Paying guest helps landlady smile – Indian sex story

Paying guest helps landlady smile – Indian sex story

I recently completed my high school desi kahani and now I have decided to join a graduate course. Machines! I have always had a fascination towards them since I began working part time as an Automobile technician. So, I decided to graduate as an Automobile Engineer and enrolled in a Grad School or you can say College.

Sorry, I should have introduced myself, I am Jacob Hanzou. My friends call me Hans for short. I am 22, an average looking guy, around 5 feet 10 with an athletic personality. That’s a lot about me.

As I was saying, I am entering my Graduation. The college is very far away from where I live. I live in a small town which is very far, a lot far away from the city and I always wished to live in the city, since in my town there were very few people and it was boring.

After checking a lot of information and searching a lot, I found a perfect paying guest place for me to live. It was a walkable distance from my college, just near the outskirts of the city and nearby, there was a garage where I can do part time job and earn to pay for my college.

Well, I have to earn money to live, since I am an orphan. But I never felt like one since the owner of the garage that I previously worked was like a guardian and a best friend and till I grew up he took good care of me.

About the place, it was a small room above a house, but big enough for two people to live in with all the essentials like a kitchen and an attached washroom, and all that at a very small rent per month. All the people around suggested this place,as the owner is a kind-hearted and a good lady.

The owner of the house or the landlady is Ms. Amelia. She is around 45 or 46 but she looks like she’s in her early 30s. I found out from the locals that she used to be a teacher in a nearby school but took an early retirement.

She told me that she had arranged my room and it was neat and clean. She also told me that before I took the room, two girls used to live there who were students of a nearby college. They had to leave since some street boys started stalking and poking their noses around the house.

This stressed out the landlady and also terrified the girls and they had to shift to the college dorm. That’s the reason she allowed me to stay there. My classes were to start the next day.

My first day at college went great. Many new faces, I made new friends. But there was a catch, since the entire college was an Automobile Institute so only boys were there,there was not a single woman in our college. It looked like an all-boys school. What a drag!

Dreams shattered like glass and fell. No luck for the next 3 years. Just learning and nothing else. So be it.

After the class ended, I came back to my room, I freshened up and started cooking my dinner. Lucky me, during the day and at noon I did not need to cook myself as I had my food from the mess.

I used to greet my landlady Ms.Amelia. I used to be good to her and used to help her often. She asked me to do a favour and get her groceries and other essentials on my way back.

A month went by. I did my work and studied. One fine evening, Ms. Amelia knocked on my door out of the blue. I opened it. She just wanted to check if I had kept my room neat and tidy and if I needed any help in setting up.

My room was clean, no speck of dirt. She was impressed.

My landlady saw me cooking and asked, “What are you making? Why are you cooking dinner this late?” I replied smoothly, “The college cafeteria provides food only during the day so I need to cook at night?”

I could see her feel bad, her face showed how sad she was, I think she felt bad for me or something.

“From tomorrow, you can join me for dinner. You don’t need to cook from now. Instead, use that time for your studies,” she said.

I thanked her, while she also let me use the washing machines for the same cause. I used to have dinner with her daily, she had magic in her hand.  We used to talk a lot about silly stuffs and I helped her with her cooking.

Another month went by, we used to watch movies together which she insisted I do. We used to discuss things about me and my college and my studies. But she never spoke anything about herself.

One evening as usual after the dinner, I did a mistake of asking her about her kids and her husband, where they were, etc. I did not even think this would turn out to be the worst dinner ever. She stood still in shock, tears dripped down her eyes, she broke down and started crying.

I was afraid and I apologized. I tried consoling her and asked her to get some rest and that I would never talk about that again and went back to my room. I was worried about her that I could not even talk to her or even have dinner.

After a few hours, my landlady called me and asked me to come down and have dinner with her. She apologized to me for crying in front of me.

Then she started to tell me about her past. She told me that she was married to a Business man. He was always worried only about his business and nothing else. He never cared about anyone, not even about her. He was only after money. He was a mean person.

She wanted to have a child and they both agreed to it but unfortunately she could not conceive.

They tried all methods possible but still could not have a child. Then after testing, they got their reports from doctor which said that she had some problem due to which she could never have a child in her life. Moreover, her husband was impotent too.

Frustrated by this and also about the fact that his failed business was running in loss, he scolded her, abused and treated her badly until her friend told her to get a divorce. She did so. After a few weeks, her husband died due to excessive consumption of alcohol and stress.

I heard her entire story patiently. I consoled her and told her not to cry or feel bad. I spoke for a few minutes after that and then we watched an action movie to help her to get her mind away. She thanked me the next day for being there for her.

Days went by and we used to talk and have dinner. She used to tease me since I did not have a girlfriend.

One evening, while having dinner she asked me about my college. I told her everything was good.

She asked me, “Do you like any girl in your college?”

I said, “No, mine is like an all-boys school kind of thing.”

My middle-aged landlady giggled and then asked me if I have any girlfriend to which I replied, “I am not that good with girls, I get nervous around them and that’s why I do not have a girlfiend.”

She said, “Don’t worry, I will help you with that.” She laughed and giggled.

After dinner, I put on an action film as I do usually. This time she told me to change things a bit. She put on a new romantic movie, it had a lot of romantic moments or scenes and it was getting a bit awkward. It was getting late so she said we could watch the remaining part of it the next day.

So, next day after dinner, we watched the remaining part of the movie. I felt a lot awkward and I felt a lot nervous.

After the movie, she told me that she will help me gain my confidence in talking to girls and also make me lose my nervousness.

We talked about girls and how they are connected with emotions. She explained what girls like and dislike and that I should start with her by paying her compliment her and try to make her feel good.

Ms. Amelia asked me to try to compliment her. I said, “You look very young and beautiful” she really is.

I told her that she looked ‘cute’ and pretty and that she smelled good and her hair was perfect. Something sparked through her and she asked me if she looked ‘hot and desirable’ to which I replied, “Yes.” she started asking me rather awkward questions about her body, about her waist, legs, her eyes, and hair.

I said I liked girls with short, wavy hair like she has, and also that she looked like she was 28. Her face turned red, she was blushing.

She asked me how her tits looked,whether they were cute, round, average or big, and if I liked them?

I said, “They are perky, round and perfect and I like them a lot.” I told her it was getting late and I went back to my room as I was embarrassed.

Next night when I went to have dinner with her. She seemed a bit different. She was wearing a rather revealing, see-through kind of night dress and I could see that she was not wearing a bra, and also she revealed a lot of her chest.

My landlady’s nipples stood straight through the dress. She looked a lot pretty and her lips were glossy red with the lipstick on. I usually am a funny guy and crack a lot of jokes. She giggled and laughed a lot at every one of them, that didn’t usually happen before. She seemed happy after many days.

After dinner, she put on a very romantic movie and she was deeply involved in it. Then she rested her head on my shoulder. After the movie ended, I could see there was a special glow in her eyes, and they looked straight into mine as if they needed me to say something.

My landlady seemed a bit odd, but later she told me that she used to feel alone and sad for a lot of years but today she was a lot happier because of me.

She thanked me and kissed me on my cheek. I felt nervous. She asked me if I knew about romance and how to kiss a girl, to which I said, “No. I have no idea.”

She told me she would teach me everything. She looked in my eyes and then kissed me on my cheeks again. She bent in front of me and I could see her breast and nipples clearly through the fabric. She came very close toward my face, and then placed her soft lips on top of mine. She kissed me on my lips. I was shocked.

This time I gave in too, as I could not handle it anymore. She asked me if I wanted to do a French-kiss. I did not reply but she did not care, as she came close to me,bit my lips and kissed me, her lips touching and pulling my lips.

I melted as she slowly pushed her tongue in my mouth and moved and mine moved in hers. My and her tongues intertwined. Then she sucked and caressed my mouth with hers while our saliva mixed and dropped down.

My landlady touched my chest, moved her butt up and sat over my laps while pulling her dress up from her knees. I could notice that she was not wearing any panties as well, and that it was well planned. She pulled her tongue and lips out from my mouth and a thread of saliva along with her dripping down her beautiful neck.

I licked, kissed and sucked her neck. She moaned with pleasure, “Aaanhhhyess, ohhh yeaanhhhh..”

She took my hand and asked me if I wanted to touch her boobs, I said, “Yes.”My dick was as hard as a rock and was throbbing in my pants.

She took my hands and placed them on her breast and asked me to massage it while she was still wearing her dress. I did. She was shivering with pleasure and moaned.She removed my hand from hers and then slowly removed her top.

I could see her breasts, they were beautiful and had perfect nipples, which were as hard as my cock. She asked me to fondle and massage them. I massaged and played with them and kneaded them like dough. I pinched her hard nipples rubbed and pulled them. She moaned with pleasure again.

Then my landlady asked me if I wanted to lick it. I kissed it, licked it, and then sucked on it. I sucked on it till milk sprayed out of it. I bit it and pulled,sucked on it again while licking and drinking all the milk. “Slurp… slurp.” She was shivering and moaning with a lot of pleasure.

“Aa..yyeanhh..yess baby..oh yeah.. ooh yess,” she groaned. She was sweating, hot and was dripping wet between her thighs. She asked me if I liked it and if I wanted to do more. How could I say No?

My landlady pulled her dress down from her knees revealing her beautiful soaked pussy. That was one hell of a sight. She was completely naked and I felt like I was in heaven. It was like a dream come true.

I could see her beautiful ass and her glowing pussy dripping wet in its juices dripping down through her legs onto the floor completely wet as was my pant on which she was sitting. I grabbed her ass and caressed it while licking het body between her tits.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled it down and then my shorts and she got shocked. (I forgot to mention that I have an average looking guy but gifted with a 6’ long 5’ thick cock). My horny landlady stared at it for a while. She said she had hit a jackpot and it was the most manly thing. It was throbbing.

All the precum was dripping down, she licked my precum with her tongue,“ Slurp…slurp.”She said, “Whoa it tastes good, guess your thing could taste better in my mouth, huh,” while licking the tip.

She told me to get up, I got up, she sat down on the couch with her legs wide open and she was moving her fingers over her pussy, it was looking straight at me.

She told me to kiss and lick it. I licked it up and down and around licking all the juices. She told me to suck on it while she fingered her clitoris, she was moaning loudly like hell. I sucked her pussy lips with my mouth, pulled it licking it all the way around.

I kissed my landlady’s clit and licked it, and pulled it, while we both fingered the insides of her pussy. She shouted wildly with pleasure, “Ohhh.. my wet fucking pussy..ooh ..yeanh..haaan ..haan ..aaanh ..aaah.”I sucked her pussy dry and then licking her clitoris playing with it until she came. I continued and she orgasmed twice.

She told me to sit on the couch and she got down and then she kissed my cock, licked it, and then started to kiss and suck the tip. I was trembling with pleasure. She sucked my cock halfway for a few minutes and then sucked it like a pro. She sucked it hard, like a vacuum cleaner.

I said, “I am about to cum,” she said, “Do it in my mouth.” I shot my load down her mouth. She swallowed it, some of it dripping through her lip and smiled and then again sucked it. Then she stopped. She asked me to follow her to her room. I went in.

She pushed me on the bed, I fell on it. She sat on top of me.She held my dick in her hand, teased it gently and then she slowly pressed it onto her wonderful and wet drenched pussy lips and moved it back and forth. My dick was covered in her pussy juices. She moaned again.

She then slowly slid the head of my penis into her pussy still grunting and moaning with pleasure while slowly inserting in into her vagina. I could feel her pussy tightly gripping my hard cock. She slid it completely in as she move downwards.

My landlady laid her hands down on my chest and then rocked her lower body up and down, front and back slowly while I pinched and pulled her rock hard nipples, milk was dripping all over me, my heart was pounding as if it would burst any moment and the pleasure was unbelievable.

My dick was pumping her insides while her pussy clenched on it, she began to move faster and faster, crying out loud while I grabbed her ass tightly and fucked her hard. My mind was blown to bits as she slowly moved and rocked up and down. It felt awesome.

She moaned and then she moved faster and faster again, pumping her until she came. She orgasmed like for more than a minute trembling and shivering. I could not control and said I was about to come, she told me to come inside of her.

I pumped a huge load into her and slowly pulled out while the thick liquid slowly rolled out. She got up, lay herself on the bed, smiled and kissed me. But my dick was still rock hard and throbbing and cum dripped from it and from her pussy.

I could not control my animal instincts. I lifted her legs up, inserted my penis in her pussy again and asked her if it’s okay, she smiled and opened her legs wide. I began fucking her front and back like an animal furiously while she moaned and shouted with pleasure.

She scratched me on my back and my ass. I fucked her very roughly until she came once more and then I pumped another load inside her. She was thrilled and happy and slowly gave me a tit job first and then a hand job. Still my dick was hard, rock hard like a baseball bat.

She was shocked. She said that she wanted to give me a gift and said that she had never done it, she did not even let her husband do it. She told me to fuck her asshole and that is the only way to calm my huge monster cock. She told me to tell her that I loved her.

I kissed her neck and said, “I LOVE YOU, you are my first.”

My landlady then bent on all four and said to me, “I am your bitch, come fuck your bitch’s asshole baby, ravage it, destroy it.”

She applied a lot of saliva on her ass while I applied my saliva to lubricate it.

She asked me to first put my finger in so its gets less painful for her. I fingered her ass, first one finger then two slowly loosening and opening it up. Now she asked me to gently put my dick in.

I slowly inserted my dick in her asshole while I fingered her pussy.

She moaned in pain first while I inserted and then moaned in pleasure after I slowly moved front and back. I moved faster and fucked her asshole and fingered her pussy. She moaned louder than ever, “Oohh my fucking God..Aaa..Aaaanh..Oh yeaaa..Aaah..Fuuck Yeah..Aaah…Aaaaaanhya,” while I grunted.

I fucked her, rammed my dick in and out of her like a fuck machine until I cummed another big load in her asshole. I pulled out, the cum dripped out drop by drop.Then my dick went soft. She smiled with love and pleasure.

The bed was completed drenched with sweat and pussy liquid as we were with our sweat and love juices.She felt tired, exhausted and she slept laying her head on my chest.We slept together.

Next Morning.

My thing got hard in the morning like usual. She saw it and smiled, touched it, licked it and then sucked it deep, the best blowjob. She swallowed it while slowly licking the remaining off her hands and said, “I love eating your cum.”

From then on we would do it whenever she or I wanted or felt like doing it. She was never sad again.

The end.

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