Reuniting and banging my sexy best friend – Indian story

Reuniting and banging my sexy best friend – Indian story

Hello guys, here I am with my first story. So, about myself, I am RC (initials, for privacy purposes obviously) and pursuing B.Tech in Ahmadabad. I am 21 with a somewhat athletic body because I used to play football in the college team.

Introducing my best friend Vanshika – she is fair, short, and cute with round boobs and perfect ass. We were in school together but shifted Mumbai with her family. We came in contact 3 years back on Facebook and started chatting again.

As she lives in Mumbai, we couldn’t meet. Even being best friends, we never met and our friendship was confined within social media.

Last Christmas, as I had my holidays, I decided to go on a solo trip to Mumbai and meet her.

I reached Mumbai in the evening and Vanshika picked me up from the station with her sister. I met her family and had dinner. That day went normal and as I was tired, I slept early.

The next two days went pretty well as we both went around Mumbai for sightseeing. We also went to a movie. I didn’t have any sexual attraction towards my best friend but there was something that was different in her behavior. She was a little touchy and was holding hands.

After 2 days, her parents had to leave for some urgent work and left 3 of us (me, Vanshika, and her little sister who had board exams coming) at home. I and Vanshika decided to have hot drinks after her sister slept at night.

So, as per the plan, I bought a bottle of red wine. Vanshika prepared dinner for 3 of us while her sister was studying.

After finishing dinner, we watched TV for some time. By that time, Vanshika had changed her clothes and was wearing a loose sleeveless t-shirt and shorts which barely covered her thighs. I got an instant hard-on just looking at her milky white thighs and was staring at her.

At around 11 pm, her sister left. So we decided to go to the room and prepare for our secret party!

I was sitting on the bed pouring wines in the glasses when Vanshika entered the room. My dick immediately made a huge tent in my shorts. I was wearing a tank top and shorts that night. I caught my best friend staring at my tent.

I handed her the glass and started sipping it slowly. I was chatting about our school days and old relationships and gossiping about others. In the meantime, we finished the bottle and were high.

I was spinning the bottle and she asked suddenly,

Vanshika: Truth or dare?
RC: What?

Vanshika: The bottle points towards you, so truth or dare?
RC: Truth.

Vanshika: Cutting all the bullshit questions, are you a virgin?
RC: Nope, I am not. I have fucked my gf many times (note that we both were high so we were getting more frank).

Vanshika: Mhmm, how was she?

RC: good (Actually she was amazing, I was trying to make a move as I could see my best friend’s pussy lips through her shorts as she was completely wet down.) What about you? Are you a virgin?

Vanshika: In a way, I am a virgin, I haven’t fucked a guy but I had sex with my friend (girl). I am bisexual.

RC: Oww!! Now your turn, truth or dare?

Vanshika: Before we continue the game, it’s freezing right now, let me bring the blankets.

She went and bought one single blanket and tucked herself in.

RC: Are you going to let me freeze?

Vanshika (laughing): I could only find one blanket in the room. If you want, we can share it.

RC: But it’s not that big.

Vanshika (winking): You can cuddle me. It’s okay, I am your friend.

RC: Well..

Vanshika: Get in fast or else freeze.

So then I wrapped my hands around her and she was hugging me with her legs resting on my hard dick. With the time passing, we both were getting horny and our breaths were rising.

RC: So what do you choose?

Vanshika: Dare.

I took my chance this time as I didn’t know her exact intentions but with all this going on I just decided to take chance.

RC: Okay, then kiss me.

She kissed me on my cheeks.

RC: Not on my cheeks, you duffer.

She was giggling and said, “I know where you want the kiss.”

Vanshika stood up and sat on my lap facing me and wrapping her legs around me. Our lips met and it was so beautiful. We kissed around 20 seconds and then broke it.

We both were looking into each other’s eyes with full of passion and lust and knew what we both wanted.

Then we started smooching again with she sucking my lower lips and I sucking upper lips. It was getting so hot that we removed our blankets.

I was exploring Vanshika’s back over her t-shirt while she was grinding her wet pussy over my dick. I was feeling her wetness on my dick and it was making me so hard.

After 15 minutes of kissing and grinding, we broke the kiss and were panting. But lust had taken over us.

We again started kissing and this time, I pushed my best friend on the bed and came over her. I started kissing her earlobes, lips, and her neck continuously. Vanshika was moaning like hell. Then I took one of her boobs in my hand and started pressing it and pinching her nipples. She was moaning in my mouth while we were kissing.

Then I went down to her boobs and started sucking it wildly with her one boob in my hand and the other in my mouth. Vanshika’s round hard nipples tasted so sweet. She was gasping and moaning.

Vanshika: Oh my god Rushi, this is so good. Eat my nipples and bite it hard.

And in one go, I inserted one hand inside her shorts and started rubbing her already wet pussy. It was completely shaved.

I stopped and removed my tank-top and she removed her t-shirt while I pulled her shorts down. The light in the room was dim but I could still see her naked body and she was looking like a sex goddess.

Vanshika: I am all yours tonight, make this night a memorable one.

RC: Sure, babe. 😉

I spread Vanshika’s legs, went down, and started licking her. I was tongue-fucking her and rubbing her clitoris. After a few minutes, I started finger fucking her.

Vanshika: Ohhh myyy gooddd!!! Rushiiii.. I am cumming.

And Vanshika started breathing heavily. She had finally reached her first orgasm and I drank her all juices.

After licking her pussy clean, I slept beside her while she was still gathering her breaths.

She hugged me for a while and said, “It’s my turn now.”

Vanshika sat and removed my shorts. She took hold of my 6.5-inch dick and started jerking slowly. Her smalls soft hands were working on my dick and it felt so good.

She then bent down and took the whole dick inside her mouth till she gagged and remained like it for a few seconds and started sucking it. I was on cloud 9 and I could feel her tongue all over my dick and balls.

As her ass was facing me, I couldn’t hold any longer. I lifted her, placed her in 69, and started licking her pussy again.

For 15 minutes, we kept pleasuring each other and reached the climax. She drank my cum but could take all in. The cum was dripping down from her mouth to her boobs and she was looking damn hot.

Then we both cuddled and slept for some time only to wake up and fuck.

Thank you guys for reading this long story. I tried to elaborate as much as I can so that you guys can imagine it and have fun! And this is not the end. Wait for the next part to know about my sensual and erotic fucking session with my best friend and how our relationship changed in these 2 days

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