Romantic fantasy turned reality with my neighor – Lush story

Romantic fantasy turned reality with my neighor – Lush story

Hello! This is the story of two consenting adults. Hope you’ll enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed my experience of fulfilling my romantic fantasy.

I’m a 40-year-old from Bangalore working in an MNC staying with my wife and daughter. We had a neighbor Anand and his wife Sneha, aged 40 and 39, respectively, staying in our opposite flat.

As it happens, when you are in the middle-age, you tend to get attracted to other women. I, too, had an eye for Sneha from the beginning. She is about 5.8 with a milky white complexion and curvy body. Though she is a mother two, she has maintained her figure well.

It so happened, she too used to give me vibes when our families met. She enjoyed talking to me more than with my wife. We used to flirt whenever we faced each other. I learned from my wife that Sneha and Anand are not in good terms and hardly talk to each other.

We always used to hunt for opportunities to chat with each other. The fun turned into a fantasy where I used to imagine her when having sex with my wife.

It was mid-April, and my wife went to her mother’s place along with my daughter. I decided to join them after a week as I had to catch up with my work. It was a Saturday morning, and I was lazing around on my bed. I heard the bell ring.

I opened the door and surprised to see Sneha at the door. She came looking for my wife, and I told her that she went on vacation. We chatted for a while, and she told me that Anand is out of town for some office work for two days, and he would back on Monday. She took leave and left.

After some time, Sneha came again. This time she asked me if she could leave her kids (aged 3 and 5 years) in my house as she decided to go to the beauty parlor. I agreed. She returned after two hours and knocked on the door. She was looking ravishing and hot.

She took her kids, but before going, she invited me for dinner as she did not want me to struggle with cooking. I readily agreed. A series of naughty thoughts ran in my mind as to why she went to a parlor, especially when her husband isn’t in town and why she invited me for dinner.

The day passed. I was so excited to go to her house for dinner that night. I got ready at around 8 pm and went to her flat. She opened the door, and she was in her nightgown. After welcoming me inside and making me comfortable, she fed her children so that they can sleep early.

I helped her in feeding them and putting them to bed. All this took place for about an hour, and it was 9 pm. I carried one of her kids, and she carried the other, and we both put them on the bed.

We had dinner together after that. All sorts of dirty thoughts were running in my mind, given the situation. My eyes revolved on her tits and ass as she was serving. I was tight in my pajama.

She, too, was enticing me by coming closer and touching me at every possible opportunity. I took it as a signal, and I had decided to fulfill my fantasy that night.

After we finished our dinner. We had a little chat, and there was some awkwardness in the air. So, I got ready to leave. She was giving me desperate stares. My mind was forcing me to pursue her. I got up and went near the entrance.

Then I turned back to say bye to her. She was standing close to me, waiting for me to make the first move. There was absolute silence. It was like a lull before the storm. Suddenly, I felt some energy pushed me, and I went close to her, held her head in my hands kissed her on the lips.

She reciprocated with a kiss and rolled her hands all over my back and pulled me towards her. I hugged her tightly as the kissing continued. My fully erect dick was getting sandwiched. We continued to kiss for around 3 minutes. I carried her to the other bedroom in my arms.

There I pinned her to the wall, and we started to kiss passionately. It was like both our bodies were longing for each other. Our tongues played like wild snakes. I started caressing her body kissed all over her cheeks and neck. She went crazy with my touch and caressing.

It’s time to explore the body I lusted for so long. I quickly lifted her nightie and undressed her. She removed my T-shirt and pajama. We both were naked. The very sight of her boobs made me crazy. She was gazing at my dick hungrily. I grabbed her milky tits and started kissing them as if my life depended on them.

I started licking her pink nipples one after another. She moaned in pleasure. She played with my prick. I licked her nipples. She gave a loud moan and bit her lips. I then put her on the bed and pulled the pillows down. I made her lie on the pillows so that I could get full access to her globes.

Her melons were pointing up, and I then pounced on her, raised her arms, and started sucking them. She was closing her eyes and enjoying the act with loud moans. My hands were busy caressing her jubblies. Her hands were playing with my hair while she curled her legs around me.

Her white, milky mammaries turned pink because of my sucking and licking. Then I rolled down and kissed all over hips, especially on the sexy folds. I gave a kiss on her big round navel, and she screamed. That made me long for more. I inserted my tongue in her navel, and she shouted ecstatically.

I turned her back and kissed all over her sexy back while my hands were fondling her boobs hard. My dick was stroking her ass area. I positioned her in the doggy style and scrolled down to her shapely buttocks. I separated the ass cheeks and licked shamelessly in excitement. She sighed in joy.

Slowly, I got off her back and made her sit on the bed and gave my dick to her. She grabbed it with both hands and admired it for a few seconds. I pulled her hair and raised her head, and I inserted my willy in her mouth.

I was pushing and pulling my dick rhythmically in her mouth. It feels like heaven when your penis is sucked by another woman other than your wife. After a few minutes, I increased the speed, and my junior was drenched in her saliva.

I was about to cum in her mouth. But controlled and pulled my member out. Then I pushed her on the couch and caught her shapely thighs and enjoyed them. While I was doing that, the smell of her cunt was inviting me to pursue it. Wasting no time, she spread her legs giving me access to her womanhood.

The pussy area was clean shaved, which made my job easy. I separated the lips of her vagina and put my tongue inside. That made her body vibrate, and I got rewarded with a sexy moan.

I kissed the lips, and my tongue was busy exploring the inside. As the drilling increased, so did her screams. I pushed my tongue deeper to gauge the depth of her vagina. Then her juices started flowing on my tongue. I kept it clean by licking the semen.

I decided to insert my dick. I played near the vaginal walls with my dick to entice her more. She couldn’t resist, and she tried to guide my junior inside. She groaned, “Please insert, I can’t wait.”

It hardly took a few seconds to insert my dick. I then started giving wild strokes by holding her hips. My chest was crushing her breasts as I kissed her lips and played with her tongue. One of her hands was scratching my back. The other was on my ass, pressing it hard.

As the pumping increased, Sneha started to give desperate sounds. It sounded as she was longing for sex from someone. She coiled her legs around my waist and put her arms on my back.

I drilled Sneha harder and deeper as she screeched, and a few moments later, she whimpered. I understood she reached her climax. But I continued my exploration. I sat and caught hold of Sneha’s legs and banged her hard.

I raised her arms, and which gave me a full view of her bouncing balls. I grabbed her knockers in my hands and fondled them, and in an instant, my load was inside her. It was bliss.

After many days I was so satisfied with fucking. The fact that my fantasy turned reality. I enjoyed the woman I lusted for so long, and I had sex outside marriage gave me immense pleasure that night.

Both of use slept naked on the bed, hugging each other tightly. I got up in the middle of the night, got dressed. We went to my flat as everyone was in a deep sleep. We had sex a few more times after this but continued to maintain a cordial relationship.

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