Satisfied a friend in need of sexual pleasures – Hot story

Satisfied a friend in need of sexual pleasures – Hot story

Hii guys, I am Rohit here from Bangalore. Writing here for the first time about a friend in need. Please do bear with me for mistakes if there are any.

So to start with, here’s a small intro about myself. I am aged 27, around 5’5″ with a normal Indian guy skin tone. I have an average and perfectly sized dick typical for us guys, long enough to get on with the game.

So I will straight away cone to my story. My story’s girl is named Sunaina, who hails from Bangalore itself. We have been quite good friends for the past 3-4 years, even though we often don’t meet. She is a bit on the chubbier side, around 1- 2 years younger than me.

She has a wonderful body, fair skin tone with everything in shape, and nice enough to raise the alarm while she is around. As we were quite close, we would discuss many things that normal “just friends” might not discuss. We both were quite comfortable with the same, even at late nights.

During one such discussion on sex and our experiences, I learned that she has some issues with her boyfriend. She is unsure if it is possible between them. As she was a novice in this matter, she asked for some advice and information regarding the issue.

I got to know that there are some issues with her boyfriend’s dick and her boyfriend’s mentality as he is not ready to go down on her even though she gives a good enough blowjob. I listened and explained some of the stuff and asked her to try them out the next time they make out.

But to her dismay, those didn’t bear many good results. She was looking for someone to get laid with just to get off her unsatisfied body. Seeing a good opportunity presenting itself, I straight away offered myself for the act. She was a bit hesitant initially but ultimately gave in and decided on a date and place.

On D-day, we met at a pub in Bangalore. That’s when I saw her after almost 2 years. In a black top and jeans with loose, free-flowing hair, she was oozing beauty and sexuality at the same time. And yes, of course, I did see what I wanted to see.

They were perfectly round and perfectly visible over the top she wore as it clearly revealed the shape and size as well. My guess it was not less than a 34″ and I was not wrong later I found out. We exchanged a warm hug and ordered two drinks and did some chit-chatting.

I was not even listening to what she was saying, as my mind was just waiting to enter the OYO we had booked. After around an hour, we left for our destination and got the keys to our room. The room was quite cozy with a feel around it. We both got fresh and sat on the bed.

We again started to chat about her boyfriend and my ex-girlfriend and how we used to do it and stuff. The lights were dim, and the AC was on, and we both got a bit turned on because of the discussion we had. I straight away landed a peck on her lips and rolled my tongue over her lower lips with a soft bite.

She let out a soft moan and held my hair with her fingers running through my hair. We started to enjoy our lips and tongue with me holding her head and rubbing her back softly. After maybe a minute or so, we broke the smooch, and I looked into her eyes.

The hunger for sex was clearly visible in both our eyes, and we just couldn’t wait to enjoy our touches and moans. I kissed her neck, bit her ears, and started to undress her. she went with the flow to undress me as well. Her fair, round bombs were just dangling in front of my eyes, waiting to be sucked dry.

I let her lie down with me on top, and we started to smooch, this time more passionately. I kissed her neck, ears, all over her body, and started going down to her cleavage. Slowly licking her melons, I started sucking her already erect nipples.

She ran her fingers through my hairs, letting out moans which confirmed her pleasure. She pressed my face to her boobs. At the same time, I kept on sucking and soft biting her nipples while using my other hand to press the other one. I shifted to the other nipple.

This time I slowly slid my hand inside her panty to feel the warmth of her already wet pussy. This took her by surprise as she was not ready for this and wriggled in pleasure as I slowly rubbed her clit while sucking on her nipples. She kept on moaning.

This increased with my fingers increasing the pussy’s pace, rubbing with intermittent bites on the shoulder, lips, and neck and sucking the nipples. I slid my two fingers inside her pussy just to make her ready for the ultimate. She literally wriggled in pleasure full pain and held my hand firmly.

Her eyes spoke that she wanted something more than my hand, which I was not ready to give then only. I fingered her for the time being until she let out her juices all over my fingers. I removed my fingers and started to kiss all over her body.

I slowly went down to her thighs, licking the area around, sex stories  and placed my tongue on her clit. She held my head firmly and enjoyed every movement of my tongue over her clit, giving out passionate moans. I dried her pussy to make it wet again.

She was totally on and had lost all control. She was hungry, and she was rough. She wanted it so badly I could tell. She pulled my head up, smooched me to lick her pussy juices over my lips, and came on top of me. She vigorously kissed me all over my body and removed my pants in one go.

My machine was there, ready, and just waiting for some oil to get all geared and fired up. She pulled my dick out, gave a smile, and licked it. Ah, what pleasure a blowjob gives to a guy. She kept on licking and jerking me off at the same time.

Enough of licking, she took my thing in her mouth and started giving me a wonderful blowjob, something I have missed for a long time. Her saliva was all over my dick. I got all the more turned on seeing her saliva running down her lips on my dick.

I held her hair and pressed her head to take my dick in full while I literally fucked her mouth. I was taking my dick out to give her some air and then repeating the same again. I wanted to cum in her mouth but held myself back for the time being.

I let her climb on top as she put my dick inside her glory hole and started to ride on it. She was scratching my chest while enjoying the pleasure she was being given. This cowgirl went on for some time, after which I dragged her down and underneath myself.

She was giggling and stroking my cock just to tease me and enjoy all the more. I drilled my machine gun inside her dream hole and started fucking her hard. She moaned and moaned, and with every moan, my pace increased. Her whole body was shaking in pleasure as her juices filled my hard dick.

She must have had three or four orgasms by then only to have more. She held me close and whispered in my ear that she wanted to try the doggy style as well. So there we went, straight from missionary to doggy in a clean swift. I was holding her hair back while banging her and spanking her round ass.

I was spanking her so hard that the redness of the ass was clearly visible. I was about to cum and, in a swift motion, took my dick out and came on her ass. She said she had lost count of the number of orgasms she has had. She was satisfied. She was dead tired.

We had two more sessions of sensuous sex in the next few hours before which we parted ways. She made plans to meet next time and told me that she would bring her friends to the party. This turned me on again, and I kissed her softly before dropping her home.

So guys, kindly do let me know how this has turned out to be. You can drop your comments or reach out to me personally via mail [email protected] or in Hangouts with the same mail id.

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