Poornima’s Hot First Night – Indian Sex Stories

Poornima’s Hot First Night – Indian Sex Stories

I will be narrating the story in two or three parts, depending on the feedback I receive. I am narrating it as it was narrated to me by my friend in The US. Read on about my friend’s hot first night and let me know about how you felt on

It was raining incessantly for the last 3 days, and Poornima had remained at home. But that day, she had to go to Sirsi, a district headquarter, to send an email to her husband. She had to send him a few details which she could not convey on the phone, and the nearest cyber cafe was in Sirsi.

Poornima was from a small village 15 km from Sirsi, a small town in Karnataka. She was born and raised in a small town. She was 20 when she had completed her graduation. Before she knew what she wanted to do further, her father had broken the news that he had found a suitable match for her.

The would-be groom was also from the district, son of an areca nut farmer like her own father. Poornima was not at all interested in marrying as she wanted to study further. If not in Bangalore, at least in Hubli. She wanted to pursue her MBA.

Her father heard nothing of her pleas. But instead said that the groom was a software engineer in The US. Poornima could continue her education in The US. Marriage ceremonies were held in August a month after Poornima’s father, Mr. Ramachandra, had announced the match.

August was still the season of the monsoon. But there was no choice as it was the auspicious month of Shravana. The marriage took place with great pomp, and Poornima liked the groom. He was tall, handsome though not very fair, but he was no less than a young hero making a mark in sandalwood.

The first night was a grand ritual. Poornima was very shy, and her husband Pratik was embarrassed. He had had his fair share of flings in The US with both desi girls and Americans. But this was like an open parade to prove that he was a man.

Once he got inside the room, he waited for his bride sitting on the old bed. Poornima came in with a glass of milk in her hand and stood before him. Pratik held her hand and made her sit next to him. He took the glass and drank some milk, and gave her the rest.

Poornima’s heart was pumping fast, and she was very shy to lift her head. Pratik held her face and gave a kiss on her cheeks. He gently moved the strands of hair that were flowing down to her cheeks. He then gently kissed her on the lips holding her face.

Poornima had never had any intimate moments with any boy or man. The only touches that she had experienced were the ones by a stray hand or a gentle push in the crowded rural buses. Poornima was wearing an orange color Kancheepuram sari with a matching silk blouse.

Her aunt had selected that sari for her. Before entering the room, her aunty had given her instructions on what she should do inside and what she could expect from Pratik. It was not that Poornima was not aware of what a first night meant. But the elders still believed it was their responsibility to instruct the new bride.

Pratik slowly started removing her pallu, which was held tight with a safety pin. Once the pallu was down, Poornima, in a feeble voice, pointed towards the 100 watts bulb and said, “Light.” Pratik just smiled and got up to put off the light. Once the light was off, Poornima was a bit relieved.

She kept sitting till Pratik came back, and he continued his expedition of undressing his bride. He made her stand up and removed the sari completely and kept it on the chair beside the bed. He then made her sit and started fondling her boob over the blouse.

He ran his fingers on the tiny valley that was created by the two small boobs. Poornima did not have great boobs. Her bra size was 32, and neither did she have a great ass. She was the typical village girl from an orthodox family, fair, slim, medium height, and sufficient boobs that usually got hidden under the chudidhar or the Langa Dhavani that she wore.

He started unbuttoning the blouse and removed it and spread it wide. He marveled at the boobs hidden in a cotton bra. He made her sleep and then put his hand on the thread of the petticoat. But Poornima held his hands. He looked at her questioningly.

She was too shy to look at him but only nodded her head in disapproval. However, Pratik was adamant and untied the knot and slid the petticoat down. He found her gate to heaven hidden in a brown cotton panty. He moved his hand over the mound, which made Poornima moan a little.

He then removed the blouse completely and put it on the sari, which was on the chair. Now he unclasped the bra, and then he removed the panty. He knew Poornima had no experience and did not want to indulge in too much foreplay. She was now completely naked.

It was the first time Poornima had become naked before someone else since she was a child. Pratik quickly removed his silk dhoti and Shirt and then his jockey and laid down beside her. He could hear the loud breathing and the twin mounds moving up and down.

He slid his hand on her boobs and tweaked the nipples. He played with the erect nipples for some time and then slid the hand to her vaginal region. He was happy that Poornima had taken care to shave the area, and he found it to be smooth and inviting.

He put his mouth gently on her vagina and started making circular motions with his tongue. Poornima was now experiencing something which she was totally unaware of or even heard of. She just moved her hand to his head and started pulling it towards her hole.

He kissed her on the cheeks and then on the lips and then gently placed himself on her. He held his tool and kept it at the entrance of the gateway to heaven. Poornima shivered a bit and held his arms. Pratik gave a gentle push, but since she was a virgin, it was not possible to enter with a gentle push.

He held the tool in one hand, and holding the pillow, he made a second attempt. It went in a bit, and Poornima just said, “Amma.” Pratik tried again, and this time, he made a slight entry. His foreskin had folded back, indicating he was making progress.

He pushed hard again, and this time, Poornima shouted in pain. She held the bed sheet on either side of her body in a fist. Pratik started the movement to deflower his virgin bride. With every thrust he made, Poornima hit the bed on either side with her fists.

The pain was now transforming into pleasure, and with each thrust, she began to feel the warmth building up. Pratik finally downloaded his thick fluid inside her warm pussy and laid on her. He rolled and then hugged her tightly. Poornima was looking satisfied.

When Pratik asked her if she came, she did not understand what he meant. But simply nodded her head. Pratik then explained to her what cumming was and again asked if she orgasmed. Poornima nodded her head. Pratik put a hand below her hole on the bedsheet to see if there were any signs of blood.

His hand became moist with the wetness created by her juices and blood. He kissed her and said, “Congrats, you are a woman now.” Poornima felt shy and hid her face in his chest.

The sound of the ringing phone brought Poornima back to her present. She was lost in the memory of her wedding and her nuptial night. It had been 16 years since she had arrived in The US with Pratik after their wedding. She was 36 now, an American Citizen and a mother of a 13-year-old boy.

Pratik had moved on to become a Director of IT infrastructure at a leading bank. They had together built their lives in the US. They had decided to have only one child. They had a huge house, a couple of cars, and all the luxuries that an American dream promised.

Poornima had transformed from a shy Indian girl with a slim structure to a completely modern Indian-American. Her hair was no longer long but ended at her shoulders. She had put on sufficient fat at the right places with her boob size now 36 and her waist 37.

She had wide hips and an ass that could turn many heads. She had a decent sex life with Pratik but the weekend types, a quick one just to remind them that they had to perform something called sex. Pratik loved her a lot, and she loved him, but the lust was missing.

The reason why Poornima was lost in the thoughts of her marriage and her deflowering was because of what she had seen happening in the neighboring house. The neighbors who were a young Indian couple had moved in a month ago.

The boy was working in the US and had come in as their neighbors as a newlywed couple. The same way Poornima had come. One day Poornima was watching Rakshit and Sakshi making out in the backyard. She was in the kitchen, which had a view of their backyard.

She was able to witness the sexual adventures of the newlywed. It was a weekend. But Pratik had gone to one of his favorite baseball games with his son, and Poornima was alone. She was cooking when she saw the love birds becoming horny and exploring each other.

She was OK till the time Rakshit was lip-locked with Sakshi. But the moment his hands went inside her T-shirt and started fondling her boobs, Poornima was embarrassed. Her moral instincts told her it was wrong. But her sexual instinct told her to watch.

Rakshit then moved his hand inside Sakshi’s skirt from the back and started grabbing her ass. While at this act, he started necking her too. Sakshi was enjoying too, and her hand moved to Rakshit’s dick. She started squeezing it over his shorts.

Poornima had become wet down there, and she didn’t realize when her hand had moved to her pubic region, rubbing it over her nightgown. She then thought it was indecent of her to watch the games of a lovely young couple in heat. She decided to close the kitchen window.

She hurriedly finished her cooking and came to the living area. Poornima answered the phone call, which had disturbed her dream. She was surprised it was her father. It was a late night in India, and she was worried if something had happened.

Her father said everything was fine, but he wanted to inform her that her mother had not been keeping well for some time. She always kept remembering Poornima. Mr. Ramachandra wanted to check with Poornima if she could come to India for a few days to stay with her mother.

Poornima had not planned her vacation that summer as her son had enrolled for a Basketball coaching. Poornima, however, assured her father that she would come. That night she discussed it with Pratik, and he suggested it was right for her to go there for some days.

Poornima booked her tickets and started packing. She was not sure how long she may have to stay. But she decided she would stay with her mother long enough to make her happy. Poornima boarded the flight a week after the phone call. Pratik and her son had dropped her off at the airport.

Sitting in the plane as it taxied on the runway, Poornima began to think about her stay in India. Little did she know about what lay in store for her.


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