Seduced & had hot sex with maid’s beautiful daughter – Desi Tales

Seduced & had hot sex with maid’s beautiful daughter – Desi Tales

After my roommate left for his hometown, I have been horny for a long time. If you haven’t read my previous two stories about my gay experience with my roommate then please do check them out.

After the Covid restrictions were lifted, my maid started coming back to work. I have been so horny that I was even ready to put the moves on my maid. After a few days, she had hurt her leg and decided to send her daughter for the job. This turned out to be a blessing for me.

The first day when she rang the bell and I saw her. I was attracted to my maid’s daughter immediately. She had sexy chocolate-colored skin. Our Tamil girls are so amazingly beautiful❤.

Since she was young, we used to talk quite a bit. She was 22 years old. She spent an extra half hour every day just talking to me after finishing her work. I enjoyed her company a lot.

Whenever my maid’s daughter mopped the house, she would lift her saree and tie it and I would see the sweat on her legs. This really turned me on. I would masturbate thinking about her daily. She would wear her saree in a way to reveal her cleavage and it was so sexy to see and my dick would rise in front of her sometimes.

One day, she came into my room and I was just sitting there with a hard-on. When my maid’s daughter entered, I stood up and she saw my bulging boner and smiled and left the room. I thought that I may have a chance with her.

The next day, I decided to ask her a few questions. I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said, no. Then she asked me if I was in a relationship. I told her that how I was single. I went on to tell her how beautiful she was. She started smiling.

I went up to her, held her waist and looked into her eyes. She looked back at me. I dropped my hands a little lower onto her butt and she smiled even more happier. I kissed her and she reciprocated. I was squeezing my maid’s daughter’s ass while we kissed. I got a huge hard-on just from kissing. And my dick was touching her.

She saw it and started smiling and telling him how naughty I was. She took my boxers off and my dick came out. She asked me what should she do? I said that she could shake it. And she said that she’ll do one better.

The maid’s young daughter went down and kissed my dick. And then she took it in her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She was sucking my dick so well. She couldn’t take it in fully. So I held her head and helped her to take it in fully.

I told her that I wanted to see her nude body. So she stopped sucking and kissed my penis again. I started to undress her. I removed her blouse and then I went on to remove her bra. She had the most beautiful pair of breasts that I have ever seen.

I removed the rest of her saree and her inner skirt and took her to the bedroom. I started to suck my maid’s daughter’s nipples and she let out a really loud moan. I bit them a little and she moaned even louder. She was so beautiful.

I spent a lot of time on her breasts just sucking on one while I was using my hands on the other breast. I slowly moved one hand down her panties and I could feel her hairy bush. I love a nice hairy bush.

I moved my hand around and was rubbing her clit. She was out of control. She started hitting the bed and holding my hair and was completely aroused. I went ahead and removed her panties. She had a thick dark black bush.

I put my face in there and she went mad. My maid’s daughter started holding my head and asked me to do something. I started to lick her pussy. She was moaning so loudly that it was almost like she was screaming.

I put my tongue inside her pussy and kept thrusting it. She was wild at this moment. Her pussy had a really distinct smell and it was a good smell. I really liked it and it was making me more horny.

I asked her if she was ready for my dick and she said, yes. I was super hard. I have not been this hard in my life. I rubbed my dick against the maid’s daughter’s pubic region and she was screaming and asking me to put it in. I slowly got it in and we were in missionary style. She was biting her lip to avoid screaming loudly.

I spread her thighs, held her tight and started fucking her harder. She was now just screaming at this point and I tried to cover her mouth. Suddenly, she had an orgasm.

I was not done yet. I asked her to get into doggy style and it was my time to have some fun. I held her long black hair back, held her hip in one hand and rode her like the bitch she was.

I kept spanking her black ass and kept thrusting my hips as fast and hard as possible. Just before I could come, I pulled my dick out and shot my cum in her back. She collapsed and lay down on her. We hugged and kissed.

She reminded me that I was tasting my dick and she was tasting her pussy. She was looking so beautiful. I couldn’t believe that I just had sex with this amazing girl. We wiped ourselves and fell asleep after that.

I am so grateful for all the love and feedback you guys have given me for the previous experiences that I have posted here. I would like to hear your feedback on this one too. Please do email me at [email protected]

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