Satisfying a mature woman – Lush story

Satisfying a mature woman – Lush story

Thank you to all those who reached out with positive feedback to the first part of the story ‘Experiencing A Mature Woman.’ Here is the continuation of it.

Sudha was breathing heavily after the act and was trying to cover herself up. I moved away from the kitchen to get ready to go out. I got dressed, ate food, and left for my personal work. Sudha did not speak much, and she seemed quite lost and expressionless.

Late in the evening, I came back home to see Sudha was not there. But the food was prepared, and the house was clean. I ate and went to sleep with thoughts of what happened in the morning. I dozed off quickly due to a hard day.

It was early in the morning. It was that time where the morning hardon made it difficult to sleep. I moved my hands into my underpants and took out my hard dick, which was trying to tear out of it. I played with it for a bit with my closed eyes.

I twisted and turned around finally to my left and extended my legs to feel something or someone lying next to me. I opened my eyes to see that Sudha is lying next to me with her back towards me. It took me a few moments to realize she was next to me.

She was sleeping on my left. I moved even closer to her. I put a leg on top of her and poked my hard dick on her back. She was still wearing a saree. With my leg, I started to lift up her saree till her knee and then pulled her saree slowly above her waist.

Surprisingly, there was nothing underneath the saree. So, I could feel her bare ass again. I moved my hands on her ass, grabbed her waist, and pushed myself up closer to her. I started to rub my dick against her firm, thick ass. I moved my hands towards her hairy pussy.

I grabbed her pubic hair in my palms and started pushing myself up against her ass. Sudha started to feel me, and she pushed her ass up against my dick. Now, We started to rub each other wildly. I lined my hard dick against her butt crack and started moving up and down.

I got way too excited and built my load in my balls. The harder it moved around her ass, the fuller my balls got. I lost control and came all over her ass. I sprayed my cum over her ass and felt a great pleasure relieved. I slipped into sleep still with my hands grabbing at her pubic hair and my dick laying next to her ass.

I slept quite deep. After what seems like good sound sleep, I felt woken up by some activities near my limp dick. I opened my eyes to see Sudha sleeping on my left, facing me, with her leg on my belly and her hands rolling all over my dick and balls. It looks like she had taken a bath and cleaned up all the mess.

Me: Sudha, your hands on my dick feels so good. The way you cup my balls makes them feel woken up.

Sudha: Ummm, I like it when your dick is hard and raring to go. Seems like it got a good release earlier.

Me: Oh yes, generally, my dick lasts much longer. But your ass was so magical that my dick could not hold on to his release.

Sudha: My bare ass was hoping for more.

Me: Like what?

Sudha: Come. I will show you

All this while, Sudha playing with my dick had made it semi-hard. We both got up. She held my dick and led me to the bathroom, holding my dick. I followed her like a dog follows his master. She made me stand in the bath and started pouring water.

She paid extra attention to my ass and cleaned it with soap. She ran her fingers between my ass crack and applied soap, and cleaned it. I was not sure what was happening.

Sudha: Dear, spread your legs a little bit and bend down. Support yourself with your hands on the wall.

Me: What? Why?

Sudha: If you want to feel the best sensation up your spine, do as I say.

Me: OK.

Leaning on to the wall holding my arms up against the wall, I pushed my ass out and spread my legs a little wider. I felt some liquid applied over my butt crack. It looked like honey.

Sudha bent down with my ass at her face. She rubbed the honey all over my ass crack. She inserted her thumb in my ass crack. I felt like a shiver running down my spine. She kept dipping her one thumb in and out of my ass. I let a moan out.

Sudha: Someone seems like enjoying it up to their ass.

Me: Surprisingly, yes.

Sudha: I was hoping to feel the same today morning, but the tiger was in a hurry.

Me: How can you make one feel so good and so bad at the same time?

Sudha: Watch me!

Sudha inserted another thumb in my ass. She was grabbing my ass with both hands, and with both thumbs in my ass, it was as if she wanted to peel off my ass cheeks.

Me: It’s good that you don’t have a dick. I might have turned gay for your dick in my ass.

Sudha: I have something better

Saying that she ran her tongue on my ass crack, which was split using her thumbs. It sent a heavy shiver down my spine. I let out a great moan. She started running her tongue up and down my butt crack and in the front. My dick had hardened up and raging to go.

She spread my legs wider and took out her thumbs from my ass, and started licking them up and down. While she ate my ass, she brought her hand to grab at my dick and started shagging my dick. She started simultaneously eating my ass while rhythmically shagging my dick.

My body did not know what was happening to it. I closed my eyes and gave up my body to Sudha’s tongue and hands. She kept on licking my butt and shagging my dick. She played with my balls to fill it up again with a great amount of cum.

It went on for a few minutes as I had already come in the morning. But in a while, I had my dick bursting out a huge load of cum onto the bathroom wall. She used her hands again to draw the last bit of cum in my dick. When I was exhausted, she also took out her tongue from my butt.

It felt like I wanted her tongue in my ass forever. What an ass eater she was.

Me: Sudha, that was the best feeling I ever had. It felt better than sex, better than masturbation, bet than any pleasure I ever had.

Sudha: I am glad you enjoyed it so much.

Me: How can I return the favor?

Sudha: There is a way!

I thought Sudha would ask me to eat her ass while I finger her pussy. But,

Sudha: Can you take me to the city? Like you take out a girlfriend. I have seen the city, I have seen the malls. I have seen how boys and girls hang out in the mall. Can you give me that experience?

Me: Oh, Sudha, that is nothing compared to what I have experienced today. To tell you what, you get ready now, I will take you today itself.

Sudha’s eyes glowed like a thirsty person in a desert seeing an oasis. She spanked my ass and said, “Get out. Let me get ready.” Sudha took a bath and wore her best sari. She was ready to go. We left for the city and reached a mall in a couple of hours.

We had missed the breakfast, so I took her directly to the food court for lunch. She was not sure what to eat, as she had not much exposure. I got her some Chinese food and then ended up with ice cream.

After lunch, we went to a movie in the multiplex. I ordered popcorn and coke for her and then some chats in the second half. She was happy seeing the movie, and she grabbed onto my arm throughout the movie. Looking at her so excited, I did not make any sexual move on her. I was happy to let her have her time.

Once the movie was over, she was getting ready to go home. We still had some time. So I asked if we could roam around in the mall looking at all the shops (window shopping). She liked the idea. We grabbed a coffee in the coffee shop and roamed around all the floors in the mall.

She was clinging on to me more and more as we spent more time in the mall.  We came in front of a lingerie shop, and that triggered her naughty side.

Sudha: Which one do you think would suit me?

Me: Anything would suit you. But I would prefer nothing on you.

Sudha: Pick one for me.

Me: This one. (I picked red netter lingerie)

Sudha: (She touched my dick over the pant and tried to feel it) Why is the tiger not so eager to see me in this one.

Me: To be honest, I would like to see you in something else.

Sudha: What?

I took her to the sports section in a clothing store and showed her the yoga pants and sports bra.

Sudha: Well, If you like to see me wearing it, we have to buy it.

Sudha tried to pay as she was an independent woman. But, I insisted on buying her lingerie and yoga pants. She agreed after a lot of resistance. She was, after all, a feisty, independent woman. Getting her to agree on anything against her will was not an easy task.

Finally, we enjoyed dinner in the same mall and finally left for the village. It was almost midnight by the time we reached home.

Sudha: Take a bath and sleep. You are tired.

Me: OK.

I took a bath and went to bed in my shorts. Sudha cleaned up the house, and maybe she took a bath herself. Finally came to my room, where I was still rolling around on the bed. We walked so much that I had trouble falling asleep.

Sudha: Trouble falling asleep?

Me: Yeah, it’s been a long time since I walked that much.

Sudha: City men are lazy.

Me: Yeah, I have no energy to argue that.

Sudha: Well, maybe a good massage would make you drift into sleep.

Me: Or wake up my dick again.

Sudha: Yeah, that too.

Me: You too sleep. You must be tired.

Sudha: Are you kidding? I had the best day of my life for a long time. I don’t want to end this day so soon.

Me: Oh, is it?

Sudha: Yes, you gave me the best day of my life for a long time. Let me give you at least a massage. You deserve a good night’s sleep after all you have done for me.

Me: If you touch me anywhere, there is no way I am going to fall asleep. Maybe my twice cummed tired dick will be back to life.

Sudha: Oh yeah, the poor fella must have been feeling left out all day.

She started running her hands on my thighs. She was seeing me laying on my back in my shorts only. She started running her hands on my legs. She spread my legs and sat in between them. She slowly started to press them from bottom to top.

She massaged below my knees for a while. The exotic massage felt quite relaxing, and when I started feeling her hands running over my things and under my shorts. She was rubbing my thighs with both hands while sitting in between my legs.

Sudha: So, how is the tiger doing there?

Me: He is still sleepy but feeling the tickles

Sudha ran her hands up to my inner thigh. I raised my hips up. She got the hint and pulled down my shorts. I was lying in front of her buck naked, and she started working her magic on my dick.

She would move her hands all around my dick, and my dick started to jump up and look around. She started to feel up the dick with both hands, running one hand at a time along the length of the dick.

Me: Ahh, feels so good.

Sudha: Shhh!! Please close your eyes and rest. Let me take care of this

She started moving both hands along the dick faster and faster. The dick got hard in no time. She started playing with the foreskin. She pulled the foreskin to see the head of the dick. She kissed the head gently a couple of times

Sudha: Hmmm, the lovely head of dick whose master is such a wonderful man. You deserve all the love to keep this lovely man sane.

She flipped the bare head of the dick with her tongue and kissed it. She sucked the top of the head gently while moving her palms over the length of the dick. While continuing the play, she started slowly gulping down the hard erect dick.

Me: It feels so warm in your mouth.

Sudha: Just like how I felt in your arms today.

Me: Ah, this is much better.

Sudha started to lick the length of my dick from bottom to top and flip the head of my dick. She cupped my balls gently with one palm while the other hand kept moving through the length of the dick. She would sometimes move her breasts and press her breasts on top of my dick.

It felt so soft on my dick. She rubbed her face all over my dick. She held my dick and slapped it on her cheeks. She grabbed my dick and poked it to her nipples. She lifted my dick and sucked on my balls. She had all of my balls in her mouth.

She licked my balls, and it felt so good. I kept moaning more and more. The more I moaned harder, she sucked. She started stroking my dick harder and harder, sucking and licking to her heart’s content and to my dick’s content. She stroked harder and harder.

I was closing in on bursting out my balls of cum. She realized that I am ready to open up my balls. So I kept my dick deeper in her mouth and squeezed the head.

Finally, I came upon a huge load with a big grunt. I spurted jets after jets of my cum in Sudha’s mouth. She ate everything and every last drop of it. Once I unloaded all, my hot and wild woman cleaned my dick with her tongue. 

Sudha: For what you gave me today, I hope I have given you enough back. And I hope you want more…

That’s the end of this part of the story. Please share your feedback on [email protected] I will be waiting for your feedback.

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