Passionate Sex With A Fat Aunty – Indian Sex Stories

Passionate Sex With A Fat Aunty – Indian Sex Stories

After my sex experience, ‘First Sex With A Woman In Her 50s’, I  had a couple of girlfriends. I frequently had sex with them in the car and when they were home alone.

After two years I came back to Chennai to work in a small IT company run by a friend. Since it was my friend I used to come home once my task was done.  Like my previous story, this is also a true story from my memory and none of it is hyped up.

The heroine of this story is Neelima (name changed) or Neeli. She was my mom’s colleague and lived a few streets from my home. She was a lady aged 40 at the time. She had a daughter who was studying abroad and her husband was recently transferred to Bangalore.

To describe Neeli, she was a plump lady and had a light brown wheatish complexion. She had a huge ass and huge boobs and would often wear leggings with tops. If she had a short top one could notice the bulge her panties made in her ass and her thighs shape was visible. The same with her breast too.

She must be at least 34d I am guessing. She knows me for a long time and would often send cooked food or snacks to me through her servant. Once she brought it herself. I had just come home and changed to a boxer and t-shirt. I received her and sat opposite to her.

My mom was there and they were speaking and I was looking at my phone. And after a while, she left. I went to the door with her. She jokingly said, “At least when guests come you can wear underwear,” and laughed. That’s when I realized she might have seen my cock through my boxers while sitting opposite.

Things changed from that day and she started sending adult jokes to me. Not too explicit but like American adult postcard jokes. But classy ones. And I too replied and forwarded if I get one. This went on for a week or two. Then one day she called me and asked when will I be free.

I said I am free tomorrow evening. But I will have to go out to dinner as no one is home. She said she needs some help on a project she is freelancing for. So she will come home with dinner and I need not go out. I knew something was brewing but still kept it casual.

The next evening I came and changed to boxers and tee as usual. She called and enquired if I had come. I said I am home. She came within 10 minutes. I  noticed a black lace bra while she bent to get out of the car. She was wearing a black top low neck and white leggings which was a 3/4.

She had thick red lipstick and had tied her straighten hair which she usually leaves loose. As soon as she came she said she has a problem with her excel sheet in her project and I was looking at it. She was sitting on a single sofa on the side. I was sitting in the corner of the three-seater.

The laptop was on the tea stand and both had to bend a little to see the screen. All the time I was glued to her cleavage and her lace bra. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her nipple. She, on the other hand, was glued to my fair thighs, hoping to catch a glimpse of my cock(which she told me later).

But I had worn underwear anticipating an erection. At some point, I was hard and too much sexual tension was running in my body. And after some time she said to move a little as her neck is paining. She sat next to me as I didn’t move enough. Our thighs we touching and she had kept her hand on my thigh.

I was on a sexual high and started to sweat. I don’t know what took over me and I just started rubbing her inner thigh near her pussy. She immediately in a husky voice asked what I was doing. I said it’s the same as you are doing. By the time she was also rubbing me over my cock with the boxer.

That’s it! I knew it was happening. I kissed her lips and was going wild with my tongue and she responded the same. A woman is always attractive during sex no matter how bad she looks otherwise. I have learned in my first experience as well. Her lips and tongue tasted so good.

I slipped my hand inside her tight leggings and had put my middle finger inside. It was dripping wet. She, on the other hand, had pulled my cock out and was stroking it. We broke the kiss and she immediately bent and put her mouth on my cock. She was sucking it passionately with a slurping noise.

Within some time I came and she drank it. And to regain erection, I immediately sat on the floor and pulled out her legging. I saw a lace black panty and her clean-shaven pussy was visible. I pulled out the panty as well and started licking.

I was putting my tongue inside promptly returning the favor with the same vigor and passion. As soon I became erect again I stood up and removed her top and bra. In between, she gave small sucks to my penis. I saw her boobs were well hung and her lower hips had stretch marks.

She had a huge navel which turned me on even more. Her nipples were dark black in an oval shape. I wasted no time and started sucking it while trying to put my cock inside. She held my cock and guided it inside and it was smooth and I started fucking her.

I held both her legs in my hand and was pumping her watching her boobs shake. It looked very sexy when it was flat on her chest. She was biting her lips while I was pumping her and was giving very sexy moans like in porn. (She is addicted to porn).

After four or five minutes she put both her arms under her head and gave me the sexy pose of any woman. Her boobs, clean armpits, navel was visible while fucking her. I was about to cum. I took it out and came on her belly and some cum hit her breast while some filled her deep navel.

I knew she hasn’t cum so I immediately started fingering her with two fingers. I also starting moaning and said, “Cum for me, babe.” I guess my moans made her wild And within a minute she came on my hand and I licked it in front of her. And lied on top of her and was passionately kissing her.

We both were fully sweaty and sticky. I took wet wipes and wiped my cum off her body. I said, “I never expected this to be so good though I have imagined having sex with you.” She said from the day she saw my cock she was hungry for it. As we are close it wouldn’t be dangerous to attempt.

I said, “You succeeded anyway.” She laughed and said, “I also made you enjoy, right?” So we dressed and ate the food she brought. Then I gave her a passionate kiss while grabbing her ass and she left.

I realized that how a woman looks isn’t a criterion when it comes to sex.  I have never felt so tired and satisfied. I have had this feeling with my first sex and a few casual encounters. I now don’t judge any woman on her looks or age. But her true beauty comes only when her sexual urges are on the peak.

Any aunty or mature ladies feeling insecure about your looks feel free to mail me for sexual chats as I never judge by looks.

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