Roleplays with male partners for my wife – Sex stories

Roleplays with male partners for my wife – Sex stories

Hello guys, finally, I have decided to write and share my fantasies that happened with us. I have been married for over 6 years now and like other married couples our desire to explore other options increased with time.

So I will come to the story.

I and my wife were dating for almost 5 years before marriage, we are Hindus and both from Delhi. I’ll not bore you with details of how we met and how our affair started but it took me a lot of time to convince her to have sex before marriage.

Let me describe her. She is a good-looking girl, fair, slim, tall 5’7″ with great shape. Her legs are amazing as she is tall, so her legs are perfect. She was fine with only kissing for the initial year.

We gradually increased our desires and acts from kissing to touching boobs, to sucking boobs and oral, but actually having sex took us some time. She wanted to take her time and I didn’t want to rush her if she is not comfortable. But soon, we both started having sex very often and where ever possible.

Everything was going well and we got married. After almost 1 year, I started to develop some fantasies. As we had lots of sex before marriage also, so the desire to explore other fantasies came faster than others.

For me as my most easy option, I started role plays, naming other people. And trust me guys, we used all the names we know while having sex. Either, they were my friends, my wife’s friends, cousins (mine and hers), servants, tailors, etc. and we were enjoying sex better than ever.

Initially, my wife didn’t like the idea of calling out the names of other people while having sex, but gradually, she started liking it. I’ll share one of our roleplays:

I used the name of my close friend (Amit) and asked my wife during roleplay pretending that I was at the office and she was home.

Me: Listen, Amit will come and pick up some papers from you.
Wife: Ok.

Me: What are you wearing?
Wife: Suit- kurta-pyjama.

Me: What else?
Wife: Bra and panty.

Me: Wear the sleeveless red suit which has a deep cleavage in the front. Amit is coming to pick up the papers so you should look nice.
Wife: Ok, I am going to change it now.

Me: Wear the push-up bra so that the cleavage is visible properly and the shape of your boobs will look nice.
Wife: Ok. I have changed now.

Me:  Has he come?
Wife: Yes, he is sitting on the couch.

Me: Is he looking at you?
Wife: Haan, he was looking at my cleavage earlier.

Me: Go and give the papers and sit with him and show more of your boobs by bending close to him.
Wife: Okkk.

Me: What is he doing now?
Wife: He is touching my hand.

Me: Now?
Wife: He is kissing me on my neck and chest.

My wife started moaning and meanwhile, I removed her top and started kissing on her neck.

Me: Now?
Wife: Now he is pressing my boobs.

I placed my hand inside her bra and started pressing her boobs and rubbing her nipples.

Me: Do you like it?
Wife: Yesss..Aaaaaahhhhh.

Me: What is Amit doing now?
Wife: He is removing my clothes.

I removed her bra and then removed her shorts as she just lay down on the bed.

Me: Remove Amit’s clothes too.

My wife removed my shirt and shorts and started kissing me. I could feel her hotness while she was kissing me and it was totally different than the ones we usually have. I could feel her tongue exploring in my mouth.

Me: Hold Amit’s penis.
Wife (moaning): Aahhhhhh.

My wife inserted her hand in my underwear and started giving me a hand job and finally removed my underwear.

Me: Do you like my penis or Amit’s penis more?
Wife: Both are the same.

I was intentionally taking Amit’s name so that Amit’s face comes into her mind every time.

Me: Suck Amit’s penis.

My wife moaned loudly and took my penis and starts giving me a nice blowjob, imagining that she was with my friend Amit and was sucking his penis.

Me: What is Amit doing now?
Wife: He is pushing my head down with his hand.

Me: Ask Amit to fuck you now.
Wife: Amittt.. please, fucckk me..

I then started fingering my wife’s vagina with 2 fingers. I felt the wetness there as she was moaning with her eyes closed.

“Ahh, Aahh Aahh please fuck me Amit.. please.”

Now I placed my penis on her vagina and applied pressure. Her vagina was so hot and wet that I entered in 2 strokes. I started fucking my wife hard and asking her to take his name while I was fucking her.

Wife: Oh Amit, fuck me.. slowly.. please.. aahhhhh Amit, please.

I was on top of her and she had locked her legs on my back and was pushing her hips to fuck faster. Her vagina was so hot that I felt like it was an oven and my cock was getting baked inside.

I kept fucking my wife for almost 10 minutes and felt her water releasing. And just in a few more seconds, I was also done. I released my sperms on her belly and started kissing her for a few minutes. We had amazing sex.

Then, this became a routine and I and my wife used other names during our other sex sessions. We mostly talked about it while we are in bed. But now the idea of another person is also in her mind even though she may not admit to it.

With the roleplay, we became more open to each other, in terms of talking about it during the daytime also. I have now asked my wife to wear clothes that are a little more exposing. Not like cheap exposure but in a decent manner.

My wife is obviously not a slut. We have started buying clothes which to a great extent have some cleavage that is visible normally but when you bend then a lot more cleavage and bra is visible, like V-shape t-shirts, blouses, etc.

One day when we were buying vegetables and she was choosing and picking those. She was bending a little to pick stuff from the stalls so her cleavage was visible nicely. It turned me on when I saw the vegetable seller looking at my wife’s boobs.

She has lived in Delhi all her life so she is fashionable and knows how to carry any dress well so it doesn’t look cheap when the body is exposed. Anyone looking at her would want more of the view as it’s enough to draw attention but not enough to look vulgar. It just covers up the exciting bits and leaves more for the imagination.

At home also, I have encouraged her to wear loose and deep neck clothes. We have a female maid for cooking and washing dishes and her husband does the car cleaning, dusting, and moping.

The maid stays for the whole day at home but her husband comes in the morning to take the keys for the car and comes later in the day for cleaning.

They have been with us before marriage also, so everyone addresses my wife with respect as they were here when I got married. Normally my wife wears a t-shirt and jeans but now after the role plays and my requests, she has started wearing new deep suits, tank tops, etc. for some fun.

It’s not to seduce others but to make her comfortable with exposing. Even in the presence of our maid, I use to call my wife in the room and ask her for sex/blowjobs when I know the servants are in the house.

This makes her horny and in the mood all the time. Sometimes the maid will knock on the door to get some help and my wife will give her instructions with my penis in her mouth, and then start sucking again.

I am sure that our maid also has an idea that something is happening because when we have sex then my wife makes a lot of noise, not too loud but the regular moans.

I hope you like our Indian couple sex story here. I’ll continue from here in the next part. Please comment with your feedback for improvement in writing.

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