New teacher has lots to learn from roommate – Hot story

New teacher has lots to learn from roommate – Hot story

Hello guys and girls, this is Ankita Agarwal. This is my first real story that I am going to share. I hope you all like it.

I am from a normal background from Delhi. I am blessed with a great body (34-32-36). My figure draws many stares and I have maintained it doing yoga and exercise, which I do regularly.

Currently, I am working in an IT Company but before that, I used to teach in a public school. The story was from my past when I had graduated from college and just started teaching in a public school nearby.

As we all know nowadays, a computer is an essential instrument for getting and sharing knowledge. So Computer Science was a compulsory subject in a few public schools too.

There was a need for a computer teacher in a school and I filled the form as I had done B.Tech. But as I was not getting a job, so till I get a job in a good IT company, I decided to work as a teacher and so filled up the form. My form was also shortlisted for the Interview.

So on the day of the interview, I wore a sari and a blouse which was having a deep cut back and also sleeveless. I also tied the sari low below my waist so that it would be comfortable for me and also because I love to tease others.

It was the month of July and I was about to reach the school but suddenly it started to rain. So I ran and reached the school and by God’s grace, I was not that wet.

I only get a few sprinkles of rain on the sari and a few drops on my body. I then submitted my documents and was ready for the interview. My interview was taken by the Principal of the school.

He was in his mid-50s with a thin and lean mustache. I greeted him but he was just looking at my blouse which was barely covering my breast. Since I had worn my sari below the waist, my whole stomach was visible to him and he was seeing that.

I had the interview and after answering just a few questions and a little bit of flirting, I got the job and had to sign the bond that I can’t leave in the middle of the school session and I got the job.

As the school was big and they had only the hostel and no day boarding was allowed, all the teachers were also provided rooms in the hostel. They had 3 separate hostels – one for Boys, one for girls, and one for teachers.

Our hostel had two teachers in a room, so I got a room partner. Her name was Apoorva and she was from Kerala. She was an English teacher.  She was 5’5” and 35-30-36 and dusky in color. She was very fit. I introduced myself to her and soon we become friends as one month quickly passed.

I used to teach in the school during the day time and after that, I came to the hostel and talked to friends and my BF. Time passed in this routine.

Then it was August and Independence day was about to come. Apoorva and I were given the responsibility for arranging the function for that day. The function went off very well and we were all happy.

I looked all over the school for Apoorva but she was missing so I went to search for her. I searched everywhere but was not able to find her anywhere. I went towards the toilet to pee and when I was coming after peeing, I heard some noise from the storeroom.

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At first, I ignored the noise but the noise was getting louder, so I went towards the storeroom but no one was there, but still, the noise was coming from the small room near the storeroom where all the broken benches and chairs were kept.

As soon as I went towards the room, the noise became clear and was easily understandable. It was none other than moaning sounds and I became curious to know who is moaning.

I just peeked inside the room through the window and I could just see the back of a guy wearing a white shirt and in white trousers. The trousers were down till his knees.

I could make out someone holding his thighs from the front and it looked like someone is giving him a blowjob. The guy looked like a school student due to the clothes he is wearing.

I thought I will catch them red-handed and bring them to the principal, but as soon as I was about to move, the woman stood up and started to unbutton his shirt.

I was shocked by seeing her face. She was my roommate Apoorva. I was just thinking what is this happening but I still wanted to see more so I kept watching them.

Apoorva then removed his shirt and also removed his trousers and the guy was completely nude. She also removed her sari and was just in blouse and petticoat. The guy started to kiss her and then started licking her neck.

While his hands were busy in unbuttoning her blouse hooks, Apoorva was moving her hands over his back and squeezing his ass. After removing her blouse, he just un-knotted her petticoat and she was in white bra and panty.

Her dusky colored skin was shining with white-colored bra and panty. The guy unhooked her bra and was licking her boobs. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying and feeling and I could see the pleasure on her face.

The guy was squeezing her boobs with one hand and the other hand was on her back as he had begun licking her nipples one by one. Now he had removed her panty too. Now, both were in their birthday suit.

So what happens next? What do you think about whether they saw me or someone else saw me while watching them?

I will write in the next part and please show your reviews on thi

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