Popping cherry of virgin girl friend at crappy theatre – Sex story

Popping cherry of virgin girl friend at crappy theatre – Sex story

After 3 months of lockdown and work from hassles, attending a marriage reception party was a welcome relief. Not even a pandemic could stop me from attending my first ever female friend’s marriage.

Madhu was the girl who introduced me to my first crush‌, first love during my teenage. Missing her marriage was a big “NO”, not even during these troubled times.

Hardly 50 people at a wedding party and hardly a handful of youngsters of my age was a bit of a turn-off. I was in the bar alone waiting to meet the bride-to-be. Sitting there with a beer brought back memories of my first love Ashwini.

Ashwini was Madhu’s best friend and joined our class. Ashwini was charming, fair, and beautiful for as long as I could remember. We started dating after two years and were each other’s first of everything.

I can still feel the first time we hugged after class, the first kiss on a night bus, the first blowjob in my car, and losing our virginity to each other in a theatre! We loved and lusted for each other for the next 6 years in 3 different cities and making out most of the time during our travel in omnibuses and theatres.

It had been 5 long years now since a feel-good memory about Ashwini came to me. While waiting to meet the bride, with my second beer in my hand, my eyes caught sight of the beauty that I almost had forgotten. In Toronto, I had dated and had sex with multiple hot women, but none matched the beauty of the girl who caught my eye.

Ashwini walked towards me with a smile and a small teardrop at the corner of her eyes. After 12th grade, Ashwini changed over from a lean beauty to a busty curvy girl with fat at the right places. Her boobs and ass became a sight to behold. No girl could match her sexy figure from that time onwards.

Today she was wearing a beautiful blue lehenga showing a lot of cleavages covered just by a transparent pallu. Her hips and ass shaking while walking towards me mesmerized me even now.

“I can’t believe what I am seeing” was the first words I heard from her in 5 years. Moving my eyes from her cleavage to eyes, I replied, “Me neither, you seem a lot younger than the last time we met.”

Ashwini sat next to me and got a red wine glass.

“Do you mind sitting next to me, my mind is full of questions and overflowing with our memories?” said Ash.

“Me too,” I replied.

My mind jumped to our first kiss. We did our undergrad in Coimbatore and used to travel almost every other week in an omnibus late into the night.

After the usual swapping of seats to hide our relationship from our parents, Ash leaned her head on me. “Love you da” she said while I kissed her forehead. Till then, we occasionally made out a bit. This bus ride, the pitch darkness other than the occasional buses crossing brought out the naughty side of us.

I looked into Ashwini’s eyes and kissed her lips like no tomorrow. My hands moved to the side of her salwar kameez and felt her hips. She was enjoying and returned it in full. During that bus ride and numerous others, I examined my dentist girl friend’s mouth with my tongue and lips and enjoyed that hot, 19-year-old body of hers.

“How many girlfriends have you had in Toronto? Were they any good?” Ashwini asked me to take a sip of her red wine. This brought me back from my trance. “3 girlfriends other than the occasional one nightstand. None as good as You.”

“Always the flirt, even with your ex?” asked Ash playfully hitting my thighs. This time, I couldn’t reply as my eyes were locked on to my girl friend’s cleavage.

In the months we couldn’t meet, sexting and video calling were our biggest relief. Ashwini loved her body and enjoys showing it off to me.

She video called me when her roommate was and slowly stripped while talking to me. That’s the first time I saw her topless with all her glory. Both her teenage boobs seemed to defy gravity. They were just the perfect size. Ash was a dancer and started putting a show with just her denim shorts.

“My eyes are up here, Mister,” Ash stared at me. “Guess your favorite parts haven’t changed after going abroad,” she smiled.

“Guess no cleavage is as good as my first,” I hit back with some courage.

“I missed you da, I missed you.” I could feel the pain in her words.

Living halfway across the world and maintaining a relationship held by pure lust wasn’t easy. Back in India, we used to fuck at least once a week.

After I moved to Toronto, it was impossible for both of us to control ourselves. We started cheating each other and tried unsuccessfully to hide it from each other. Break up was so messy, we sent videos of fucking different people to each other. Ashwini topped it by getting laid my best friend just to hurt me.

“Shall we go for a walk? Madhu won’t be ready for an hour at least.” We took a stroll by the resort’s pool.

The place was abandoned due to the pandemic. All the wedding guests will still in the hall. Ashwini started, “I was wrong. I should have never done that to you. Making love with you in that crappy theatre is still my happiest memory.”

Being the first couple to get a morning show ticket for a crappy movie inbox was our weekly routine. The box had 2 rows with 2 sofas for couples. Finding this gem in a crappy theatre was the highlight of our undergrad.

Our first fuck and numerous other fucks were in that small box of a crappy theatre! Right when the lights turned off, we jumped on each other.

Ash got so turned on when I kissed her lips while playing with her nipples. I started removing her top for the first time in the theatre while kissing those sweet lips. With just another couple in the front row, we didn’t care about being discreet.

In that dimly lit theatre, Ashwini’s golden body with a flat tummy and busty boobs looked like heaven to me. I started kissing her boobs over her thin bra. Her nipples were poking out of it. I moved my hands around her hips to feel her back and started kissing under her clean-shaven armpits. Ash lost control and got hold of my cock.

She started massaging it over my jeans and removed the button. Around this time, I noticed the couple before us fully having sex. The guy was pounding the girl’s pussy while closing her mouth and stopping her from screaming. This felt like seeing live porn while my first love was waiting to give herself to me!

I became so high and removed Ashwini’s bra. Those two teenage boobs were a treat to my eyes. I quickly pushed her on the sofa and started sucking her nipples. Ash said I was drinking her milk and wanted some of mine. She repositioned and took out my cook. She held it like a pro and put it inside her mouth.

The numerous porn I sent her all these years helped get the blowjob ever. She was sucking my dick till I was about to cum. Then she stopped at the last moment and pushed me back. This time, she started seeing the girl before us getting pounded in her pussy.

Ash wanted me to take her virginity in that crappy shady theatre. With no condom and a lot of hesitance, I took my cock and inserted it into her pussy. Even after a year of fingering her pussy in those night-bus drives, her teenage pussy was so tight for my cock. She almost screamed in pain and pleasure.

Ash wanted me to fuck her and I pushed it hard and started pumping her pussy. It almost felt like a competition with the other couple before us. I continued pounding her pussy while sucking her nipples and kissing those sweet lips. We both cummed together and let out the little me inside her.

“The moonlight makes you look super sexy, Ash,” I said staring at her. The moon in the sky and its reflection in the pool made her look like the fairest of ’em all. She dropped the pallu at one point and was showing me all her cleavage.

“I need you one last time, da..”

To be continued.

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