Screwing my virgin office colleague Deepika in a bus – Sex story

Screwing my virgin office colleague Deepika in a bus – Sex story

Hi desitales readers, this is my first story and I request you all to bear my mistakes. This is not a made-up or imaginary story. This is my real story that happened two months back in Delhi.

I am Varun, 22 years old from Chennai. I am studying final year of design engineering. I did have a girlfriend during my higher secondary education but we both stayed within our limits and never had sex. Then we broke up due to a long-distance relationship because as my girlfriend moved to Bangalore for her studies.

I continued to live in Chennai. But when I joined college, I saw all my colleagues were in relationships and they were enjoying their sex life. I didn’t have a new girlfriend in college as I didn’t want to be in a relationship again. But I had sexual desire inside me and I thought about having sex with some girl. But luck didn’t favor me.

When I came my fourth year of college, had to go training for a year. I got placed in a company in Delhi. I was happy to go to Delhi since I can find some girls there.

When I reached my office on the first day, I saw a beautiful girl there. Her name was Deepika and she was a senior to me. So I asked my department related doubts to her and she helped me a lot. Soon we both were comfortable with each other.

One day, my senior colleague girl wore a see-through yellow color top with blue denim jeans and came to the office. I was dumbstruck upon seeing her beauty. I couldn’t take my eyes off Deepika. She caught me multiple times staring at her but she didn’t say anything.

That day night while we were texting, I told my colleague girl that she was looking so beautiful that day. She thanked me for that.

“Your boyfriend is so lucky to have a girl like you,” I said. Then she told me that she had a breakup with her boyfriend six months ago and she didn’t want to get involved in a relationship again.

I was very happy to hear that from her and I told my story to her. Suddenly, I asked her whether she was a virgin or not. To my surprise, she said yes. My heart yelled at hearing this and from then onward, my intention towards my hot colleague changed.

From the next day, I started holding her hands and she started to realize my intention towards her. But Deepika didn’t resist me. So I thought it was a green signal for me.

After two months, one day she told me that she was going to her native place to meet her parents. She asked to come with her to her native. I immediately accepted her wish and booked tickets for both of us in an AC sleeper bus.

It was six-hour journey from Delhi to her native place. So I booked upper birth for both of us hoping that luck favored. We then boarded the bus and settled in our compartments.

The bus was almost empty. My sexy co-worker girl was wearing a white t-shirt and grey track pants and was looking awesome. Deepika was looking through the window and I started the talk by telling her that she was so beautiful today. She started blushing by hearing my words.

Then I held her hands and said, “I love you, Deepika.”

She was shocked initially but then she said she too loved me. Now we both were staring into each other’s eyes. I took her chin and started kissing her lips. Soon she responded by opening her lips and we both smooched passionately for the next 15 minutes.

While smooching, I grabbed my colleague’s waist. Deepika removed my t-shirt and I started caressing her back. I then caught the hot office girl’s boobs through her t-shirt and started pressing it.

Slowly, I removed her t-shirt. Deepika was in a pink color bra now. I removed her bra and started circling her nipples with my tongue. My colleague kept her hands on my dick and started removing my shorts. Soon I was in my underwear and my dick had already started to rise. Deepika started stroking my 5.8-inch dick.

After some time, I made her lie and pulled her tracks till her knee. She helped me to remove her panty. I was seeing a pussy for the first time.

I kissed my senior colleague’s pussy and immediately, Deepika started moaning. I quickly covered her mouth with my hand so that the voice won’t be heard outside the compartment of the moving bus. Then I started licking Deepika’s pussy. It tasted salty as it was my first time. But soon, I went past that stage and was learning how to lick a pussy well.

As an acknowledgment of how well I was doing, my sexy colleague girl was now pushing my head into her pussy and moaning in a suppressed voice,

“Aaaaahhhhhhh.. Yeeeessssssss..keep doing..”

I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and then she came. I licked all the juices and started teasing her by placing my dick on her pussy walls. Slowly, I rubbed my dick on Deepika’s pussy. She was so aroused and asked me to fuck her.

The next second, I pushed my dick inside my virgin colleague’s pussy. It was a bit tight but after 2-3 pushes, my dick got inside her virgin pussy. Then I started fucking my colleague slowly. I locked her lips with mine this time to stop her moans.

I fucked Deepika for 10-15 minutes and then started cumming. I came on her boobs. We both had a long smooch for almost 20 minutes again and then we slept.

Later we had multiple sessions at her house when her parents were not home and after a year, I came to Chennai. Now we both are in contact and use to have sex chats and phone sex.

Any feedback or comments or any unsatisfied ladies or girls, write me to [email protected]

Thank you.

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