Online girl friend takes 8-inch monster in first meeting – Sex story

Online girl friend takes 8-inch monster in first meeting – Sex story

Hi guys, my name is Pavan Jangam. I am from Andhra Pradesh. I am a very good looking person, fair, 5’10” tall, and has a good looking body.

Now coming to the story, my heroine’s name is Sravani. We both met through a social media app. We both use to share pics and have a romantic chat all the time but never crossed the line.

One Sunday, we planned to meet each other and decided to meet in a hotel. I was so excited to see my online friend (it was also my first date with an unknown girl).

It was 12:30 pm when she came. After a formal chat, we went to CCD and had a coffee. I invited her to have lunch as it was the time for lunch but she had already had lunch.

I was in a mood to spend more time with her. So I asked her for watching a movie. She agreed. We went to a multiplex and watched a movie and then I dropped her at home. She asked me to come in as no one was there in her home.

Suddenly, my brain sparked an idea. I asked her, “Why don’t we booze and have a party first?” She said no at first but then agreed.

I went to a wine shop, bought some beer and stuff, and ran back to her home. Meanwhile, she had prepared dinner for both of us in a while. I switched on the TV and started watching a local movie while she was cleaning the kitchen. She came after some time. We both started drinking and having a fun chat.

After two beers, the chat became more naughty and romantic. My online female friend was high and suddenly, she jumped on me and started kissing me. I was shocked. I knew it would happen but not this fast. I was not prepared for that and I was blank.

Slowly, I came back to my senses. She was sitting silently with her face down. Then I placed my hand on her shoulder and she turned towards me. I asked her, “What happened? I like you and I too have the same feeling for you”.

She said, “I have a crush on you from the first sight and I love you. But my parents don’t accept our love and that’s why I chatted with you as a friend and met you”.

I was shocked and was on cloud nine. I hugged her and started kissing on her lips. Sravani responded well. We both were kissing wildly for a long time maybe for 20

Then I placed my right hand on her left boob and left-hand on her butt. I started pressing slowly while she kept kissing me all over my face and hugging me tightly. I started to press her boobs fiercely and she gave a slow moan, “Hhaaaaa”. I shifted my hands to the right boob and left butt.

Sravani started searching for my cock. She placed her hand on my pants and started caressing over my pants. I lifted her and went into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. She stretched her hands, indicating me to come over her.

I removed my pants, shirt and was now only in my boxer. I again started kissing her and removed her dress within no time. She was in her bra and panty. Wow, what a body she had. Her structure was 36-28-38. She had a smooth and fair body and her boobs were bulging out to come from her bra.

I removed my boxer. She was shocked by seeing my 8-inch long and 2-inch thick monster. I went near her face, placed my cock on her face. First, she gave a handjob, and then she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Only half of my cock went inside her mouth.

I grabbed her hair mouthfucked her for 5 minutes. She wasn’t able to breathe properly and was gasping. So I released my cock from her mouth.

We then got in 69 position and I started sucking her pussy while finger fucking her asshole. Sravani was sucking my dick more rapidly. I understood she was about to climax so I started fingering in her cunt.

After ten minutes of sucking and fingering, we both had our orgasms. She was shocked that my monster was still hard and erected.

Then I made her to sit on my top. She placed her pussy on my cock and slowly started jumping up and down. Only 1/4th was inside her. She was moaning, “Ah haaaaa haaaahhh ahhhhh” and yelling, “I love you, Pavan, I want you every time, every day”. I kept thrusting from below and half of my cock was inside Sravani.

I made her lie on the bed on her back in missionary position and started fucking her slowly. Suddenly, I gave a harsh push and my whole cock was inside in her pussy now. She gave a loud moan, “Ahhhhhhh myyyyyy goddddd, you are going to killll meeee.. Please fuck me gently..”

But I was not in the mood to listen to her words. I rammed her harder and she was moaning with pain which later converted into pleasure. Soon, she had her second orgasm.

I took her cum in my hand and poured it into her mouth and made her drink it. She drank it and licked my hand clean. She was yelling like, “Pavannnn I want you.. I am yours.. I am your slave.. I am your sex toy.. Do whatever you want but fuck me like this every day”.

I was not at all listening to her words and increased the pace. I too came to my climax. Then I removed my cock from her and started fucking her mouth and sprayed all my load in her mouth. She drank every drop and after that, I also pissed in her mouth which she drank too.

I lied on her side. She had no energy left. We were hugging each other for some time and then we stood up and went out into the hall nude and had lunch in a single plate.

After that, we relaxed for some time and started again. On that day, we had 5 sessions all over the night and woke up the next day afternoon. I think this is enough for this week and in the next part, we have planned a surprise for you. Wait for it.

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