New Indian office girl shows her lustful character – Sex story

New Indian office girl shows her lustful character – Sex story

Hi all, I work in a reputed MNC in Bangalore. This is my first story so please be kind to my mistakes as I am new to writing stories.

I am a regular reader of this site for the past couple of years and have been an ardent fan of people who write these stories. I don’t want to boost myself stating that my tool is so big and so thick and all. I am just a normal guy with good physique and impeccable talking skills. I can make people fall for me because of my glib talk.

The heroine of this story is a hottie with the right amount of fat on the right sides of her body and believe me, I have never seen a female so horny like she is.

Let me not drag but get into the story right away.

Like all you people know, corporate life is one of the best in every kind of way, be it a lifestyle, etc. Since I was a talkative guy, I was always in the good books of colleagues and had a good reputation among the girls in the office.

Most of you would have experienced and agree that hotties in your office will never be in the same team that you work in.

There was this new girl who was sitting on the sofa right opposite my bay in the tea break. Man, she was a bomb with sharp eyes, a cute smile and instantly I got drawn towards her.

As most guys would do, I too was curious to know to which team she was attached to.

To my luck, she had joined the same team I was in. I didn’t waste a minute in trying to know her.

I just dropped a mail to my cultural team to organize a cricket event as it was a year since we had an event like that. They happily agreed and I got the consent to make it happen.

I was the organizer so had messaged my manager about it and asked him to be a part of it as it will be a good team-building activity. I also told him that if we have any new staff we can include them as well.

He agreed and told me the names of a couple of the new members including our hottie. I immediately messaged the new office girl asking her to join the tournament.

She refused, in the beginning, saying she did not know anyone else on the team. But I managed to convince her and she finally agreed. Immediately, we started hitting on each other.

(Relax guys, you must be thinking how is it possible when I hardly even knew her. But as I had told you earlier, I am good at talking and making other people talk too. I am a good companion to hang out with, so she liked me and there was a spark between us.)

Then came the shocker that she had to move to another location as it was near to her place. She wanted me to be with her most of the time whenever we had a break and later in the night after dinner, I used to take her out for a ride.

(It is one of the best things to do to make a woman drive and sit behind her. You can squeeze her hip while kissing her neck.)

She got turned on and couldn’t control herself. On the way back, the new girl gave a smooch while we were in the lift and my hand went near her boobies unknowingly which were huge.

Now after my colleague had shifted, we were in 2 locations. She wanted to meet me and on a weekend, we decided to meet in a theatre and boarded the metro to reach her place where she was waiting to pick me up.

There she was in a black, hot, t-shirt and tight jeans. She picked me up and we went to see a Hindi movie. While we were talking for some time, she told me that she missed me with a wink.

I understood what my new colleague wanted so we had a nice lip-lock. Man, she was a pro and we were doing all the naughty stuff as she was getting turned on and so did I.

While sucking her lips, I put my hand inside her t-shirt and started squeezing her melons in one hand and caressing her hips with the other. Since we both were so horny, I didn’t know when my hand went near her panty and rubbed on top of it.

She was going nuts with my touch, kiss, and squeezing. I inserted my hand in her panty and started fingering her and she was moaning.

(Guys, please do try this. While smooching her with one hand on her pussy and the other hand squeezing her boobs, you’ll see how a girl goes mad if you do this.)

Later that night, we had a hot sex chat and I came to know what a horny bitch she was.

All was going well and later even my team got moved to the same work location and we were together again. I used to drop her when she logged out, go in the lift, give her a squeeze, and a smooch every time.

Later she told me her feeling and said that if she ever needed a physical relationship, she had a number of people but she saw love in me only. I was so true to her but then fate had other plans.

Well, this is the starting of many more intense sessions and lust for my hot office colleague. Once we did make out in the parking bay, thrice she took me to an Oyo, which was a surprise to me, and then we did it in a car, in a park, and in the restroom of a mall also.

If I get a good response, I will share those hot sessions also. Accept me the way I am so that I can positively write the remaining hot sessions we had. How my colleague betrayed me and used me. How it pains when you are at the receiving end of all this, I will share if I get a positive response for this.

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