One night stand with a hot sex story writer

One night stand with a hot sex story writer

Mitali: 8 pm sharp. I’ll be there.

Varun: Sure. Call me once you reach.

I hung up the call and went in to look at myself in the mirror for this one night stand. Things started a few days back when I read a story in I loved the story, and I mailed the writer. I got replies. It was a slow start, but we had no time to get closer.

Our fantasies were a great match. We literally ended our hand between the legs whenever we had late night calls. Things were going until he rushed. He wanted a one night stand. Mails, chats, calls, and even video calls were fine, but sex is an altogether different feeling.

I wasn’t confident about a stranger. But somewhere inside, I just liked the way he narrated his fantasies. That, and the phone sex with the writer, pushed me. After two days of testing his patience, I obliged.

He booked the resort, and he told me to join. We wanted to take things a bit slow. We thought of spending the night together and having some fun later in the night.

I wanted the preparation to be at its best. So I bought a red spaghetti sleeve dress that showed adequate cleavage and a cut at the thigh’s end. I picked up a dark red lipstick and applied it generously to my lips. It was time then.

I arrived at the resort, and I called him.

Mitali: Varun, I’m here at the lobby.

Varun: 5 minutes, I’ll come.

And yes, he came in 5 minutes with a tee and a blazer with jeans. I was a little awestruck by his shoulders. It was broad, and I can literally feel myself into it. He gave me a gentle hug.

Varun: You have destroyed my imagination.

Mitali: Why? I didn’t makeup to your expectation.

Varun: No, Mits, I signed up for my reader, and I’m looking at an actress now.

Mitali: This is too much but anyway, thanks.

Varun: Shall we move into the dining or bar?

Something was happening at the bar, so I preferred dining. We finished the check-in process, and we went into the dining. Drinks were allowed in dining, and I ordered wine, and he wasn’t into drinks.

Mitali: Why you aren’t drinking?

Varun: Because something else even better is waiting for me. (In a husky voice)

And saying this, he took a look of me from my cleavage to my face and game a naughty smile. We ordered some fries, wine, and a mocktail. But he was in no mood in eating them. He bit the fries slowly by looking at me.

Mitali: So you do this with every girl?

Varun: I wish. But I’m doing without my conscience to you. (winking at me)

He was hitting at me all the time, and I, too, was falling for that.

Varun: I hope you like chocolate flavor.

Mitali: Yeah, but I’m in no mood to eat them.

Varun: Who said it’s for eating?

I wanted to put my game too, and there is no better time to start than now.

Mitali: I would have preferred something else. Even mango is available in the market.

Varun: Okay, that was a good one. So pineapple and orange should do.

Mitali: Fine. Pineapple is big and sharp. Should do.

I gave a naughty smile. He wasn’t expecting that.

Varun: You know you surprise me. Both with your looks and attitude.

He leaned and held my hand.

Varun: I wish I had more time with you. I badly want to finish all the 10 pineapples with you this night.

10 times a day? That was practically impossible. But I could see his eagerness. I didn’t want to waste much more time.

Mitali: Then, why are we wasting time here. Shall we?

He called the butler and paid for our so-called dinner. Then we moved into the elevator. Unfortunately, it was crowded, and we rushed to the room.

He was locking the door, and I pushed him to the door. I locked my lips with him, and I went deep inside his mouth and started sucking his lips badly. My hands started exploring his chest and broad shoulders.

He directly went into my thighs via my cut section in the dress. He lifted me by grabbing my ass and swapped positions. He broke the kiss and started giving love bites around my neck.

Then he carried me to the bed and removed my spaghetti in one go. I was on a strapless bra and panty. He undressed and came with the jockey. He flipped me on the bed and came right behind me.

He started smooching from my legs and came all the way to the neck. Then he unhooked my bra and started teasing my spine. Then he came near my ears and whispered.

Varun: I’m about to surprise you.

Mitali: I will be pleased.

He undid my bra and yanked it. To my surprise, he didn’t touch my boobs. He smooched down to the end of my spine, and he started giving bites there. Then he pulled my pants down.

He bit my left ass cheek while pressing the right one. I started dripping. He did spread my legs from behind and placed his right hand in my pussy opening. He started rubbing my opening gently and slowly. I was giving low moans. He came back to my ears again.

Varun: You wanted it slowly, and I’m going to play by your rules.

He licked my earlobes and inserted his middle finger into my hole. His fingers were long. It went deep inside. I had an active sex life with my ex, and my cavity is deep enough. But no pussy is deeper for his hands.

He was going reckless with my neck and pussy. He suddenly stopped and flipped me again. He came right at the top of me and locked my lips before I utter anything. He raised my hands to the top and locked them. He gently licked my underarms.

Varun: You have all bells and whistles. Waxed, it seems.

Mitali: There is something waxed and waiting for you badly.

Varun: Someone is in a hurry now. You will get what you asked for. Slow and long.

Mitali: I would take my word back. I want you there badly.

Varun: What is said is said.

Saying that he continued licking my armpits again. Then he slowly traveled down to my hips. While his right hand was making thighs red by pinching and crushing them, his left hand crushed my boobs badly. His lips were exploring my navel hole.

It was like a ride to heaven. I couldn’t take this all together. I raised, tried to grab his lips. He took me up and made me sit on the edge of the bed. He went on his knees and made my legs wide-spread. He grabbed my love-handles tightly and took his tongue to my cunt, and started playing with it.

Mitali: Ah! Yes, this is so good. Yeah. Ah!

He took his tongue as deep as possible while I pushed his head into my pussy with my hand. My toes were on my fingers, and my body was totally shivering. He took his middle finger and explored my pussy while licking my cunt. He slowly came up and let his tongue out.

He slowly licked, using his tip of the tongue along the edges of my boob. He gave me a bite right under my nipple and then started sucking my nipple. He increased his pace with his three fingers in my pussy. He was going berserk with my nipple on his mouth.

I was on cloud nine. Then came the best part. He found my soft mushy area inside my pussy. Yes, the g-spot. My body was shaking, and I knew I couldn’t hold it for long.

Mitali: Ah! Yes, Yes. I’m almost there. Please don’t stop. Ah! You’re such an explorer.

He did bit my nips harder, and finally, I oozed in his hands. I had the best shag of my life so far. He came up, kissed me gently, took his hands out, and pushed me back to the bed. I was tired to the core, but I knew this was just the beginning.

He gave me time to recover, but I didn’t want to waste the night. So I pulled him and kissed him. Then I went on top of him and started sucking his lips. I simply caressed his chest and abs. Then came his jockey. I took my turn and went into his jockey.

There was his shaft. It was long and wide. I placed my hand around it. I started stroking it slowly. He was giving moans. I was giving his lips a hard time while giving the tool a good time.

Varun: Mitali, Ah! Your hands there are just pleasing me. I’m about to…

Mitali: Not so soon, my jaan.

I went down and pulled his jockeys down and threw it. There was his dick hard and bad standing up. I stroked it gently. When he was about to cum I closed the tip. He was going out of control. I repeated this a couple of times.

Varun: You’re such a badass, Mitali. I shouldn’t trust your looks. Ah! Please let me cum.

Mitali: You will when I want you to.

I stopped stroking and placed his dick at my pussy. I rubbed it without letting it in. He was losing while I badly wanted him inside. Then he let out his load right at my pussy and navel. He let so much of sperm. I could clearly see the pleasure in his face. I kissed him and fell right at his chest, and was cuddling with him.

Mitali: Enough of play. I want that horny pineapple inside me badly.

Saying this, his dick gradually grew in size.

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