Seducing and banging my sex goddess neighbour – Bangalore sex story

Seducing and banging my sex goddess neighbour – Bangalore sex story

Hello everyone, Raj here from Bangalore. I am staying in a rented house. It was a two-storied independent building. The house owner stays on the ground floor. The first and second floors had two 1BHK houses parallel to each other. I was living on the second floor of the building.

From the day I moved in, I haven’t met the neighbors who live on my floor. On the second weekend, while going out of my house, I noticed that the neighbor’s door was getting unlocked and somebody was coming out.

It was a guy and a girl. The guy looked handsome and the girl was so gorgeous, she looked like a sex goddess. She was wearing a black top and a pair of jeans. A bit short but she looked perfect in that outfit.

I introduced myself, Raj. They introduced themselves as Gaurav and Riya. They were from UP. With this small into, they left as they were in a hurry for something.

After that meeting, I have not seen them for two weeks.

On a Sunday morning, I heard a knock on my door. Unexpectedly, it was my gorgeous neighbour Riya. I was surprised by her visit and was very happy to see her as well. She was in her night-pants and a blue t-shirt. I welcomed her inside.

She came in. We greeted and she said that there was a power failure in her house since last evening due to some high voltage problems. And Gaurav had gone to get some electrician to fix the issue. But her mobile was having only 2 percentage charge.  She asked me whether she can put her mobile for charging at my house.

I said, sure, and showed her the power socket in the hall. And placed a chair for her to sit. She was happy about my gesture and said, thank you.

While the mobile was charging, we started talking. She asked me about my job and work life. I told her that I was working in an MNC and some details about my work.

Then I asked her the same question. She said, she just graduated last year and she was trying for jobs in software companies. But she was concerned because it had been a year that she graduated and she couldn’t crack the interviews.

I consoled her and said that I will refer her to my company. Also, I will get her through at any cost as I have some close friends in the hiring team. She was very happy with my words and she thanked me a lot for the same. She asked me about my whereabouts. I told her I was basically from Tamilnadu and so on.

She told me that she was from UP and she was the only daughter of her parents. I asked about Gaurav. She said he was her boyfriend, working as a trainer in some company. Since she felt comfortable, I asked her, “It is so much fun to be in a live-in relationship, right?” She laughed and we continued talking for some time.

Then Riya’s mobile rang, it was from Gaurav. He said that the electrician will be coming only in the afternoon and asked her did she need anything. She informed him that she was in my house and asked him to come over here till the electrician came.

We continued our conversation, she felt very comfortable with me. Gaurav came back in some time. He was also very kind and jovial. He too felt comfortable at my house.

The time was around 12’0 clock in the afternoon. I asked them, “Why don’t you have lunch here? I will cook for the three of us.”

They were hesitant but I convinced them somehow. I went to the kitchen and started preparing lunch. Gaurav came in for help as he had become very friendly with me. Riya was watching TV in the hall.

We three had lunch together. Riya liked the food very much. She kept on praising me for a special lunch on Sunday afternoon. Gaurav too liked it.

After that, once the electrician came in, they bid bye and left for their house.

I became very close with my neighbours Riya and Gaurav. We used to greet each other whenever we met. On the very next weekend, they had invited me to their house. We spent some time and had food. I asked them about their love story, how it started, and all. They were patient enough to tell me their cute love story.

After a few days, while I returned back from the office, I noticed some kind of arguments going on between Riya and Gaurav. I could hear it clearly. Riya was shouting at Gaurav and came out of her house. She was shocked to see me, her eyes were completely wet with tears. She didn’t tell me anything and stood there in front of her house.

I asked her, “If you need anything, please let me know” and went inside my house. I had kept the door open intentionally. She came after some 15 minutes and told me the problem. I convinced her with some soothing words and gave her tissues. She felt better. I said, “I will go and talk to Gaurav.” She didn’t say anything.

So I went to his house and heard his part of the story. After some time, I called Riya and convinced both of them with a solution. I gained their trust and bond. I became their legal advisor from then on!

One day, at midnight, I heard a knock on the door. It was Gaurav. He said that his friend met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital. He had to go as there was no one to take care of his friend.

“As Riya is not well, I can’t take her there. I know it is too much to ask but can you please stay in my house for a while as she is scared to be alone? I will be back shortly.”

I was on cloud nine. Oh my god, I got the best opportunity with my beautiful neighbour goddess!

I sent off Gaurav and went to their house. Riya was in the room, lying on the bed. I asked her, “What happened, Riya?” She said, “Not feeling well because of stomach pain.”

I understood it could be due to the menstrual cycle. I asked her when it started? She said that she was on the last day of her periods.

Her room was small with a bed on the left side and a cupboard on the right. I went and sat near her. My neighbour girl had covered herself with the blanket. I asked her if there was anything I can do to make her feel better. With this question itself, I could see a smile on her face. I knew during that time, girls will go through a lot of pain.

I slowly moved my hands to her legs and started pressing it. She moved her legs and said “No, Raj. Please. It’s okay.”

I said, “Let me do it, please.” I moved my hands again to her legs and started pressing it. This time, she didn’t tell anything. She just closed her eyes.

I was slowly pressing her toes, heel, and calf muscles. She was feeling very much relieved. I was massaging her from toes to the knee for around 15 minutes now. After some time, she opened her eyes and said that nobody had ever done that to her, not even Gaurav. She thanked me a lot.

I said, “Just close your eyes and feel the massage.” Without any hesitation, my beautiful neighbour wife just closed her eyes.

I moved my hands slowly from her knees to her thighs. I was expecting her to stop me. But she didn’t. I was very much excited. Without any delay, I was giving the best massage to her. I pressed her thighs softly. Riya was lying on the bed in such a position that she was facing the ceiling. Both her hands are on her sides.

I was sitting on her left side. I slowly took her left hand and started pressing it. Then I pressed her right hand. Then I slowly moved to her shoulder. Her skin was so soft.

It had been 25 minutes now since I started massaging her. Then I just pulled her hands in such a way to make her sit. I told her not to open her eyes. She obeyed.

I moved and sat behind her. Her back was facing my chest. I started pressing her neck. I moved close to her and asked, “Are you liking it?” She didn’t say anything. I took it as a green signal and placed a gentle kiss on her earlobes.

There was absolutely no response from her. Then, I kissed her neck – inch by inch, peck by peck. She was enjoying it. I was handling her softly. I kissed her shoulders and opened her hands, started licking from her shoulder to her elbow then her forearm then her hands.

Then I turned my neighbor towards me. Her eyes were still closed. I made her sit on my lap. Her breasts were pressing against my chest. It was an excellent feeling. Her boob was so soft.

I just held her face by my hands and planted a smooth kiss on her forehead. I kissed her cheeks. Finally, I kissed her lips. It was so wet. Riya responded by kissing me back.

We both went crazy and licked our tongues. The lip lock went for 10 minutes. She opened her eyes. It was filled with pure lust.

I slowly moved down to her neck and licked all over the upper part of her chest. I removed her t-shirt gently. She was wearing a slip. I could see the shape of her hard nipples. Her boob-size must be 32. I started licking my sexy neighbour’s armpits. The aroma was so nice. I liked the taste of her armpits. She was enjoying it.

Then I pulled her slip downwards to release her boobs which were pleading to come out. It was very curvy and very sexy. Her boobs were fair in color and her nipples were very dark.

I started licking her boobs except for her nipples. I was just teasing her. I just took the entire boobs sideways in my mouth. She was just pressing her nipples inside my mouth. I sucked her nipples hard. She started moaning. Then I took both her nipples in my mouth.

Slowly, I moved down to her belly button and licked her flat belly. I tried moving down but Riya stopped me. I said, “Let me.”

I moved down to her hips and removed her night-pants. She was in her panty now. I planted kiss all over her waist, thighs, knees, calf, ankles, and toes. This smooching went for 20 minutes. Finally, I went to her face and kissed her lips again. She hugged me tightly and slept off.

After some time, Gaurav called me and said he will not be returning till morning. I was very happy. I hugged my neighbour and slept.

The next day in the morning, I woke up early and prepared coffee. I woke Riya with the bed coffee. She was surprised by this kind gesture. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. She kissed me back.

After coffee, she said she was going for a bath. I asked, “Can I help you?” She gave a green signal.

We went to the bathroom, I removed all her clothes seductively. I removed my clothes too. I poured water all over her body. Once the bath was over, I got down on my knees and teased her by kissing her thighs. Straightway, I placed a kiss on her pussy. I licked it hard. She was moaning loud.

Riya pressed my head deep inside her pussy. She reached her climax in 10 minutes. She gave a big moan when she released.

My dick was rock hard. I stood up. Riya was surprised to see my dick. She said, “Your dick is much bigger than Gaurav’s.” I was very happy to hear that.

My hot neighbour played with my dick and directed me to enter. I pushed it in her pussy and started moving it in and out slowly. She was having a bit of pain. So I moved in gently.

Then we changed to a doggy style position. The shower was falling on us. I continued fucking my neighbour girl hard. (Believe me guys, it was the best fuck of my life!) She was moaning. “Ahhhh….Ahhhh….”

I was about to cum. Riya was about to climax for the second time. I pulled my dick and cummed on her ass. What a sight!

After that, we continued to have sex whenever Gaurav was not there in the house. We had a lot of wild encounters.

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