Sati Savitri Becomes Mona Darling – Part 2 – Indian Sex Stories

Sati Savitri Becomes Mona Darling – Part 2 – Indian Sex Stories

Hi friends Rohit, here. This is the second part of the story.

After that, I took it very slowly. I understood this lady will not open her legs for me easily. I should have some patience and go very slowly. We started our conversation again.

Me: Anything for you. I will not force you. It will be your choice.

Monika: Thank you, Rohit, for your understanding.

Me: You most welcome. Now tell me why you are so upset?

Monika: Yes, I will tell you everything. We become good friends, I hope. Can I trust you?

Me: 100%. Do you have any doubt?

Monika: No, Not at all

Me: Can I ask you something? Can I hug you and kiss you?

Monika: (gave a light peck on my cheek) You greedy man. Yes, you can, but not now, later.

Me: Ok, no issue. Tell me about your life.

Monika: What to tell, yaar. When I married at that time, we enjoyed sex in every possible way. But after childbirth, it became irregular. Slowly it’s almost vanished from our life. Vishal is a responsible husband and father in all aspects. But the only thing I am missing is my sex life.

Me: Why so?

Monika: Nowadays, he doesn’t have much interest in sex. When I asked, then only he is ready, and that also not all the time.

Me: Last, when you had sex?

Monika: 15 days ago.

Me: Did you reach climax?

Monika lowered down her head and said in a very low voice, “No.”

Me: Last time, when you reached your climax?

Monika: I don’t remember.

Me: You people tried all the positions?

Monika: No, we were doing in missionary only.

Me: What is your favorite?

Monika hit my arms playfully and said, “I don’t know.”

Me: Tell me, please.

Monika: Riding and doggy style.

Me: You naughty girl!

Monika: I am not a girl. I am a lady of 37 years old.

Me: What? You are 37. Are you joking?

Monika: No, I am serious.

Me: I want to kiss you now.

I moved forward and placed my lips on her and smooched for almost 5 minutes. Finally, she pushed me away and our lips apart.

Monika: You promised that you will be a good boy.

Me: But you gave me permission to kiss you and hug you. Ok, tell me one more thing. Do you like it when your hubby licks your pussy?

Monika again lowered her head and said, “He never licked my pussy.”

Me: What are you telling?

Monika: It is true.

Me: Did he massage your clit or finger fuck your pussy?

Monika: Very rarely. And that also just after our marriage.

I saw her eyes. I could see the lust in her eyes. That erotic talk made her horny. I tried my luck and pulled her in my arms. This time she didn’t object and came in my arms. I hugged her tightly. She didn’t object. I moved my hands over her back.

I moved down my hands and touched the bare portion of her back between her blouse and petticoat. Monika jerked involuntarily. I kissed her shoulder. I could feel her hot breath on my shoulder. I took her earlobes in between my lips and sucked softly. She wrapped her hands around me tightly.

She whispered in my ear, “Rohit, please stop. I can’t take it anymore.” I didn’t feel in a mood to listen. I pushed my tongue in her ear and flicked. She was jerking. I pushed my tongue back from her ear and licked there. Monika held my hair tightly. She was breathing heavily.

I could feel her hot breath on my neck. I gave a small bit on her neck and started licking her neck with my tongue. She moaned and bit my ear. She was scratching my back with her nails above my t-shirt. I slowly pulled her more and took her in my lap. My hard pole was poking on her ass hole.

She jumped and placed her lips on mine. She was sucking my lips like a horny bitch. I moved my one hand in her front and groped her left boobs above her sari. I gently fondled them. They were so soft. I moved my hand and put down her anchal from her shoulder.

She tried to stop me but was in vain. Her blouse covered boobs were now in front of my eyes. I moved down from her neck and kissed and licked her bare chest above her boobs, which were not covered by her blouse. I saw her cleavage and licked there.

I pushed my tongue inside her cleavage and licked. Monika was moaning and held my hair tightly. “Rohit, please stop. This is wrong.” I continued my licking, sucking, and kissing on her upper breast. I placed my hand on her blouse button and opened the first one. She hurriedly left my hair and held my hand.

I looked into her eyes. She was pleading, “Rohit, please don’t go further. I beg you.”

Me: I will not, but let allow me taste your juicy melons.

Monika: No. Please no.

But her protest was very weak. I went further and opened one more button. I could see her fair cleavage. I placed my mouth on her cleavage and kissed. She gasped. I licked the valley between two beautiful mountains. Monika was sitting on my lap, facing me. I licked her cleavage.

Monika held my hair tightly and tried to pull my head. I opened one more blouse hook with my teeth. Monika became restless. I again buried my face in between her cleavage. Running train, chilled Ac, her body aroma, everything mixed up and made me horny.

Finally, I opened the last hook of her blouse with my teeth. My hands wrapped around her back tightly so that she couldn’t escape. We both were covered with a blanket so that her children couldn’t see us. I lost my grip and held her face with my two hands. I was looking at her eyes.

She closed her eyes. Her lips were trembling with unknown consequences. I placed my lips again on her lips. We were smooching each other with full intensity. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I readily accepted her tongue in my mouth and sucked her tongue. I tasted her saliva.

When I gave a forceful suck on her tongue, her whole body shivered with pleasure.

Monika: Rohit, what are you doing? Please don’t go any further. I can’t cheat my husband. I am married and the mother of two children.

I pushed my hand inside her petticoat from below and directly held her pussy above her panty. Her panty was soaked with her love juices. Monika jerked immediately when I touched her pussy. I pulled my hand out and sucked my fingers, which were wet with her love juices.

I winked at her and said, “You are a loyal housewife, mother of two children. Yo don’t want to cheat your husband, but your pussy juices say something else.” Monika blushed with shame and tried to free herself from my embrace. I grabbed her and put my right hand on her left boob over the bra. She gasped.

I pressed her left boob and fondled. She was scratching my back with her nails. I grabbed her right boob over her bra and fondled. Monika was getting out of control. I pushed my right hand inside her bra and grabbed her bare left boob. Her soft skin made me crazy. I felt her poking nipple.

I pinched her nipple and said, “Monika, darling, why your nipples are hard?”

Monika: Please, Rohit, leave me. Please don’t do this with me.

I pulled her both boobs out from the bra cage. Oh, my God. I can’t believe my luck. I was amazed to see her beautiful boobs. Her light brown nipples had magnificent dark areola. I placed my hands on her boobs. I was pressing and fondling her lovely juicy melons.

Monika held my hair tightly and kissed me tightly on my lips.

Me: What happened? Does a loyal housewife behave like a slut?

Monika: Ufffff. No. Please leave me, Rohit.

I held her both boobs in my hands and placed my lips on her boobs. I sucked, licked, and kissed her entire juicy melons with my lips and tongues. Monika was moaning, but due to the train running, the sound is suppressed. I gave a soft bit on her both nipples one by one.

Almost for 30 minutes, I was playing, fondling, sucking, licking, biting her boobs and nipples continuously. Monika was scratching my back with her nails and moving her head from right to left. I took her from my lap and placed her on the birth.

I pushed her on the berth. She was lying on my berth. I covered us with the blanket.  I hugged her tightly and kissed her neck. She held my head and kissed me.

Monika: Rohit, please don’t go further. You wanted to eat my boobs. You eat. Now stop. Please, I beg you don’t penetrate me. Please, I can’t take that humiliation.

I looked at her eyes. I saw her moist eyes. I understood her pain. Her body needs pleasure, but her mind can’t allow her. I knew one day she will be ready to take my hard dick in her pussy happily. But not that day. I didn’t want to force her.

Me: Ok, I will not penetrate until you ask me to do so.

Monika pulled my head and kissed on my lips.

Me: But today I will give you a new pleasure which you never experienced in your whole life.

Monika looked at me. She was looking at me surprisingly. I winked at her and moved down. I pulled her sari and petticoat above her waist. I held the waistline of her panty and took it out from her body. Monika panicked. She thought I was going to fuck her. She was trying to get up from the berth.

I held her tightly on the berth. I whispered in her ear, “Trust me. I won’t penetrate.” I placed my finger on her clit and gave a light massage. Monika was jerking with pleasure. I put my lips on her pussy lips. She was shivering with pleasure. I licked her pussy lips.

I put my lips on her pussy lips and kissed there. I was sucking and licking her entire pussy lips. Monika was shivering and moaning loudly. She never felt the pleasure of pussy sucking. I took her clit in between my lips and sucked with full intensity.

I put my face on her pussy and pushed my tongue inside her pussy hole. I was giving her a tongue fuck. She held my hair tightly and pushed on her pussy. I gave a small bit on her clit and licked her pussy lips. Monika jerked heavily.

She moved up her butt in the air and, with several jerks, reached her climax. I sucked and ate all her pussy juices and made her pussy clean. She was lying on the berth like a dead log. I moved up and held her both boobs in my hands and kissed her lips. She wrapped her hands around my head and sucked my lips.

“Rohit, thank you. My husband never licked my pussy. This is the first time. I didn’t know that this much pleasure was hidden inside my body.” I kissed her lips. She whispered in my ears, “Now it is my turn to give you pleasure.” She gave a naughty smile to me.

She pushed me on the berth. I lay on the berth. She wrapped the blanket properly and moved down. Monika opened my pant button and opened my zip. She pulled my vest down. My hard dick sprang out in front of her face. She held my hard dick with her soft hand. I felt so good.

She kissed on the tip of my dick. I jerked. She pushed my foreskin down and licked my pee hole with her tongue. I felt so good. She then took my mushroom head in her mouth and sucked. She held the base of my hard dick and sucked my mushroom head. She licked my entire dick from base to tip with her tongue.

She moved down and took my balls one by one in her mouth and sucked. I was trembling with pleasure. Monika returned my favor with interest. She then took my dick in her mouth and gave deep throat treatment while messaged my balls. I couldn’t hold it anymore. She was a pro in blowjob.

She was sucking my dick with full intensity. Her lips and tongue gave magical experience. I was in 7th heaven. I was moaning and grunting with pleasure. I moved my hand and held her boobs and pressed them with full force. Monika understood I was cumming. She didn’t remove her mouth from my dick.

I jerked my hip for the final time and released my juices in her mouth. She gulped every single drop of my thick hot juices. She sucked my dick like a vacuum cleaner and emptied my balls completely. I was lying on my berth and panting. Monika got u, she wore her sari and blouse properly.

I was looking at her beautiful curves. She came to me and placed her lips on mine. I taste my own cum from her lips.

Monika: Now sleep like a good boy. Good night.

Monika went to her berth and slept. Slowly we went to sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, I saw they were sitting opposite me. I said, “Good morning.” Monika didn’t look at me. She pretended that she was busy with her children. I knew she was feeling ashamed. Slowly she looked at me. I winked at her, and she blushed.

I went to the toilet area and freshen up. I came back, and we all ate breakfast. We were waiting for the destination station.

Me: Monika, My car will come. You all come with me. I will drop you at your address.

Monika: No, no, we can manage.

Me: Don’t be silly. You are new to Kolkata. How will you manage with all luggage and your children?

Monika: Thank you, Rohit, for your help.

Me: Tell me your mobile number.

She gave me her mobile number. I gave her my visiting card, where all my contacts were written. She put my visiting card in her purse. Children were busy enjoying the scenic beauty from the window. I sat near Monika.

Me: Are you angry with me?

Monika: Why?

Me: You are not talking with me.

Monika: I am feeling shy after yesterday night.

Me: What happened yesterday night?

She pinched on my leg and whispered, “A monster came to me.” I laughed.

Me: Can I call you on your mobile? And can I message you?

Monika: Hmmm. You should, else I will kill you.

Me: Ok, your highness.

She laughed. We were chitchatting and enjoying the moment. Because when again we will meet we don’t know. After around half an hour, the train reached Kolkata. We all got down. I took them with me because they were new to Kolkata. I gave them a lift to their address.

We reached to her given address. They got down from the car. Her uncle and cousins came outside. Monika introduced me to her uncle. Her uncle thanked me for bringing them safely. He requested me to come in and have some tea.
I didn’t want to go, but I couldn’t ignore it.

Finally, my Mona darling said, “Rohitji, don’t be so rude. Please come and have some tea with us.”

I reluctantly went inside her uncle’s house. I sat on the sofa in their seating area. Monika and her children went inside. Her uncle and brother sat opposite to me. We were talking to some general staff. A few minutes later, Monika came with a tray. She gave tea to all of us and sat beside her uncle.

Monika: Rohitji, why don’t you come and attend the marriage?

Uncle: Yes, Mona, you are right.

Uncle got up from his seat and went inside. A few minutes later, he brought an invitation card and handed over to me.

Uncle: Rohit, You must come. Next Wednesday will be the reception, and I want your presence. I don’t want to hear any excuses.

Brother: Rohitji, you have to come. It is my marriage, and I am personally requesting you to come.

Monika: Rohitji, You have to come. That’s it – no more discussion.

I looked at her. I saw her eyes, which were requesting me to present in the reception. I nodded my head and said, “Ok, I will be there.”

After around half an hour, I said bye to them and came back to my house. Next 3 to 4 days, we were talking on the phone. Sometimes our talk became naughty.

Friend’s, that’s all for today. In the next episode, you will come to know what happened at the wedding. Did we do something erotic? What I got from Mona darling?

I should inform you that this story is written by me. But the concept was mutually discussed between Monika and me, one of the readers of my previous stories. So credit goes to both of us.


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