
Me: Hehe. No. Talking is not right. The right thing is making you moan high, and that too, when mama is beside.

We both laughed. I just removed my mami’s blouse. Wow! I just asked her to lift her hands. Wow, she was topless and her underarms were so yummy.

I went near the armpit and sniffed it. The aroma was so tempting. Mami was also losing her control and turning horny. My tongue tip came out and touched her armpit. Slowly, I started eating her armpit. It was so yummy.

I slowly moved to her boobs and held both nipples in my fingers. Slowly, I started pulling them.

Mami: Aaaahhhh maddduuuu.

I still continued it and she moaned loudly, “Ahhhhh, please fuck me, Maddu. Your acts have made my pussy so wet.”

I smiled and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking them. She was moaning, “Aaahhhh my nipples mmmmm aaaaahh..”

I was literally eating her nipples and chewing them so nicely. The other boob was pressed by me so hard. She was biting her lips and enjoying the moment. I just pushed her on the bed and she fell exactly beside her sleeping husband.

I took out her panty and made her completely nude. I can’t believe the scene. My mama was beside on the bed and mami was completely naked on the same bed. The thrill was so high. I took her feet and started kissing.

Her legs were so fair and sexy. Slowly, I came up till her knees. I just looked up and I can see her sexy thighs, her pussy, her erected boobs, and her beautiful face in a line. Now I started licking her thighs literally like a dog. Her thighs were completely wet by my saliva.

Finally, I reached the area of happiness. You just imagine a sanskari mami to the world getting fucked by her nephew while her husband was sleeping right beside her. The thought itself was so thrilling.

The impact was clearly seen around my mami’s pussy. She was so tempted and oozing lots of love juices. Because of it, her pussy was shining so much. When my breath out was reaching her pussy lips, she was requesting to fuck her.

I took my tongue out and slowly rolling tongue around her pussy. She was moaning heavily. Slowly, I planted a kiss on her pussy. Wow, she was unable to control and just sat and pushed my head towards her pussy.

I started kissing her juicy pussy and drinking all the wetness. She lied beside her hubby and started enjoying. I must tell you that I am so good at my tongue skills. She was madly moaning and she was saying to her sleeping husband that, “Haaaa patidev, dekho how nicely your nephew is eating my pussy. You never even kissed it in your life. Maddu, eat it. Bite it ahhhhhhh it is heaven.”

I almost continued to 15 minutes and now she was in no mood to wait.

Mami: Areyyy, please please fuck meeee. I was never this wet in my life. Aaaahhhhh jaldddiiiiii..

I got to know that she can’t control now and I made her in a missionary position. My hard cock came out from my underwear and she was so happy to see it. I adjusted her and my cock tip was near her pussy.

I just rolled my cock tip around her pussy to make my cock wet to lessen fiction. She was passionately waiting for my cock to enter and she was literally shivering. I just aimed at her pussy and my cock tip touched her pussy lips. She moaned, “Aaaahahhhhh yesssssssss please start..”

Then I smiled and said, “No!”

She was shocked and said, “Kya hua?”

Me: I want to tease you darling!

Mami: Arey Madduuuu, not now. Pleaseeeee
Me: Ya ok, but a few questions you need to answer. Quick.

Mami: You will not listen to me. Ok, ask fast.
Me(smiling): How are you feeling?

Mami: Aahhh, I am feeling so great and relaxed. You always show me the world which I never imagined. Madduuuu, love you so much.
Me: Thank you. Your husband is beside and you are naked and ready to get fucked by me. How about it?

Mami: I don’t know why but I dreamt about it long back. I know that it is the heights of madness. But I am just loving the thrill. Aaaahhhhhhh wow..
Me (smiling): Another question.

Mami: Noooooo please fuc..

I just gathered all my strength and pushed hard before my mami completed her sentence. My cock went deep inside at one shot.

Mami: Ahahhhhhhh yeesssssssssss Madddduuuuuuuuuu..

Slowly, my piston started its work and I maintained the pace. She was enjoying it so much and the entire room has the sound of “Puchhhh puchhhhh puchhhh puchhhh.”

To tease her, I was grinding my cock and she was enjoying my every move. I changed position to doggy style and fucked her pussy so nicely. We had tried other positions also. The thrill was so high and both were out of control. She had met with her multiple orgasms and in missionary position, I adjusted her and started drilling so hardly.

She was moaning like mad, “Aaaahhh choddoooooo aaahhhhh madduuuuuu fuckkk meeeeeee aaahhhh lovveeee youuuu” and after a few minutes, I just ejaculated in her pussy.

We both were so happy and just hugged and slept for a few minutes. Then we came to real-world and got up to freshen up. Mama was still in deep sleep.

Me: if you wait another 30 minutes, we can plan one more round.
Mami (smiling): No, Maddu. I am so satisfied and happy. We both need to sleep too.

I smiled and agreed. She slept with her hubby in the bedroom and I slept in the hall alone.

8.30 am.

When I woke up, mama and mami were getting ready to go. Mamadesi chudai ki kahani came near me and said, “Arey, last night I was so tired and slept so well. Thanks for the pills you gave me.”

From behind, mami was giving naughty smile me.

Me: Ha mama, you were so tired.
Mama: Hmm ya. Ok, we need to go as we have train at 11 am.

Me: Ya, ok. I will drop you to the railway station at 10.30 mama.

They both agreed. I just got up and got ready and dropped them at the railway station. Mami had mixed emotions while departing. I just said to her from my eyes “get ready for the next thrill very soon.”

So, it’s the end of this story. I hope you liked the story. I am eagerly waiting for your feedback. Only your feedback can motivate me to write more stories.

I am waiting for your feedback. And the wet ladies, I am waiting to hear from you.

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