Ranjana’s Romantic But Sad Past – Romantic Sex Story

Ranjana’s Romantic But Sad Past – Romantic Sex Story

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Now Ranjana will tell her past in her narration.  Ranjana’s Romantic But Sad Past – Romantic Sex Story

At that time I was studied in the second year. I was a commerce student. I wa s studying at a girls’ college. So no college affair was possible. I used to take a bus or auto for college. I knew several boys were looking at me and tried to talk with me.

But they didn’t get enough courage to talk with me. I always made my face very serious to avoid all those stupidities. But one day when I went to the bus stand, a decent handsome boy came to me. I panicked but never showed it in my face. He directly came to me.

He said, “Hi, I am Vishal, and I like you. I want to make friendship with you. May I know your name?” Before I could think anything I said my name. He was happy that I responded. He moved his hand forward and again without my knowledge I moved my hand forward and we shook hands.

Then he gave me a piece of paper and gave me his phone number. I took that paper where his phone number was written. All this happened within a few minutes. When he went back, then I realized what was happened just now. I was frightened, but I kept that paper inside my book.

That night I called him and talked for some time. Why I called him that night, I still don’t know. May be out of curiosity, or maybe he was the first one who dared to talk with me. Anyway, after that day we were talking on the phone regularly. Every day he came to the bus stand and met me.

Slowly we became close to each other. We were talking to each other regularly. One day he proposed to me on the phone. I accepted and we became love birds. We were very happy. I came to know that he was one year junior to me. But I didn’t care about that.

One day we went to a park. It was evening time. We were sitting side by side. He slowly held my hand. That was the first time anybody or any boy held my hand in another sense. I shivered. I was frozen. He took my hand and kissed it. After that, we often met in the park.

One day we stayed a little longer in that park. The park was completely dark. We were talking to each other. I was supposed to leave. He held my hand and pulled me. I lost my balance and fell on her. he was laughing. I slapped on her cheek lightly. He held my face and placed his lips on mine.

First time I was kissed on my lips. First I didn’t understand what was happening. But after that, I also held his face and we went into a deep liplock. We were smooching each other with full intensity. Almost 5 minutes, we were eating each other’s lips hungrily. That was the first kiss for both of us.

I was 20 years old and Vishal is only 19 years. In between, he pressed my boobs above the dress. It was a nice feeling. But I panicked. Finally, I pushed him and ran out from there. When I came back home, I went to my bathroom and opened all my dresses. I stood in front of the mirror.

My panty was soaked with my love juices. I saw his finger marks on my cream white breast. At that time it was not 34C but only 32B. I felt horny by remembering the incident which happened in the park. I didn’t know when I put my hand on my pussy and started massaging my clit.

Within 1 or 2 minutes, my love juices were flooded. After that we met regularly and whenever we got a chance we kissed. Several times he fondled my breast over my dresses. One day he pushed his hand inside my kurti. I tried to stop him but he already pushed his hand inside my bra and held my naked boob.

The first time my most private part was touched by others. I was trembling. He fondled my boobs mercilessly. He pinched my nipples. he moved her hand from one boob to another inside my bra and pressing them with full intensity. My panty was soaked with my juices. I was biting my lips.

That day he pressed my both boobs, almost 30 minutes. Finally, he pulled out her hand from the bra and held my face. I was ready and again we went into a deep liplock. The day was passing. One day one of my aunty came to know about us. She was very friendly to me. She didn’t tell to anybody.

She asked me to came to her house whenever we wanted to meet. After that, we were meeting at her place. There also we were kissing only and sometimes he pressed my boobs over the dress. Nothing more than that.

A few weeks later, I went to her house in the afternoon. Vishal was supposed to come. I was talking with my aunt. She doesn’t have any child. Uncle was working in a bank. She said, “Ranju, today I have a doctor’s appointment. I will be back within one hour. Hope you don’t feel bad.”

I was happy and also had some fear because the first time we would be alone in a house. Vishal came and after that Sudha aunty went to meet the doctor. I closed the main door. Vishal took me in his lap and went to the bedroom. I tried to stop him but he was not ready to listen to anything.

He placed me on the bed and immediately came upon me. She pinned down both hands above my head and placed his lips on mine. We were smooching each other with full josh. A few minutes later he made me sit and hugged me tightly. We hugged each other.

Vishal opened the hooks of my kurti one by one. I tried to stop him but he didn’t care. Finally, he held my kurti and removed it from my body. My face was red due to shame. First time in my life I was in my bra in front of some other person. I folded my hands and tried to cover my bra covered boobs.

Vishal was looking at me. I could see the lust in his eyes. He held my hands and opened it. He looked at my bra covered boobs. That day I was wearing a black bra. My white skin and black bra gave a perfect contrast. I saw the bulge in his pants. He pushed me and I laid on my back.

He came upon me and kissed and licked my neck and shoulder hungrily. Vishal held my bra strap and slid it down. He pulled my bra down. My fair white boobs were opened in front of her eyes. He held my both boobs and pressed. He was fondling my boobs like a mad dog. He tried to put his face on my boobs.

I held his head and tried to stop him. But I failed. He forcefully placed his lips on my boobs. he started kissing and licking my boobs. my nipples goy erect. Vishal placed his lips on my nipples. He was sucking my nipples alternatively. he flicked my nipples with her tongue.

I was moaning with pleasure. The first time my nipples had been sucked and my boobs had been licked. He bit my nipples with his teeth. I screamed, “It’s paining, don’t bite.” He continued his sucking, kissing, licking and biting on my boobs for almost half an hour.

I felt that an orgasm was building. I was trembling and shivering with pleasure on the bed. Vishal opened the knot of my leggings and pulled down up to my knees. He pressed my pussy above the panty. That was too much for me. I again tried to stop him.

Ranjana: Please Vishal, don’t go there.

But he didn’t reply, instead, he pushed his hand inside my panty and held my pussy directly. I gasped. He was sucking my boobs and massaging my clit. I held his head tightly and trembling on the bed. I was on the verge of an orgasm. It was so good.

Finally, I jerked my body and released my love juices in his hand. I almost collapsed on the bed. Vishal hurriedly opened her pants and vest and came upon me. He placed his hard dick at my pussy entrance. I got my sense back. I gathered all my power and pushed him with full force.

He fell on the bed by my side. He was not expecting this.
Vishal: What happened?
Ranjana: No.
Vishal: Why? Don’t you love me?

Ranjana: Yes I love you, but I don’t want to lose my virginity before the marriage. I am sorry.

Vishal was disappointed. I could see total frustration on his face. I hurriedly got up from the bed and wore my dress. He was in a state of shock. He never imagined that I could stop her at the last moment. He was looking at me. His hard dick was jumping in the air. I felt bad for him.

I went near him and gave a soft kiss on his lips. I moved down and held his hard dick in my hand. That was the first time I held a hard cock in my hand. He understood that I was helping him to release his hot thick smen. He laid back on the bed. I moved his foreskin slowly. I was looking at his dick.

Before that, I saw in porn movies only but that was real. I took his dick in my mouth and gave him a blowjob. I was not an expert at that time. First time I was sucking a cock. So you can understand how it was. But Vishal liked that because the first time a girl was sucking his hard dick.

I held his cock at the bottom and sucked his cock. Within 2 to 3 minutes he sprayed his hot juices. Before I could understand and moved my face. The first jolt hit my forehead and hair, and then jolt after jolt he sprayed his cum on my face.

His hot thick juices were flowing down through my cheek and then my chest. I grabbed a hanky and cleaned his hot sperm from my face and chest. After a few minutes, he wore his dresses and pulled me to him. We hugged each other tightly and kissed. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

I hurriedly got up and opened the door. It was my aunt who came back. After that day we never got any chance to meet alone in a house. Vishal told me to go to some hotel but I didn’t get the courage to do so. After my graduation, my parents did my marriage with Samar.

We both decided to break our relation. After marriage, I came to Delhi, and I never met him again. Nowadays I don’t have any contact with him.

Again story will continue from my narration.

Suddenly she felt that my cock got hard again. Ranjana held my cock and said, “What happened, Mr? I think my story makes your dick hard again.” I hugged her and placed my lips on her. We were again smooching. I placed my hand on her pussy and felt that it was leaking.

“I think you are also leaking,” I said to Ranjana. Ranjana replied, “Then what are you waiting for?” I came upon her and placed my cock on her pussy entrance. We wrapped the blanket upon us. Ranjana tightly hugged me and whispered, “Rohit enter your dick, and fuck me hard.”

I didn’t wait further and pushed my hard cock in her wet pussy. I started pumping my shaft in her wet pussy mercilessly. We both were grunting and moaning with pleasure. I was fucking her at full speed for almost 20 minutes. We both were reaching climax.

Finally, I pushed my dick deep inside her cunt and we both reached our climax. We collapsed on each other and slept like that.

Friend this is the end of this part. In the next part, I will tell you what happened next. Till then enjoy my story and give me valuable feedback.

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