Saw male servant and mom in erotic clinch – Indian Literotica

Saw male servant and mom in erotic clinch – Indian Literotica

Hi, I am Anu, 24 years old. My stats are 38-28-40. I am a pretty and fair complexion girl with beautiful long black hair and a busty figure. I have been busty since my teenage but my boobs, hips, and ass grew a lot more. Luckily, I didn’t gain a lot of stomach fat and maintained myself well.

My male servant was Venkatayya. He was ugly. His features were ugly, with a dark complexion. He was on the fatter side with a huge belly, and he was also only 5″6. He looked 50+

Yes, I am inspired to write this series in “The Beauty and the Beast” style, and I am sharing my stories and experiences here and plan to make it a series depending on how it goes.

“Anu, go get the long stick broom and help out in cleaning. We didn’t use the guest room for a long time and look how it’s become,” my mom said.

“But why Ma? Who is coming?”

“My aunt is coming. This means your grand-aunt. She’s going to her son’s place and will stop here for a few days. Now go get the broom from the storeroom and help me and Venkattaya,” she said.

“Okay, Ma,” I said and left. It took me a while to search for it. It had fallen behind a shelf.

When I came back, I saw that ugly freak’s hand in my mom’s blouse while he stood behind her! She had closed her eyes and was feeling it while he too closed his eyes and fondled her breasts. The servant’s other hand was wrapped around my mom’s stomach, rubbing it and playing with her navel.

She was wearing a blue saree, and because she was cleaning, she must have pulled the skirt below the navel for easier movement. She had tucked the pallu at the side, but it was folded. Since mom had tucked it all at once, her boobs through the blouse and waist were exposed.

My mother had good curvy assets too. She was 36-32-38, with a good amount of fat on her waist which made her look sexy. All the young boys in the neighbourhood and my male friends always stole glances at her and secretly checked out her figure. My mom was a sexy and perfect MILF.

When I left them, she had bent and was sweeping, but her whole cleavage and boobs were visible. That servant was standing on a stool cleaning the ceiling, so he must have seen her clearly and must have seduced her!

I quickly hid, before they could see me watching them. I went near the window of the room and peeked through it.

My mom was moaning and said, “Anu, might see us. She might come back anytime soon.”

“Don’t worry, it’s taking her long so either she must have not found it, or she just left from doing the cleaning with us,” he said.

The servant wrapped his hands around mom’s stomach now and kept rubbing them while kissing her neck. He turned her around and started kissing her as he pulled her close to him taking her by the waist.

He slid his hands onto mom’s huge ass and started pressing them. He was kissing her all over and turned her around again, and put his hand in her blouse once again. He was pressing her boobs much harder this time, while he was dry humping mom.

Then he came in front of her, went down on his knees, wrapped his hands around her and started kissing her waist, and played with her navel using his tongue. My mom was moaning lightly. She put her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes.

The servant lifted her saree, up to her thighs and her milky, white thighs and legs were in view. He began kissing her legs and was moving up her thighs. His hands were on her ass from under her saree, and he kept on pressing and rubbing them.

When he was about to reach her pussy, my mom stopped him and said, “Not now.” He then got up, and unhooked her blouse. Mom’s huge boobs fell out. He started feeling them and sucked on them. He was licking and playing with them. Mom was moaning even louder and her breathing had intensified.

She put her hand on his crotch and started rubbing his big bulge. He was kissing mom’s body hungrily, telling her how lucky my dad was to have her.

I was getting turned on looking at them. My beautiful mom was being caressed by a beast. His dark hands touching my mom’s beautiful, fair complexion body.

Just then, mom’s phone buzzed, and she said they should stop here since I would come back anytime. She put on her blouse and pallu. The servant told her how badly he wanted to fuck her right then by putting his hand in her blouse and squeezing her boobs.

As I entered the room, they quickly moved apart from each other and acted like they were doing their work.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“Nothing. We have just been cleaning,” my mom said and they both began avoiding eye contact with me.

I wanted to tease that ugly bastard, so I opened the top buttons of my shirt just enough so he could see my cleavage. I bent and started cleaning. I knew he was looking at my body.

My mom was done. She said she would take a bath and left. I went and slapped him.

“You bastard. You fucked me and now how dare you take advantage of my mom?” I acted as if I was angry.

“No. I didn’t, Anu madam. Please believe me,” he said.

“Don’t lie. How many times have you fucked my mom so far?”

“We didn’t do much. We only made out most of the time. Fucking her was not possible, so we only did it twice.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you. Only if she wants to do it, then do it and keep her happy since dad is busy most of the time. But if I ever catch you forcing her, I’ll fire you, and you’ll never touch me again.”

“No. Please don’t do that. I won’t. Sorry, Anu madam. But please can you at least let me look at your boobs now?”


“Please. My dick rises every time I look at you, and when you tease me like this, it is very difficult for me to control. I was already hard before you came.”

“Okay. But only look,” I said and unbuttoned my shirt showing him my big boobs waiting to fall out of my bra. He took out his dick and began jerking off. Looking at his big, long, thick dark cock turned me on.

“You move,” I said as I got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth, and started sucking him off. He closed his eyes and kept moaning.

“Ahhh.. Anu madam, you are the best. You’re so sexy,” he began saying.

I took my boobs out of my bra and put his dick between them. I started massaging the servant’s dick between my boobs and started sucking on the tip of it as he kept thrusting it, in and out of my boobs.

His dick was huge, but my big boobs engulfed it. He began moaning loudly and kept thrusting faster as I continued to massage my boobs and moan.

Then he reached his climax and cummed all over my boobs. He cleaned it with an excuse to touch my boobs.

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