Old uncle fucks his married neighbor woman – Indian sex story

Old uncle fucks his married neighbor woman – Indian sex story

Dear readers, after a long gap, I have come back. This story is a recent incident that happened with a neighbouring family to my own flat. After retirement, my sexual desire has made a free leap to spread its wings.

Now my attention has turned from the adult MILFs to the young wives I see who are touching thirties. They are the wild fucking bitches at the thresh hold of regular fuck from their husbands or any close relatives.

My sexual potency may not be like the ladies in their thirties, but I can satisfy any lady in sexual intercourse. Apart from giving a nice fuck I can seduce any women by my flirting ability and can mold even a totally shy girl to a raging bitch.

Now, let me come to the topic. My wife is a pious and workaholic lady and is always busy. There is another family on the 1st floor of my apartment with an old retired father having a son Nabin, who was married, three years ago, and a daughter-in-law, Sony who is about 28 years. The mother is staying with their daughter in Mumbai.

The son has a marketing job which requires him to tour other towns and cities. He stays in hotels and enjoys his time in his own way. In a month he spends 4-5 nights with his wife.

The daughter-in-law is therefore mostly seen roaming on her scooty outdoor or spends time in gossip with some ladies in other flats. About my young dream lady, adjectives like voluptuous or gorgeous will be inadequate for her.

Her sensuous body has a strong sexual appeal, she possesses a large bosom and pleasing curves displaying luxury and will definitely furnish gratification to the senses.

Since the day I saw her first, and she greeted me with a smiling face, I have got a terrible temptation to get closer to her. That is because in my youth, I was a fan of Ayesha Takia and Sony looks exactly like her.

She has the same features, hairstyles, and mainly her 37B cup rounded breasts. Her buttocks are 36″ though Ayesha’s is 37”. However, she was my Ayesha.

Very often I meet her in the basement parking lot while taking out the two-wheeler from the garage. I used to enjoy talking to her while my eyes surveyed her fleshy butts and huge breasts.

My weakness for a plump body, drew me towards her making me unrestful. Sometimes like a teenage boy, I would follow her up to some distance. I never failed to ask her something just to be in touch with her.

This went on for quite some time. We had a formal relationship. She would call me uncle and I would call her by her name, Sony. She occasionally wears formal churidar and Punjabi suits but is usually seen in jeans and a top-shirt.

Like modern married girls, she rarely wears sarees and does so only on special functions. Her ample heavy body dressed in provocative casuals drives all age groups crazy and not necessarily only the young.

Most males much older in age also go mad on seeing her. Her jeans expose her king-size buttocks swinging with every step. Her round breasts sharply project itself forward and challenge your manhood.

They are really, really huge in size, 38″ and much bigger as compared to her age. Her waistline and belly are prominently wider, but the gigantic shape of her butts covers it up.

The medium fat deposited on her belly and plumpness of the navel area, makes her look like a damn sexy MILF. The rest of her body description, I shall give after seeing her nude.

Let me go ahead with the incidences that happened further. After a few months of their marriage, there was a new year’s party in our flat. When I became more familiar with her, while conducting events and entertaining others, I was also singing some romantic Hindi songs in that function.

Singing and playing table, keyboard, harmonium, etc. were my hobbies and I keep all those instruments in my house. In fact, I am as enthusiastic as a youth though I have crossed 60 and retired.

Coincidentally, Sony also sings well and is a music lover. So she too participated in the program with me. I enjoyed the evening. It was my pleasure that during dinner, she with her spouse expressed her desire to practice music in her spare time to pursue her singing hobby under my guidance.

Her spouse, Nabin gladly encouraged her in this proposal. As I had told you earlier she finds it boring to spend her spare time with her aged, orthodox father-in-law.

Like this, a very nice route opened to develop a relationship with my crush. Eventually, she started visiting my house after lunch in the afternoons, to practice vocal singing accompanied by me and with my guidance.

Earlier when she used to come to my house we used to sit in the living room with my wife. But now she sits in another small room, which you can say is our recreation room.

My desktop attached to the home theatre is kept there. We used to listen to a particular song in the music system from Youtube, then practice it.

Sony generally comes wearing a casual dress, leggings, and top. During our music sessions, she freely interacts with me and does not maintain any physical distance.

Probably as I am much older in age she never feels shy. As such, she is a very smart girl born and has been brought up in urban culture. On the other hand, I am so overpowered by my carnal desire that I stare lustfully at her beautiful body while interacting with her.

She used to smile innocently but never minded when I intentionally touched her. Sometimes while she plays the harmonium I used to sit very close, rubbing my thighs with hers.

Then I would extend my arms to correct the notes she was playing and cross her chest thereby rubbing my elbow and arm with her soft fluffy boobs. The first time when I did this she moved a little and I removed my hand. But I repeated it again and again so that she gets used to it. After this, I tried to advance a little more.

Once when she performed very well in singing a particularly difficult song, out of excitement I caught her by both of her arms and planted a kiss on her cheek.

She was perhaps taken aback and for the first time, I saw her blushing like a shy girl. So that indicated that she had guessed that I am trying to seduce her.

That day while she was leaving, she waved her hand said, “Bye” like a friend.

The next day I had a short conversation with her which went like this:

Me: Sony! Now that we are good friends may I ask you some questions.

Sony: Yes uncle. Ask me what you want.

Me: Your husband is most of the time absent. You might be feeling lonely at the night. No?

I clearly noticed that she got a bit confused by my question but afterward she replied with a sigh of grief. She looked into my eyes and said:

Sony: Yes uncle. As I trust you and at present, you are my only male friend so close to me, I will confess to you something. Please keep this a secret. Even when he comes home, he prefers to spend the night with heavy drinks forgetting me.

Sony: My desire to be loved is never fulfilled. He does not concentrate on me, which made me think that during his tour he is enjoying both wine and women. To date, I have never exposed my personal matter to anyone.

Sony: I am enjoying life in my own style. Of course, my wallet is always full. His credit card is with me. So far nobody has shown so much concern as you have shown. So thanks a lot.

She burst into tears and could not express anything further. I took the opportunity to cajole her by drawing her towards me. She was almost on my laps and buried her face in my broad chest.

I am a 5′ 8″ in height having 38″ hairy chest and a muscular body too. Nobody can discard me physically basing me on my age only. Now I held her loosely and kissed her on her forehead, cheeks, and finally on her juicy lips.

She was motionless but not withdrawing from my embrace. Anyway, she is also a lady of big stature, so holding her loosely also gave me extreme sensual pleasure.

All her body parts are fleshy and soft like a sponge which I was exploring slowly but gently. After a few minutes, she regained her composure and mildly protested.

Then she shocked me by saying, “Uncle, I am not a small child. I know from the beginning that you want to get closer to me. But will it be fair and decent? If anyone from both our families comes to know about this, it will damage my life.”

I was stunned and could not find a way to convince her. Still, I gathered the courage to seduce her by saying, “Dear Sonia babe! Yes, you are about my daughter’s age. But my love to you is very much pure from the core of my heart.”

“If you find the boundary between affection and love diffused without clear cut boundaries, let me know. You are deprived of love and sex at this youthful age.”

“You can try me secretly if you feel others will doubt our relationship. If you don’t like me you can refuse, but do not sacrifice your enjoyment for the sake of this heartless society.”

Sony was still in a neutral stage. She said, “I need some time to get mentally prepared to accept your invitation.”

Though she had refused my offer, she was still in my arms. She allowed me to resume the lovemaking and external things so that my passion cools down.

I took her on my lap, squeezed her large breasts from outside her blouse very smoothly, and felt her buttocks and her bottom line with my hand. I then caressed all her sensitive body parts which she seemed to enjoy.

All this I did with her clothes on as she did not allow me to free her breasts from her bra and blouse. Then finally I took a chance and placed my lips on her sweet lips which she allowed.

From gentle sucking of lips, we continued smooching vigorously for 5 minutes and strangely she was very passionate. She gave me her tongue and sucked mine as we exchanged our saliva like mad love birds.

During these five minutes, I had placed my left hand in between her thigh junction, which is on her nice pussy. While feeling the warmth and wetness of the vagina, I succeeded to make her hot and yielding.

But when I whispered slowly in her ear, “Sonia Baby! Shall we proceed further?” She withdrew herself immediately from the sensual act. And with a mysterious smile told me, ‘No, uncle! Please don’t mind. I will leave now. Please have patience.”

But while leaving she gave me a tight embrace and a hot kiss.

The next music schedule was after two days when she came in a very special ghagra choli. It was after lunch, so my wife was in her deep afternoon sleep as usual.

Sonia looked very jolly and smart. There was no confusion or hesitation in her dealings. My target was the green signal for a sexual encounter with my baby doll, just swallowing her butter-soft breasts and shoving my 7″ love stick in her red hot fucking hole.

After a few minutes, she came to me and asked, “Uncle! Won’t you allow your baby to sit on your lap today?” I smilingly said, “Oh yes, my sweet lady. Come on.”

Sitting on my lap, putting her globe like butts on both sides of my semi erected penis, she kissed my lips and said, “Last two days I thought of you only and your love has won me over. I am ready to keep sexual relations with you.”

“But I don’t feel safe here. I am very much scared of a very reserved and conservative lady, like aunty. I can’t betray her in her own house. I said, “It’s all right baby, let us find a place.”

She said, “Uncle there will be no safer place then our community hall, which has a guest room with a bed. It is at the top of the apartment and nobody goes there at this hour.”

The key of the hall was in the custody of her father-in-law, but she had brought it without his knowledge. I thought to myself, this slut has proper plans to make me fuck her today.

We locked our door with the 2nd key and I told her to go alone by lift. I climbed the stairs and reached that lonely place. I locked the house and looked at her.

Ultimately, I now possess such a cute young and hot woman. She is today wearing a light yellow, cream-colored choli and ghagra and was looking like a little girl.

We straight away went to the bedroom and switched on the fan. The windows were open. We embraced each other again and caressed each other’s body over the garments.

Desire mounted like mercury and a time came when we started undressing each other. Now the shape of her 37B breasts attracted me. Literally, I pushed her on the single guest cot and put my nose on her gully like cleavage.

Kissing there deeply I tried to squeeze her pointed breasts over the bra a few times. Now my Sony was more responsive to take out her huge but round and most precious assets and free them from her bra. Two ripe mangoes with brown small nipples in front of me were so luscious, I could not resist.

I put it in my mouth and sucked with pressure which made Sony shudder in erotic ecstasy.

My tongue was licking her nipples smoothly to enhance the sensation. She was not only enjoying but hyperactive in touching and kissing me madly.

Now I am too anxious to make the fucking session more memorable as after so many years I had got the chance to enjoy the gem of a damn young lady. Another small session of smooching and breast sucking made us so horny. I removed her panty and saw her wide pubic mound shining bright.

It was surrounded by small curly dark pubic hairs around the tender vaginal lips hiding the main hole. My thirsty eyes were tempted to see the hidden treasures of creation and my lips were ready to suck deeper and deeper into the cave.

A few minutes of sucking by my experienced lips and tongue made her vagina thirsty. With the tickling of her clitoral notch, she raised her huge bottoms up and down with excited moaning.

She reached her first orgasm with thunder-like shivering and remained silent. I lifted my face and saw her full nude luxurious body inviting me to suck, squeeze, lick, and fuck.

Now I invoked her to make use of my body and sensitive parts. A married lady of three long years must put her own skill to arouse her male partner. I was sleeping by her side, as she mounted me and started from the top to caress and touch me with her soft lips. Not missing anything, my chest and nipples also.

When she reached below the waist and removed my shorts, my male organ was all alert. A 7” standard penis with more girth than her husband’s. She was not a sucking whore. But her slender fingers and tongue touching the open tip of my penis were so exciting. Actually, it matters who is the lady handling it.

She was none other than my big crush, my dream girl, and the most charming body, Ayesha Takia look-alike! That is why I could not control it anymore. I lay her down on the bed and positioned myself in between her thighs.

Then I rubbed the tip of my erect penis on her vaginal lips and squeezing one breast with the other hand. This process to arouse her for the final act of intercourse was well received by Sony.

She spread her hand to hold my waist and slowly swinging her buttocks to feel the penis near her gateway to heaven. Finally, she became anxious and guided my penis to the vaginal hole, and with both our attempts pushed almost half of my penis into her.

She made a controlled seductive sound, “aahha…..ha… ohhho….ha” both out of pain and pleasure like an opening musical note commemorating our first intercourse.

Not enough, my whole penis has to fill her soft and hot deep tunnel to give her full enjoyment of sex. For the 2nd stroke, I pulled my rod a little out and again pushed it with the heaviest jerk.

My tip reached her deepest point of the tunnel and she cried, “Oh…..maa…..yeen…..aahhh” and tightened her grip around me. Then I continued the push and pull and she was fucked by me like hell.

In between, I was using her breasts and lips for her arousal. She was madly lifting her huge buttocks from below to take the strokes perfectly.

“Oh…….uncle, fuck me hard. Kill me…… I love you……. uncle. Oh….. I….have never been fucked like this…… oh….. maa…… suck my breasts….. Oh….. what…. a great feel…… you are fucking like a bull……. I am your whore………. tear my pussy.”

All sorts of sexy outbursts were coming out of her mouth which she did not control nor was she shy to utter.

I too was encouraging her by whispering, “Yes baby! I am your mature lover… Oh, my….darling…..I am madly dying for your boobs…. you have the best pair of boobs of the world…..Ooochhh….. suck it baby…… your tiny nipples I will lick….. you are very tight there like a virgin……. what a soft velvety warm pussy you have…….press your thighs to hold my penis tight.”

We exchanged hot words finally she shouted, “I am coming janu… hold me tight..oh….oh….. shit….. I am lost.” She shivered and calmed down looking towards me.

I was also on the verge of climaxing, so after a few more super hard pushes I sprayed my semen inside the randy receptacle. We both collapsed entwined with each other’s bodies.

This was the beginning of our sexual encounter of a very classic pair of lovers, young and old. But as per my beloved Sony, from me, she got the real sexual pleasure.

She certified me as a real man who knows the art of love and sex. As for me, she rejuvenated my fading sexual life through her sexy young body and luxurious assets.

Our illicit relationship was secret to all. But we are enjoying sex as and when we want and when the situation permits.

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