Online Ad nets classy client for massage – Sexual massage tale

Online Ad nets classy client for massage – Sexual massage tale

Dear readers, I hope you all are doing well. I am back with another story. For those who do not know me, please read my older stories by clicking here. Here is a small intro about me. I am from the beautiful garden City Bangalore, well built, 5.4 tall with a 6 inches tool.

Now, coming back to the story that just happened 2 weeks ago. I used to take body massage in most of the places in Bangalore. One day, I decided to give massages to females. So I posted an advertisement on all the possible websites, but never got any leads.

Then I decided to take a premium advertisement to see if I could get any leads. I still never got any calls. I thought that females are more conservative and scared if someone blackmails them which in their point of view is true. I lost hope of getting any leads and started doing other work.

One fine day, I got an email inquiry about massage. It was from a male. I informed him that I do massage only for females.

He emailed me, that it’s for his friend. She needs a massage and he will share her details and sent the details to me in an email.

After 2 days, I got an email from the same ID, to meet on a Wednesday. I replied back and agreed to meet at her residence.

Finally, the day came. I was told to be there at 3 pm. I reached on time and knocked at the door. A beautiful lady in her 40’s opened the door. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She welcomed me in and told me to relax on the sofa.

She went in and came back with a glass of juice and gave it to me. She started to talk and asked me where I am from and what do I do and also about my family.

Then I asked her about her and her family. She told me that her husband works for a top MNC as a VP and she has 1 kid. Her in-laws and kid are in their native place stuck due to corona. I asked her if we can start the session?

She told me that she’ll change and call me in. After about 15 minutes, she called me in. I went in along with my kit, (oil and cream) before I could tell her to sleep on her tummy, she was already lying and ready for the massage.

I asked her what kind of a massage she needs? She said, “A mild one and I will tell you as we proceed.”

Let me describe her beauty to you all. She is 5.3 tall and fair, her stats 36D-28-32, and anyone will fall for her lips, boobs, and her round, soft ass.

I changed into shorts and started a dry-massage first. I started from her toe and went up till her butts (her butt was covered with a towel). She shivered. I asked her, “Should I use oil or cream?”

She said, “Oil,” I took out the oil and started to pour on her leg and started massaging her legs first, and then her thighs, she started to moan slowly. I went on massaging her inner thighs touching her pussy, she was already wet and started shivering more.

In the meantime, I was talking to her to make her feel comfortable, and she was responding well. Then in some time, I took off her towel covering her gorgeous globes, took out the oil, and poured in between her butt line.

She jumped up at once. I put my fingers in between the line and started massaging, and then I started massaging her butts – such soft and beautiful they were.

My mind was not moving away from her butt, then I gradually moved on to her back and started massaging but by then, she was very horny. She started to tell me, “That was the best so far that I have taken among all my massages.”

All if a sudden she started to hold my dick and started stroking above my shorts. At one she pulled my shorts and inners down and took my dick and started stroking it. My dick was in full swing, and I was also in full mood.

I asked to turn so that her front was facing me. She was not wearing a bra. I saw her huge boobs, naked and I was very excited looking at those melons but controlled myself. I didn’t want to discomfort her or make her feel that I was not a professional.

I started massaging both her melons. They were so soft with small areola and black nipples, then I slowly went down to her tummy and while doing so she was holding my dick and stroking.

She asked me to stop and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. What an amazing blowjob that was! I then again started massaging her thighs now with her permission.

I asked her if she needs to get her pussy also massaged? She said, “Go ahead,” I poured oil on her pussy and started massaging her clitoris and she was jumping in joy and asked me not to stop.

I started to finger her. She was completely wet and in no time her juices started flowing. She had her orgasms. I was teasing her and at the same time massaging her.

She told me that her husband is not good at all and she wanted me to lick her pussy. I obediently agreed and started licking her pussy. She had amazing juices flowing. She held my head tight and pushed it towards her pussy deep. I was enjoying it as well.

Then she asked me to insert it in her pussy. I agreed and we were in a missionary position. I asked her for a condom. She took it from the drawer nearby and gave it to me.

I put it on and started the journey. After about 10 minutes, she was shivering and told me she was cumming and with a loud cry she came in huge spurts.

I was still fucking her in the same position. I told her to come on top of me and in that position we were fucking for 15 minutes. I was holding her boobs and pressing them and they were swinging wildly.

I lost my senses and started sucking her nipples. She was enjoying and pressing her boobs into my mouth. We started smooching and she again came. We changed to a doggy style that was her favorite position.

I was about to cum. She took my dick in her hand and removed the condom, and started giving me a blowjob. In 5 minutes, I told her that I am cumming, but she didn’t stop. She continues blowing me and I came in her mouth and she drank it all. Then we lay on the bed naked for an hour.

I later went to the bathroom and took shower and came back. She was looking fresh like an apple. She came and hugged me and we smooched again. She told me that this was the best session she had ever had.

She handed an envelope to me and after a few days, she referred me to a few more of her friends. Now, I have regular clients and maintain their secrecy. We are still in touch.

This is a real story. Any aunty, ladies or bhabis looking for a good and secret massage please contact me, full secrecy maintained.

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