Poked young teacher’s navel under pile of books! – Indian Literotica

Poked young teacher’s navel under pile of books! – Indian Literotica

Hi, my name is Siddarth. This is an Indian literotica story of a young, gorgeous teacher and a student (me).

I was popular among teachers and was a part of my college cricket team. I am from a wealthy family and have influential parents. But I had a carefree attitude towards life. I usually got whatever I wanted and had no restrictions.

I had my own expensive bike ride and even rode it to college. Since ours was an elite college, the rules were flexible and the students were even allowed to use their mobiles in class.

Though I was a spoiled, mischievous kid, I was pretty good at academics and most of the teachers really liked me because of that. I always used that to my advantage and tried to get away from troubles. Having influential parents helped and usually has some perks.

Most of the teachers used to hate my guts but could not do anything about it. I am from the southern part of India where teachers wore saree as their attire.

I had one big weakness a woman’s…NAVEL. I have a huge navel fetish, especially a lean waist and a deep navel. Even during classes, I always tried to spot the depression on the saree and observe for any navel slip.

Me and my close friends, Mano and Gowtham usually try to take pictures of the teacher’s navel, their side boob, and cleavage. We then used to share it with our seniors and juniors for fun. We used to have the time of our lives.

On the first day of my first senior year, an assembly was conducted and students usually gathered around way before the teachers arrived.

I and Mano went to the assembly and overheard some of my juniors talking about some new lady staff who was the hottest stuff one could imagine. I and Mano looked at each other and had a good laugh about it.

After some time, the assembly started and I was searching for the new face and somehow managed to get a glimpse of her in the crowd.

Just before the assembly ended, the principal of the college introduced the new teacher to the whole school in the assembly. I was astonished by her looks.

The new teacher was a trainee teacher named Shilpa. She was probably around 24 years, had black, smooth hair and white skin with not so big, kind of peachy boobs. A fair complexion and a petite frame with a great ass and a lean curvy waist almost a perfect 10 shape.

She had worn a green saree and along with her short stature, her waist looked like an hourglass. No one had ever seen such a great structure and even some of the male staff members were staring at her.

Shilpa just had finished her bachelor’s degree in English literature and had joined our college. She was very fair-skinned and resembled the actress Tapsee Pannu. She had the perfect body but to my misfortune, she had worn her saree above her navel showing a little bit of skin on her midriff.

After the assembly, we settled back to our classes. I heard my fellow classmates talking about her. Our class was narrow which consisted of 2 rows, one for boys and the other for girls.

The teacher’s desk was in the middle and in front of the classroom. I and Gowtham usually sat on the right side on the first desk Mano behind me on the second desk, etc.

The first desk was almost parallel to the teacher’s table. We chatted for some time about Shilpa and to our surprise, she turned out to be our English teacher.

When Shilpa entered, every boy in class preyed on her with their eyes. She came in with her books and placed the books on the table and introduced herself.

She was friendly as she was young and was a student herself not long ago. But I had other plans for her.

After her class and during the break, I told Mano and Gowtham that I will make her mine one day. I told them to back off and watch out for others. They understood what I meant and told me that they will help me and before I knew it days passed by.

Shilpa and I became good friends. Being good in my academics, she liked me very much. I was one of her favorite students. Other boys in my class had their grudges over me, including Mano and Gowtham.

Since I was on the first bench and luckily on the right side of the teacher’s desk, I sometimes get a glimpse of her navel but just a hint, when there was a quick slip of her saree. It wasn’t enough exposure but was still a tease.

Since the first year, there were no board exams and only college exams, the teachers were lenient.

One day during Shilpa’s class period, she let us free and asked us to do whatever we want. She sat on her chair almost leaning on her back and was looking into her mobile. She was not paying any attention to her saree. Everyone in the class was busy minding their own business.

The teacher was not paying us any attention, and to my surprise, the knot of her saree slid down below her navel and the moment had finally happened. Her navel was exposed completely, and no one was paying attention except me. It was oval-shaped and deep. My eyes were stuck on her navel.

Shilpa ma’am caught me staring at her midriff and covered herself without making a fuss. I was shocked as I had got caught but she was a darling. She nonchalantly smiled and asked me what I was looking at? We both just laughed it off.

A few days later, during the last day of the week and after the classes got over, Shilpa asked me to carry some workbooks to the staffroom and help her in placing the books on the cupboard.

So, I waited after class. It was a huge and heavy pile and we both carried them together by splitting the pile. I was holding my pile with my right hand on the top and the other at the bottom.

I followed her. Since she was short she was carrying the books, with her whole body with her hands under the pile and with her chin and body holding the books.

As the teacher was lifting the weight, her saree got a lot lower due to stretching. We reached the staffroom and there was no one in the staffroom and even the corridor was empty. This was because it was after class hours.

I was just standing outside the staffroom facing towards the door. She entered the staffroom and turned towards me facing outside.

She said that there was someplace in the cupboard above the door. She told me to grab a stool. I placed my pile down and I dragged a stool between me and Shilpa.

Then I bent down to grab my pile and as I was picking my pile, the greatest thing happened. She hopped on the chair and lifted her pile above her head to place the pile inside the cupboard.

Shilpa was tiptoeing and stretching her body doing it, trying to shove her book pile inside the cupboard. And at this moment, my dreams came true.

Shilpa’s dark, red navel on her white belly was exposed. Her navel was stretched and looked like a vertical slit. Oh my God, it was right before my face.

Blood rushed through my veins. I just wanted to poke the glory hole and lick it and she had no idea that I was staring as she was looking upwards.

I didn’t want to waste that good opportunity. I tried to poke her navel with my right hand which was above my pile. I stuck my index finger and I poked it.

Wow! it was only a fraction of a second’s contact, but it was the softest thing I have ever touched.

All of a sudden, she lost her balance and tripped over. She fell sideways and as soon as she lost her balance, I tried to grab her by her waist, but in vain. She landed on the floor and I fell on her and the entire pile of books fell on us.

My head got cushioned by my teacher boobs and my hand was still around her bare waist, with the pile of books covering us. I smoothly and quickly moved my hand towards her navel. I placed my finger right on her navel as she struggled to get up.

The navel had got a little wet and sweaty due to the commotion. Shilpa closed her eyes as she felt my finger in her navel!

I kept it cool as if nothing had happened and struggled to get up myself as I helped her to get up too. She had no idea that everything that had happened was intended and deliberate.

Shilpa arranged her saree and asked me if I was hurt. She even apologized to me. She then said that she would ask a clerk to do the work. We giggled for a bit. She asked me to help her arrange the mess and I left the staffroom.

My index finger was still wet with her navel sweat. I wanted to sniff it so badly so I left. After leaving the staffroom, I went to my classroom and nobody was there. I sniffed my finger, and wow!! It smelled like perfume. I sucked my finger and tasted the saltiness of her sweat.

After that incident, we got a lot closer.

Shilpa gave me her Facebook ID. I was the only person in the college who had her ID. Lots of times, we used to chat late at night and I made her laugh a lot.

We used to talk a lot about ourselves and we shared lots of stuff. Late nights are the time when she felt more comfortable and shared some intimate stuff with me.

One night, we talked about our profiles. We even started passing compliments about each other. Then we talked about our love affairs. I asked her, “Do you have any boyfriend?”

She replied, “No one has approached me and I have no idea why?”

I replied, “Maybe the other guys would have thought that a girl likes you, who is so gorgeous must already be in a relationship with someone and that you are out of their league.”

She had a laugh hearing that and she asked about my girlfriend. I replied, “You are my girlfriend.”

She replied with a smiley, emoji and asked, “When did we have a moment like that?”

Without any hesitation, I replied, “We should have one.”

Shilpa told me to shut up with a wink emoji.

I said, “We actually had one.” She was surprised and then asked me, “When did such a thing happen?”

I said, “When I fell over you in the staffroom!”

With frustration, she asked, “Why is that a moment? It was a simple accident.”

I replied, “I had fingered your navel,” my heart was pounding as I was typing those words.

After that, she stopped messaging for some time. But I kept adding on and telling her that I had felt the softness of her skin and she really had a sexy lean waist. She didn’t reply and left the chat. She stopped messaging me for some days. That really got me frustrated. She even avoided me in class.

I got even madder about her rude behavior. This made me lose my sanity and to get back her I paid less attention in her class. But she wasn’t even bothered about my presence and she never made eye contact.

Shilpa wouldn’t even respond to the doubts I had asked her and everyone began to notice these things. To get her back, I started showing less attention to my academics. My grades drastically went downhill, but she still wouldn’t face me.

Then I failed my English test deliberately and that got me the attention that I wanted. She got really pissed. When Shilpa asked me about it in class, I said, “You don’t have the right to ask me.” She got really mad and told me to leave the class.

The teacher then asked me to stay out till her period ends. Later when she came out of the class, she asked me to follow her to the staffroom.

I followed her and there was no one in the staffroom. She asked me why I didn’t study for the test? I replied that I had studied but I didn’t want to pass the paper.

She asked me, “Why?”

I asked her, “Why are you avoiding me? Why haven’t you responded to my text?”

She slapped me and said, “You are like a brother to me.”

I responded quickly, “I don’t need a sister, especially if she was one like you.” She got devastated and asked me to leave. But I yelled, “Who do you think you are?”

Shilpa got scared and told me not to shout, covering my mouth with her hand. I grabbed her and gave her a tight hug. She asked me to stop it, but I ran my hands all over her back and grabbed her waist tightly.

She told me to let her go but I landed a kiss on her lips very hard. At first, she was clenching her jaw, and soon after that moment, she slowly started resisting.

I stopped kissing my teacher and to my surprise, she with her closed eyes almost leaned forward and loosened her lips! I stopped there, knowing that she had leaned forward with her eyes closed. I left the place.

Later that night she messaged me, starting a conversation. I was expecting it but did not respond and the mobile kept buzzing and I just let it ring.

Shilpa apologized for having stopped messaging me. She messaged me for almost an hour apologizing, but I didn’t respond and left the chat saying good night.

That’s when I picked my phone and messaged her back. That was just the beginning, knowing that she had an interest in me. I knew what I was going to do to her.

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Author’s note: The story will continue based on your comments and feedback.

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