Peeping Toms enjoy the show – Spicy shower sex story

Peeping Toms enjoy the show – Spicy shower sex story

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Kalyani slowly walked towards the north side corridor of her floor with a towel wrapped around her,not worrying about any peeping Toms. She was swaying her body sexily, and the confidence was so high.

It was already dark, and she loved the cold environment as it rained heavily.  The sound of thunder would scare anyone with a weak heart. She placed her forearms over the north corridor. She stood there for a minute, looking at the door, expecting her husband.

She then looked down on the second floor and saw Deepika and Devi’s houses. Both their doors were shut, and no activities were seen. She was enjoying the view and loved to be bold.

The cold air often rushed into the towel through her bottom and gave goosebumps. Her upper boobs were visible, and she had no fear of standing there and sighting cause it was a little dark. She then entered the bathroom to fulfill her fantasy.

On the other side, Ravi got down from the stool. He sat opposite Pooja and was holding his cock between his thighs. He was so anxiously waiting for Pooja’s departure. But Pooja was in no hurry. She was doing her calculations so slowly.

She paused for a second for a miscalculated number and redid the same sum again.  Ravi was restless, and his cock is so hard that his thighs have gone sore, holding it back. Ravi was biting his teeth.

Then, at last, Pooja finished her work. She said she’ll leave after reporting to Kalyani personally. But Ravi reminded her that she is free to leave anytime after finishing her sums.

Kalyani entered the bathroom and removed her towel and stood naked, and felt the chillness. She touched above her lower belly, caressed there, and felt the comfort. Her other hand was pinching and pulling her nipples, making them hard.

She opened the shower and checked its temperature. It was a little warmer than the actual environment. She then entered the stream and gave a deep sigh of lust and relief. She faced the wall, stood in the stream for a while, and enjoyed every second of it.

Pooja packed her things and said bye to Ravi. But he didn’t get up, as he was holding his erect cock with his thighs. As soon as Pooja left the house, he jumped up and peeked outside to make sure she left there completely. Then Ravi’s heart was pounding full of lust and horny.

He removed his t-shirt and dropped his shorts and brief, and wrapped a towel around him. But his erect cock was peeking through the towel bind. He sped up to the common bathroom.

Ravi entered the bathroom. He saw his hot beautiful naked goddess standing in the shower with her back facing him. He saw the water flowing through the curves of her perfect round ass. He stood there for a second and admired what an angelic figure his wife has.

She rinsed her hair and brought them to her back with her hands. She looked like Phobe Cates from the old ‘Paradise’ movie with that perfect hourglass shape and round ass. She slowly turned around, spitting the water from her lips seductively.

Ravi’s heart skipped for a second. She signaled him to join her. Ravi threw his towel over the hanger and slowly advanced. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer. His erect dick was digging into her lower belly and ramming then.

She gave a lip kiss and grabbed his ass cheeks and caressed then and pinched then softly. He also grabbed her back. His one hand caressing her spine groove, and the other slowly got down and caressed her ass grooves.

Kalyani now slowly went down and grabbed his erect dick and slowly stroked it three times. She then dropped down to a crouching position. She lifted his dick and licked his balls one at a time, and pulled them in gently. Ravi went like, “Ahh! Just like that.”

Kalyani loved his expressions. She now retracted his over-skin and exposed his cock bud. She slowly brought the tip of her tongue and licked it. Ravi jerked and moaned. She then took his bud inside her mouth and moved her mouth in and out.

Ravi was on cloud nine. She swallowed 3/4th of the cock and was giving him a perfect blowjob. Her hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pinched them, and often spanked them. Ravi was enjoying it every bit. After a few minutes, she stopped, and she kissed him to end the blowjob.

Now Ravi grabbed her neck and extend his tongue and was licking all her inside mouth. He then pinned her to the wall and went down in a crouching position. He lifted her one leg and put it over his shoulder. He kissed the thighs and gradually to her vagina.

He inserted a finger inside her vagina, and she reacted to it with a loud moan. He was bringing his finger in and out. Kalyani grabbed his head in one hand and her tits on the other and twisted her nipples. He now started licking her pussy. His tongue went deep inside her pussy, and she was now moaning louder.

The raining sound has neutralized her moans. Ravi’s one hand grabbed her ass cheeks, and the other was grabbing and pulling her other boob. Kalyani was on cloud nine. She was moaning like a wild animal. Ravi was doing the tongue work so faster. Kalyani was moaning.

Meanwhile, Mahima came upstairs to share some homemade pakodas with Kalyani and Ravi to show her gratitude for Ravi’s modesty. She knocked on the door, and she couldn’t hear a reply. Then she saw the door was closed from outside. Yet there was no lock.

She thought they must’ve been somewhere here. She waited for some time, and amid the heavy raining sound, she heard those muzzled moaning. Mahima got curious and left the pakoda on a tiffin box near the doorsteps and traced the sound to the north side.

She slowly went towards it without making any sound. She entered the common bathroom. She was behind the wall where Kalyani is getting sucked by her husband. The moaning sound of Kalyani was driving Mahima so mad. Mahima felt thrilled and longed to see it.

She slowly entered, peeked about the wall, and saw the naked couples enjoying their time. She was stunned to see both the husband and wife’s figures, an hourglass wife and a chiseled husband. Mahima started a secret crush on Ravi. Even though he was a married one, she wanted him so badly.

Now Kalyani threw her fluids over her husband’s face and reached the orgasm. Now Ravi grabbed her and pinned her to the wall with her front facing them. Kalyani understood him. She placed her hands on the wall and bent herself, and spread her legs.

Ravi slowly inserted his cock inside her vagina from the back, and Kalyani moaned for it. He slowly started going in and out. And Kalyani closed her eyes and felt the pleasure of getting pounded from the back. The fap sound of his movement made Mahima wet.

She peeked at them. She now inserted her fingers inside her 3/4 leggings and started drilling them. With the other hand, she closed her mouth, in order to control her moaning.

Ravi was fucking her faster by the minute. Now the moaning and fapping sounds have increased. Kalyani was shouting like an animal, so does her husband Ravi, now fucking her like a dog.

After a minute, he laid down on his back on the bathroom floor. Kalyani climbed up the top, and now she started jumping. The jumping sight of her boobs felt heavenly. Mahima was so badly moaning and masturbating by seeing them.

After about 20 minutes, they both attained orgasm. The moaning slowed down and stopped. They both passed on the floor with Kalyani on top of her husband. Mahima felt her orgasm after a minute. She controlled her moaning with that palm over her mouth.

Mahima was catching her breath and saw the couple have passed out naked on the bathroom floor. Mahima now was getting herself together, saw a foot under one of the individual bathrooms. She found someone is hiding behind the door and above it, she saw the head of a phone camera.

She understood that someone is filming all these acts from the bathroom. She slowly approached the door. The person behind the door was also aware of Mahima approaching the door.

As she was about to open it, a sudden loud thunder caused a power cut. The person behind the door now opened the door with a loud thud and rammed Mahima to the ground and jumped across her, and ran out of the bathroom.

Then Kalyani got up and found the power was out, and she reached for the towel in the dark. But Ravi was still passed out tired. Mahima pulled herself together and started chasing the person. It was so dark, and she couldn’t see that person clearly.

She chased the person to the stairs, and in between, she fell down and stairs to the second floor. She passed away unconscious.

The next day Mahima woke up with little dizziness. She was in her room’s bed. She looked around and found no one. She tried to get up, but her back was in a little pain. She also found her left hand and head had medical dressing. She slowly understood that the last night’s fall from steps must have caused her this.

At the time, Devi slowly entered her bedroom with her hand full of medicine. Seeing her, Mahima tried getting up. But Devi said, “It’s alright, don’t strain yourself.”

Mahima: What happened yesterday?.

Devi: Kalyani found you on the stairs last night. Do you remember falling down the stairs?

Mahima: Yeah, it was a little slippery last night.

As they were talking, Kalyani entered Mahima’s house. She was wearing a black saree and blouse with her usual accessories. Devi welcomed her and asked her to take care of Mahima as she went out for grocery shopping. Kalyani accepted her request. Devi then left them to go shopping.

Kalyani: You feeling well now?

Mahima: Yeah, much better.

Kalyani: In that case, will you mind me telling me why you were there last night?

Mahima was taken aback by the tone of her question. She replied hesitantly.

Mahima: I was … I was just there to give the snack that I prepared last night.

Kalyani showed her a mobile phone and said to her in a more harsh tone.

Kalyani: I was talking about this shit you shot yesterday.

Mahima was dumbstruck, and her heart was pumping harder. Kalyani then played the recorded video of her last night’s nude sex on that phone. She said that she found it on the bathroom floor when she heard the door slam in the bathroom last night.

Mahima: No, I didn’t shoot it. In fact, I fell down the stairs only because I was chasing the one who did it.

Kalyani thought she was lying and was just cooking up stories cause she was caught red-handed. Mahima then thought that lying to her won’t let her off the allegation, so she told her the whole truth. All included the masturbation and said that she couldn’t resist the urge and asked her for an apology.

Kalyani still didn’t believe her. Mahima then grabbed the phone and saw any evidence to prove she wasn’t the one. She then showed Kalyani that she was standing at the corner of the video frame where she was masturbating.

Kalyani then concluded that Mahima was telling the truth. But she was still angry with her about her sneaking in a while having sex with her husband.

Kalyani then said that she will forgive her this time and not disclose the events that happened last night to anyone. She also told Mahima about the terrace event in which she was molested in her sleep two times. The same person must have done this.

Mahima then understood the reason why she was lying with the blouse open the other day.

To be continued.

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