Satisfied gf’s sister’s lust for sex with anal – Bf cheating story

Satisfied gf’s sister’s lust for sex with anal – Bf cheating story

Hello everyone, this is my first story, so please forgive me for any mistakes. This story is about my girlfriend Anjali and her sister, Manasa.

My name is Akash and I am from Hyderabad. I am 6 feet in height, have 7.5 inches penis, and have a fit body, which I believe in maintaining.

Now, coming to the story, this happened a year ago. I and Anjali are in a relationship since my BTech, 2nd year, and have had many sexual experiences. One such experience I am going to narrate now.

My girlfriend Anjali had big boobs and a round ass. Many students and even some teachers used to fantasy having sex with her. Her my girlfriend’s sister Manasa had medium-sized boobs but her structure was so sexy.

One day, their parents had gone to Delhi for some marriage of a relative. Anjali told me to come to her home for that night, as we could have some combined studies. So I went to her house.

When I rang the bell, my gf’s sister Manasa opened the door. I was shocked to see her. Even though I knew that she will also be there, I had not expected to see her dressed like that.

I had seen some pictures of her but in those pictures, she looked so traditional wearing traditional clothes. But here she was, in front of me wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, showing her cleavage and thighs.

I came to my senses when she called out my name. I went in and sat down but it was hard to hide my penis which had grown on seeing her boobs. Then my girlfriend Anjali came and we three started chatting. But I could not avoid looking at Manasa’s boobs. Anjali noticed this too and gave me a naughty smile.

Then Anjali took me to the bedroom and immediately jumped on me, telling me that she was horny since morning and was dreaming of me. I was also horny from the time I had seen her sister and started sucking her boobs and pressing them hard.

I took off Anjali’s t-shirt and bra and started squeezing her boobs while at the same time kissing her lips passionately for the next 10 minutes. I then kissed her neck, cheeks, and also kissed her armpits, and licked them.

After that, I made my lover nude and sucked her pussy until she cummed. Then I made her give me a blowjob for the next 10 minutes and after that, fucked her in her pussy until I came.

Then she said that she will clean my penis. She took me to her bathroom and under the shower, we started having foreplay. Anjali again got into the mood.

This time, I wanted to fuck her my girlfriend’s ass but I knew that she won’t agree to it as she was an ass-virgin. I took her to the bedroom and told her that I want to blindfold her. Without waiting for her reply, I licked her pussy and touched her g-spot. She lost her control and brought me some gent’s kerchiefs and I blindfolded her eyes.

I tied her legs and hands and blindfolded her and started licking her ass as I kept my fingers in her ass. She understood my intentions and said, “Akash, noooo pleaseeee, don’t fuckkk my ass!”

But I was not in the mood to stop. I applied oil to my penis and started fucking my girlfriend’s virgin ass. Her ass was very tight. After three thrusts, it entered her ass and I started ass-fucking her. She was shouting due to the pain. I was pressing her boobs and slapping her ass. After some time, the pain turned to pleasure.

Anjali started scolding me with bad words. I was getting hornier and she was shouting, “Fuckkk meeee harderrr, youuu rascal. I am your slut. Ahhhh…use me. Fuckk meeee.” I was sure Manasa heard all these sounds and bad words and that made me feel hornier.

I fucked my girl like a beast and after a few minutes, I cummed in her ass. I freed her hands and legs and we slept naked, cuddling each other.

At around 1 am, I felt very thirsty and so went out to get a water bottle from the kitchen. On the way, I could hear some sounds coming from my girlfriend’s sister’s bedroom.

I sneaked to her bedroom and was shocked. She was fingering herself and shouting, “Akash fuckkk meee. Akash fuckkk meee.. Harderrr.” Even though I was shocked, I was also happy at the same time.

I entered her bedroom and Manasa was shocked to see me. There was absolute silence and I could see the lust in her eyes. She was naked except for her bra. What a beauty she was and those curves were really hot! I was lost in thought as she came to me and directly pressed my penis.

Then she told me that she had a break up with her BF as he was cheating on her and she was now thirsty for sex.

I held her throat and made her kneel down and told her to give me a blowjob. She was a pro and raised my penis in 2 minutes and made me in cum in just 6 minutes. She drank all the juice like a perfect slut.

Then I threw my girlfriend’s sister in the bed and removed her bra. I started pressing her boobs and licking and kissing all over the body. She was in full mood and biting me now.

My penis became erect again and when she saw it, she turned backside and showed me her pussy. I started fucking her and pressing her boobs and licking her pussy. After a little tease, I fucked my girlfriend’s sis completely and leaked all my cum in her pussy. Manasa also cummed and told me she had the best fuck of her life.

But her ass was the most attractive asset in her body, I told her it was still not over. She was surprised to see my energy. I kept my penis at the entrance of her ass and surprisingly, it was so loose that with one thrust, it was fully in. She told me that her BF used to fuck her ass more than her pussy.

I told her that there was nothing wrong in that as her ass was so perfect and anyone would get aroused if they saw her ass naked. Then I started fucking Manasa like a beast. And when I felt the urge to cum, I took out my penis, kept it in her mouth, and leaked all the juices there. I made her clean it by licking it.

I slept hugging her in the room and woke up when Anjali got up in the morning. She was searching for me, and then came to Manasa’s room and saw us both naked! Seeing us in that state, she started shouting, crying loudly, and started scolding me.

In the next part, I will tell you how I had a threesome with both sisters and also made their mom a slave and fucked her!

I am interested in both aunty and girls. Anyone who wants to have a sex chat with me can message me in hangout. Privacy is guaranteed.

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