Satisfied The Lust Of A Milk Woman – Erotic Story Of India

Satisfied The Lust Of A Milk Woman – Erotic Story Of India

2017 summer holidays.

Every morning, I would go to the milk woman’s house and bring milk. This was the daily routine I had. Well, everyone thought that way. But what they didn’t know was, I went to their house just to watch her breasts and the sweaty armpits. Her boobs were humongous and can be compared to cow’s udder.

Like all women, she used to wear saree every day. Well, sometimes nighties too. Either way, I was the luckiest guy to start my day with such a delightful sight. If we add a touch of class to her, she would easily win a plus-size beauty pageant.

I used to go running in the morning. But I had to change the routine to evening so that I could watch her boobies. She did all the chores and milked the cows every morning, which made her sweaty. Her husband was like a male lion, not physically, but in the behavior.

He doesn’t do anything and eats what his wife brings. He doesn’t have any interest in sex after their children were born and stopped having sex with her. She was a middle-aged woman and didn’t have sex for several years, which added to my benefit.

I used to go to her house before all the aunties of the colony come. No man used to come to get the milk. She wouldn’t allow anyone into the compound before sweeping it. So I used to go and watch her sweeping the floor, bending and giving me a clear glimpse of her titties.

After finishing, she allowed me into the home and sit down and fill the milk in the bottles. The cleavage she had was the best. Even her cleavage was enormous. Every day I wanted to bury my face in that heavenly space of cleavage.

This continued for a week or so. I couldn’t wait anymore and started talking to her. I taught her children volleyball in the evenings. Sometimes helped her bringing groceries. She liked me.  Slowly she started to open up and said about her life.

I used to praise her beauty and busts and told her to be proud of being what you are. One day she saw me watching her cleavage while sweeping and covered herself with pallu. This continued for some days, and I couldn’t dare to make my next move.

She was milking a cow sitting on the ground in the evening. That’s when I saw her sweaty armpits. I wanted to lick her armpits that instant. And continued to watch her for a while. Until her husband came and started beating her up. I stood there for a while, he saw me and took her inside.

I left and came back the next morning. She was sweeping the floor, but this time her pallu was not covering her boobs. I could see her cleavage. She knew I was watching, and yet she has done it. I decided to make my move.

She was filling the bottles but didn’t take mine. So I started a conversation.

Me: Your husband is an asshole. Why don’t you just divorce him and move on with your kids? You are a capable woman, after all.

Let’s call her Vijaya.

Vijaya: I can’t do that, I don’t have anywhere to go. And if I do that, everyone will see me differently.

Me: But that’s not the way to treat a beautiful woman like you.

Vijaya: Do you think I am beautiful?

Me: You are the most beautiful woman in the colony.

Vijaya: But my husband treats me very badly.

She started sobbing slowly

Me: If I were in his place, I would have treated you with respect and love.

Listening to this, she cried a lot. I sat beside her holding her hands. She said, “How would you treat me if I was your woman?” Lifting her face, I wiped her tears.

I gave a kiss on her forehead as respect and came down and kissed her on lips. She didn’t know how to proceed, our lips were attached and going no further. I sucked her lower lip slowly and bit it. Placing my hands on her waist and pressing her gently.

She was in joy and forgot that people would be coming for milk. Her husband and children were sleeping in the next room. The sound of opening the gate stopped us, I took the milk and left. I masturbated thrice that day thinking of the next day.

The next day, when I went, she was sweeping. Seeing me, she dropped her pallu and tied it to the waist. Unhooked the blouse a bit. Giving a nasty, bitchy smile. Which meant, “You want to see these right, go ahead?” I was dumbstruck with this act. I thought she wanted love, but she was seeking sex from me.

I opened the gate and went inside her home. She entered inside. As soon as she entered, I grabbed her boobs from behind and pressed them like a stress ball. They didn’t fit in my hands. Only half or less than half were in my hands. Still, I pressed them with all my force.

She moaned a little, but to my luck, her kids were on summer vacation at their granny’s home. But her husband was still sleeping at home. I tried to open her hooks but failed. In desperation to see her boobs, I turned her around. She opened her hooks.

Meanwhile, I started biting her armpit over the blouse. Her pheromones tasted like juice. She was able to unhook the blouse with on hand. There they were hiding behind the cloth until now. They were a bit saggy and falling. I took one in the mouth.

Her areolas were dark black though she was white, and even the areolas were huge. I pinched her other nipple. And continued to do the same. Time passed for a while without knowing. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She started pressing it. I asked for a blowjob, which she didn’t know.

It was time we stopped. I asked her to give me a blowjob tomorrow and left. I had to masturbate again. The next day I didn’t waste much time and went directly ahead into the house. She, too, came inside. I told her to get on her knees, which she did.

I took my dick out told her to kiss it. She kissed it on the tip. I held her head and said to suck it. She took part of dick inside her mouth. Though I held her, I didn’t force. She got the hang of it and sped up a bit. It was a sight to see I could see her face with my dick inside and the big saggy boobs on both sides.

I told her to take it completely inside, and she tried but coughed. We feared her husband might hear and stopped a bit. Before saying anything, she started sucking it again. I said I was cumming. She took it out and put my dick away. I cum on the floor.

I took the milk and was about to leave. She said that her husband is going on a pilgrimage tour with his friends for two days. I said I’ll come in the afternoon and told her to wear a tight shirt and a skirt if possible, like a school dress.

Around 2 pm I went to their home, she was ready. She wore his husband’s shirt, which was on the verge of tearing apart because of the pressure from inside. She wasn’t comfortable. On the bottom, she wore a petticoat cutting it till her ass. I never really cared about how her ass was.

But that instant. I went ahead pressed her ass cheeks, kissing her madly in her lips. She got the hang of kissing. And was now better at it. But I couldn’t stop and took her to the bed and lifted her legs. Brown pussy covered with black hair. I started to lick her. She kept her legs around me.

I started to tongue fuck her now. My tongue was reaching the depths of the pussy of the milkwoman. Touching every nook and corner. I took my head out and started to finger her pussy with two fingers. She shouted like hell as there was no one in the house.

Her nipples were erect, and I pinched her nipples. She couldn’t control and open her shirt. I still continued to finger her. I felt that at any moment now, she is going to cum. So I stopped and entered her pussy directly without telling her. She was in a lot of pain and shouted.

I lay on her boobs, sucking them to ease her a bit. She came to her senses, but I wanted her to go insane again. So I rammed her pussy hard. The sound of thumping was clear. I smelled her armpits, which made me extremely energetic. She shivered and had an orgasm.

Even she was having an orgasm, I didn’t stop drilling her. She was motionless lying there. Trying to catch her breath. I pulled my dick out and started fingering her with two fingers on the downside of her pussy. Meanwhile, sucking, not licking her on the top of pussy.

She just had an orgasm, and I was trying to get her one more orgasm. She enjoyed it. I turned her around and spanked her ass slightly. I positioned her in the doggy style. Holding her big ass cheeks, I fucked her pussy from behind. She loved it and was moaning a lot.

I took her hair into my hands and was horse riding her. I inserted my left thumb finger into her ass hole and fucked her. I knew this would make her go insane. We both were about to climax and came at the same time. I cummed in her pussy, which was safe as like every Indian woman she too had done tubectomy.

We collapsed on the bed. I was playing with her boobs while she fell asleep. After a while, I woke her up. And said I was leaving home. She said she would be going to her mother’s for a while. And so we parted our ways.

After that, we didn’t have any other session again. But I found that her husband was a changed man now and they were a happy couple. Hope your love and lust fantasies come true before you die in this pandemic.

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  1. I think she was gujjar woman gujjar women have bid boobs n big ass n working in milk dairy

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