Quarantine notes for the newly wed – Hot lockdown sex story

Quarantine notes for the newly wed – Hot lockdown sex story

Howdy people, I am James. How is everything going? I am kind of a new author, so please pardon any slip-ups. Along these lines, I have chosen to share an encounter of mine with a newly wed lady.

A little prologue, I am 23 years old enough. I live in one of the urban gathering communities of India, Bangalore.  I am a consultant for an American MNC. I am a charming guy with a fit body and 6ft tall. I like to listen to ladies, even have discussions with married ladies, and not just have sex with them.

My story will give you a nice blend of exotica and pleasure, and I hope you guys love it. I stay in a colony of apartments in Bangalore about 10 km from my workplace. There are many residents around me, such as working bachelors, families, college students, who have rented a place to live, etc.

As usual, I was in my balcony, looking at the park down at the ground. It was a common play area, where kids used to play around, and housewives used to gossip. But now it was barren land.

Everyone was locked up in the house in fear of the virus. The place seems deserted, though some people were wearing a mask coming home with groceries.

As I gazed down, a question raised from my back. “James, tea, or coffee?” I smiled and turned back. Then I gazed at her sexy naked body. Barely covered in the kitchen apron, her milky thighs were exposed.

“Cheez, don’t stare,” she said and hid behind the fridge with shyness. I then came into the kitchen and caressed her cheeks, and told, “Coffee.”

Two and a half weeks ago: (Flashback begins)

I always had hots for the newly married bhabhi, Supriya. She is staying in the next-door apartment. She was a modern lady who is educated. She is a great painter and craftsman, always seen wearing a saree with a modern twist.

She has quite an attractive figure. She was a chubby fair-skinned woman, with about 5 ‘7 ft height.

So, with that out of the way, let’s not waste time and get into the story. It started during the days of quarantine. Her husband had gone to Pune on a business trip but got stuck there during the 28 days lockdown period. Even though he was safe there, she was worried and alone here.

She was supposed to go with him and enjoy their first months of marriage with him. But something messed up, and he got stuck there. I used to see her on the balcony. In a saree worn in a modern fashion, she was sipping her coffee in the evening.

She was looking at the common play area and empty streets as her hair flaunting in the evening wind. As it was lockdown, even I was home, with online work. It became a routine for me to see her in the balcony during the time. We used to share smiles.

One evening, I was pretty bored with the work. I decided to blow some steam off. It was a beautiful sight outside. The sun was setting, the red-blazed through the sky. I made a cup of coffee and sat on my chair in the balcony, with my legs raised and resting on the cement rail.

I stared into the sky as I drank my coffee. I looked around and saw Supriya in the balcony, in a beautiful saree. We both smiled at each other, then she said to me.

Supriya:- Stay at home and work from home must be boring, ha! I don’t usually see you on the balcony like this on weekdays.

I looked at her and smiled, and turned my chair towards her.

Me: Yeah, it’s so boring. Hard to relax.

I continued the conversation.

Me: I hope your husband is safe.

Supriya: Oh, he is fine. (she smiled ). He is staying at one of his friend’s place over there. Here, I am in an unknown place, all bored.

I then, being me, decided to keep the conversation and flirt.

Me: Well, you know me here. We could do something.

She stared at me and squinted her eyes at me. She took a deep sip from her cup and gave me a forced smile.

Me: I meant to chat or play games, to kill this boredom.

She had a thoughtful face and said.

Supriya: Yeah, sure (she smiled).

Me: So, do you like to talk about something or play any game? (I smirked at her as I said this.)

Supriya: Let’s talk.

So we started to chat. It took us at least 1-2 hours to finish our tea. Even after finishing the tea, we would talk. On some evenings, I would throw over a paper rocket to her balcony to get her attention. She would pick it up with a smile, and we would converse.

And not just in the evening, it became a regular thing during the mornings too. In about 5-6 days, we shared most of the aspects of our lives, from work, families, to mischiefs, school and college life, etc. We were getting to know each other. Then the next day, the PM announced the ‘Janata Curfew.’

We were having our usual tea that evening, and we got to talking.

Me: It’s a good step, right? At least the cases will decrease for a time, then we can lead our normal life.

Supriya (with small nodding):-Yea I hope so.

Me (I smiled at her and sarcastically ):- Don’t forget to appreciate the health workers and doctors at 5 by clapping. It is very important.

Supriya(she also giggled and told): Oh, I won’t forget that.

Me:-Good, I barely get a chance to bang my dinner plates together. I will definitely use this chance to bang the plates very hard.

Supriya:- Are the plates the only thing you regret not banging?

Supriya looked at me with a wondering innocent attitude, with raised right eyebrows and naughty grin. She kept her cup on cement rail and leaned on it, giving me a view of her cleavage through her blouse. Her milky cleavage was clearly visible, her mangalsutra made an aura around it.

I was left without words. I leaned to her side of the balcony on the rail, staring at her cleavage, and said in a whispering voice.

Me: Of course not. There are some pretty ladies, too (with a naughty grin, I continued). But this lockdown gave me a dead platform. So I have to stay put.

Supriya smiled at me and curling her hair in her right-hand fingers, she asked.

Supriya:-Am I one of those pretty ones?

Me:- Of course, But you are married. Then again, would you like to be on that list? (with a naughty grin)

Supriya:- (she kept smiling at me, she was checking me out a bit) Maybe. I don’t know (with a wicked smile). Besides, you must like modern girls, knee-length skirts and all.

Me:- Not exactly, I do have hots for a girl like you, who look absolutely stunning in sarees…

Supriya:-Oh, really?

Me:- Yeah, and what’s underneath it too.

She then looked away in shyness and took sips from her coffee.

Supriya:- Good to know. But it’s like you said, I am married.

Me:-Well, I don’t mind. Besides, in this lockdown, you need some company. As a good friend, I am willing to offer it.

That conversation was giving me a boner, thoughts of what could happen, all stirred up my mind.

Supriya:- (she again passed her smirks at me):- Let me see…(with a thinking face) Nope. (with a smile).

Me:- Oh! (with a resultant expression.)

Supriya:- Ok, then bye. (and she waved her hand moved inside.)

The next day, I didn’t see her outside. I tried sending over some paper rockets. I thought maybe she had work. I was a bit worried if something has happened. So I called her name out, she leaned out through the balcony door.

Supriya:-Sorry, I don’t feel like coming out.

I guess yesterday’s conversation might have scared her off. Then I went inside, watched TV, freshened up. After 2 hours, I came to the kitchen to get dinner when I inadvertently looked at the balcony. I saw a rolled-up paper with something red on it.

I kept my plate down and went towards it and picked it up. Then I rubbed the red side of the paper. I smelled it, it had a cherry smell. It was lipstick. I then turned and looked at Supriya’s balcony. There was no one there, but the light was on.

I opened the paper, it was an A4 sheet with ‘MayBe’ written on it with lipstick. As I opened, a panty fell on the floor. It was wrapped in the paper. I then smelled the panty. It has a wet stain not prominent, but the smell of her pussy was lingering in it.

The scent was very erotic and arousing. I felt a chill through my body and a daunting concrete boner in my trousers. I felt heavy spiciness at that moment. I went inside, smelling on her panties, again and again. Each time I smelled it, my mind filled with dirty thoughts of how I would ravage her.

I then grabbed a pen and wrote on it. ‘Thanks for the Present, I ll cherish this.’ I threw it into her balcony, making sure to hit the window so that she’ll know. I waited for some time, but no response. Then I went inside, but I couldn’t get the boner down.

I kept staring at the panties and somehow finished my dinner and then washed the plates and went to the balcony. I was shocked as I saw a blue bra, lying there. It was of big size, at least 36C. My dick throbbed as I picked it up. I looked over to Supriya’s balcony and smiled.

She wasn’t there, but I knew she was watching. Then I turned it and saw a note.

The note read, ‘You are welcome, when will you return them?’ with a smiley face. It was written in cute small handwriting. I knew she was teasing me. So I went inside and grabbed a paper and wrote. The note read, ‘As soon as I have what was covering them.’

I then made a rocket and sent it over. I waited in my chair on the balcony, looking at hers. Then a hand grabbed the paper in. I was looking over to her balcony for a reply. But my efforts were in vain as there was no reply. Then I sat down on the chair again.

I heard a few knocks from over from her balcony, and I looked over. I saw a hand come out of her kitchen. Then it had her blouse at the end. Then held it outside for some time and then dropped it. I stood up, and my eyes bulged out to what I was seeing.

Then I had a revelating thought, “Is she sending over the dress what she was wearing?” I had to confirm it, so I again wrote a note and sent it over. The note read, ‘I have the blouse, bra, and panty, can I get the complete set?’

There was no response then. After a few minutes, She threw me a paper with her hand backward. It barely reached my balcony. The note read, ‘Then what will I wear?’

I took one of the long white shirts that I don’t wear anymore. I made it into a ball and threw it with a note, wear this. Then after a few minutes, I heard a knock again on her balcony door. A hand came out, with a saree, and it dropped on the floor.

I was hell lot horny then. I wrote to her. ‘Did you wear them? Can I see it?’ She put her hand out, showed me the sign to come to her. Then threw me a note. ‘If I am nude, so should you be, come nude.’

I then read the note and paused for a second. I went inside and slowly removed my dress one by one. My dick was still hard. I opened the door slightly, and checked if anyone was there, then ran to her door. I rang her bell.

Truthful, I was a bit scared, what if someone sees me, and a little excited too of what was happening. She then opened the door wide. Standing in front of me was a newlywed Bengali lady in my long white shirt. She had creamy smooth and soft legs with plumpy and a bit loose fair thighs.

She had a tight pussy in her body guarded by brown lips and a dark-colored clit. Her insides soaked with redness and cum. Her body was curved at the navel with no fat around at belly.

Along with sexy curve, her 36D round breasts with light brown areolas and nipples were soft and crown jewels in her body.  She had a medium white ass, soft to touch, swaying around.

Supriya:-Hey, James. What’s up? (with a naughty smirk).

I then went in and slammed the door.

Me:- I came to take my shirt.

Supriya:- Sorry, I am wearing it. I’ll give it back later.

She was then going to the kitchen. I then grabbed her hand and slammed her to the wall and started to kiss her. I put my hand around her, and she reciprocated the kiss. Our kiss was deep and erotic, and we were into it. I sucked on her lower lip, then her upper lip one by one.

Our tongues fought, and lips locked inevitably. Her hands raised to my back, hugging me and ran through my hair. My hands felt her body through the shirt.

Supriya:-You know I am married, right?

Me:-I know, so just till your husband gets back, I’ll keep you company. (I smiled at her)

We then again started to kiss. We kissed passionately for some time, lips interlocking in passion. She was fierce, as she leaned on my body like she was craving for it. We then moved around and banged into the dining table. I then broke the kiss, asked her, “Do you really want it?” She said yes.

I dropped onto her cleavage and her neck, slowly licking it. I kissed her neck whole over. I drove my tongue around her neck and sucked her all around. I slowly bite her neck skin on sides. She moaned with my bites. I then continued my work. I lowered my hand, slowly rubbing her pussy.

I then grabbed her boobs through the shirt. Her nipple was clearly visible. I started to fondle as my mouth sucked on her neck. Her hands caressed over my hair. Her other hand lowered to feel my dick and raveled her hand around it and started to stroke it. She was stroking my dick.

I leaned her over the dining table and started to lick her neck. I then opened the shirt buttons with my mouth and saw her boobs bulge out. I then kissed her again in delight, seeing her big boobs. I took each of her boobs and gave a deep kiss as I have for her nipples.

I then looked at her and said, “You are hot, Supriya.” Supriya placed her finger on my lips and said, “Not Supriya, Suppu, that’s what my husband calls me. You are in his place till he comes.” We gain started to kiss passionately.

Then her phone started to ring. It was her husband calling to check on her.

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