Passionate Love Making With Devi – Indian Sex Stories

Passionate Love Making With Devi – Indian Sex Stories

Devi had worked in one of my shops in 2013-14. She had quit her job due to certain commitments at home. Though I used to notice her then and exchange glances, we kept our distance. I also knew she was in a live-in relationship with a guy from her hometown.

In 2015, she called me to find out if she could come back to work. Just hearing her voice I realized how much I had missed her. She came back to work for me and thus began my relationship with her. She moved into the accommodation that my organization provided for the staff from outside the city.

After a few days, I was traveling and I was in Mumbai. I called her number and she responded. The first thing she told me was, “I have been waiting for your call for the last 2 weeks.” The tone revealed what she meant. We spoke for a couple of hours and ended up having phone sex.

I didn’t ask her anything about her previous live-in relationship but just asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no. After that call, we would spend hours together on the phone.

One day she visited my office when everyone had left. She was in her uniform sari and she looked really pretty. We hugged each other and started kissing. Her breasts were a firm 34 b and I started sucking them. I put my hand in her panty to find a wet dripping pussy.

We had no time as the security was just outside. I pulled down her panty and placed her on a Genset that was placed outside my cabin. I slipped my hard XXL sized tool into her wet pussy. At the same time, we heard footsteps, and I withdrew my penis and hurriedly got dressed and left.

That night, we poured our hearts out to each other over the phone. I asked her about her live-in relationship with her so-called cousin. She denied it saying that she used to live with her aunt and cousin. I didn’t contest it because I knew the truth and was convinced that she would tell me the whole truth.

For the next few weeks, we got closer to each other over the phone. Though I was married, I and my wife used to sleep in separate rooms. This permitted me to spend a lot of time with her on the phone. We used to spend hours together chatting on the phone and also indulging in phone sex.

We kept looking for an opportunity and found an opportunity. The day after the Onam festival, we checked in to a hotel in a neighboring town. We checked in and immediately started kissing each other. She kissed as a lover would to a man who has come back after a decade.

She was just amazing. Her wheatish complexion shining. Her body responded in ways I had never known. After ten minutes of passionate kissing, we started stripping each other. She was in a kurti and leggings. With her kurti still on, I pulled her leggings down.

I got her on the writing-table, which is normally there in every decent hotel. I put my hand in her laced panty touched her pussy and felt her wetness which was dripping, all this while we were kissing each other. I put my middle finger and my ring finger in her vagina, while my thumb was caressing her clitoris.

While I was doing this, with my left hand, I removed her kurti. I loved what I saw. Her lovely breasts were nestled in a lacy bra. I started kissing and sucking her breasts while continuing to fondle and finger her vagina. And then she asked me to put my penis into her.

By that time, I was hard and swollen. I put my penis deep into her wet pussy, she moaned, more in pleasure than pain. While I was doing her pussy, she told me one thing. This is different, where were you all this while. I kept fucking her for another 10 minutes and she orgasmed at least 2 times.

From there, we moved to the bed. I started kissing and sucking her breasts while my fingers were exploring her vagina. I started to increase my speed with my fingers. At the same time, my Devi kept the rhythm on, and then for the first time in her life, she squirted.

But that didn’t stop me from continuing with the fingering and she kept loving it more. After a few minutes, I stopped the fingering and mounted her in the missionary style. I kept pounding her for a minimum of 15 minutes, and then we both came together.

I exploded inside her and that was the exact moment I felt I have fallen in love with her. We laid there breathless, tired, and spent, in each other’s arms, kissing each other. We looked at our watches and realized it was 3 hours since we checked in and started making love.

We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms happy and content. We woke up an hour later, kissing each other. She went down on me and took my already hard dick in her mouth, and gave me an amazing blowjob. While I was enjoying it I could feel she was having a problem getting my huge penis in her mouth.

I asked her to stop and got her to come up. Then I slid my fingers into her pussy which was ready for another round of exploration. I kept fingering and kissing her simultaneously. Then we had another round of mind-blowing intercourse that lasted for another hour.

We then got up, had a nice shower scrubbing each other, kissing each other. We decided to go out for dinner. I had insisted she bring her Kerala sari. I got her to wear the blouse without the bra. She looked beautiful in her cream sari, maroon printed blouse, and jasmine flowers in her long hair.

We drove to a restaurant, she insisted on a light meal that would not come in the way of our night time erotic activity. After dinner, we took a stroll holding each other’s hands. We got back into the car and drove to the hotel room.

Once there, I held her shapely body in my arms. I felt her breasts in the blouse without the bra while enjoying the cleavage and kissing, leaving love bites all around her neck and breasts. It was an amazing experience, kissing her, holding her and smelling her damp hair blended with the fresh smell of jasmine flowers.

I nibbled her ear and ran my tongue in her ears. I ran my tongue on her lips. She kept massaging my tool. I slowly started disrobing her like a new virgin bride. I removed her pallu. She let the pallu fall on the floor while the rest of her sari was still tied to her waist.

I hugged her from behind with my hand on her waist. I kept planting tiny, tender kisses on her neck, getting her excited and turning her on with every little move. I removed the rest of the sari and let it lie on the floor. In the dimly lit room, she was glowing with her blouse and a petticoat.

I pushed her to a wall gently and slid my hand under the petticoat. I was surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing a panty and her love triangle was wet more than ever. I unhooked her blouse and simultaneously pulled the drawstring that was holding her petticoat.

I went down on my knees kissing her belly and pussy. She pulled me up, not letting me give her an oral and pushed me on the bed. She guided my tool into her hot and wet pussy. I started to slowly stroke her gently, all along asking her if she’s enjoying it and how she wanted it.

We made slow passionate love for a couple of hours, enjoying each other. I ensured she orgasmed and squirted a couple of times before I increased the speed. I took her to a peak that made us climax simultaneously. We lay in the bed tired and slept hugging each other naked.

That night we had another round of sex before we committed ourselves to each other for a long time to come.

The next morning, we had a quick session of sex and bathed each other. I did tell her that I wasn’t happy that she didn’t let me give her an oral. She promised me, we will have many more opportunities for passionate love making.

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