Seducing innocent south Indian neighbor aunty – Hot story

Seducing innocent south Indian neighbor aunty – Hot story

Hi readers, let’s get straight to the story or a journey that I can’t forget.

I am 25 years old and this all started 6 years back. We are a typical middle-class family living in Bangalore. We are 3 in a family. I live along with my parents. We stayed for 27 years in the same locality of Bangalore.

My aunt’s name is Sunita, she has been our neighbor since my childhood. She is like a mother to me. But after 15 years of staying in the same house, we changed our house to another place in the same locality.

Sunita aunty had a daughter who was younger to me. I have seen her from a baby girl to a young sexy teen now.

After 2 years, we moved to another house in the same locality. Luckily fate had plans for me. Sunita aunty and her family also moved there after a year. My mom was so happy that she had a friend for accompanying her from now.

I never had any sexual feelings toward Sunita aunty. She was a typical south Indian lady and she always used to wear saree.

Her height was around 5.2 or 5 3. The most attractive part was her boobs – they were so big and firm. She had a flat tummy and used to wear saree above her navel. Her ass was perfect – not too big or bulky.

While I was doing my graduation, I was introduced to ISS site by my friend. I still remember the first story, it was about a brother who seduces his sister. It was so erotic and felt real.

From that day onward, only sex stories gave me the pleasure I needed. I completely stopped watching porn.

As I continued my studies, both curriculum and ISS, I developed an interest in my aunt’s daughter. Her name was Rashmi, she was 18 years old when I was in my 4th year of engineering.

Rashmi was like a little sister to me. But I sincerely couldn’t help but notice her due to the effect of these stories. Brother and sister incest became my favorite.

She had fair-sized boobs. She used to wear churidar at home. During chilled evenings, I could see her nipples poking through her top

Rashmi used to come to my home for some help in her studies. She used to sit down and do her work while used to peek at her cleavage. It wasn’t much but enough for the moment, but I never dared to approach her. I felt bad as she was like my sister and used to call me ‘Anna’. But I never missed a chance to see her. (You might feel I am off-tracking here but please bear with me.)

One day I took my phone to read ISS stories on the terrace. There Sunita aunty was drying her clothes on the thread that was fairly higher than her height.

Whenever she took a cloth and stretched to hang the clothes on the wire, her underboob used to come out a few inches down as the blouse was loose and she wasn’t wearing a bra. It was a sight I never forgot and never will, her boobs were so fair and lovely, it was the best view ever.

That night changed my view towards Sunita aunty. I never noticed her this way before and I cursed myself for not noticing her all these days.

Her saree was tied tightly and I could see her stomach area, that underboob, the way she was folding her lips while she stretched her feet up, were all making me mad.

Then her work was over. I stopped was on the stairs watching her beauty. As she turned towards me, I kept my normal face and talked a bit.

Sunita aunty adjusted her pallu and little drops of sweat were dripping over her face. I felt like licking her sweat over her face and kissing her. she had such an innocent face. it was all making me madly fall for her.

That night I masturbated thinking of her. Rashmi was no longer in my thoughts but it was her mother, my lovely Sunita aunty who was my sex goddess.

I and Sunita aunty were always close, but this time, I felt so eager to see her every day in a manner never before.

One day, I went to give breakfast to her home as it was a practice for our families to share when a special dish is made. Uncle was out already and Rashmi was nowhere to be seen. Sunita aunty was working in the kitchen and came to greet me to the door.

She was wearing a black blouse and her pallu was stuck in between her boobs as she tied her loose end tightly since she was working.

Her cleavage was visible, she had such huge boobs. There were drops of sweat over her cleavage area and neck. She greeted with a smile and took the plate and seen me off. But I was mesmerized by her beauty.

I could not forgive myself for what I missed all these days. Her lips were pinkish and the slight smell of her sweat, the heat vibrating towards my body, her sweet neck, that little cleavage that profound boobs inside her black blouse everything about her made me go mad that day.

All these days after watching her daily and masturbating had made me more restless and I wanted to make a move but was scared to death. She had known me from childhood, almost like a mother. She was so nice to me but I couldn’t help it.

One day I was watching college fest pics on my phone, resting my hands on the compound wall. Sunita aunty came beside me and showed interest in the pics. I moved closer to her and was showing her the pics.

Then I started to touch her boobs by my elbow. For a few minutes, she didn’t seem to notice and I continued my act with my cock as hard as a rock. After a few minutes, Sunita aunty moved a bit as she felt my elbow on her boobs. This was the first time I felt her in some manner, I guess she didn’t doubt me as I was careful.

One Sunday I was helping Rashmi with her math. Sunita aunty was cleaning the house. She tied her saree a bit up so that it doesn’t get drenched while cleaning.

While cleaning under the bed, she sat down crossing one leg and stretching another. Her milky thighs were visible a few inches above her knee. It was a sight to die for.

Her thighs wrinkled slightly as she moved. I just wanted to go down there and kiss her thighs madly.

Day by day, I was being addicted to her.

In one more incident, my mom had to go to her sister’s house and my dad accompanied her. It was a Sunday; I went out with my friends and came back around 11.30. By the time, my parents were gone leaving keys with Sunita aunty.

I reached home and knocked Sunita aunt’s door. At that time, she might have finished her work and was preparing to take a bath.

For my good luck, she came in just petticoat, covering her boobs till her neck. Because of this, her thighs were visible as she had to raise her petticoat to cover her boobs. I was speechless for the kind of sight that I got to experience. Her armpits had little hair and she was a bit sweaty which I am a fan of.

As she handed the keys smiling with grace, her right boob came out from the side slightly exposing her areola. I had a glimpse while she closed the door.

God, what boobs! They were so big and pure. I just want to see them, touch them, and fondle them with all the love and lust I developed for her.

The motherly affectionate she had towards me was stopping me from going wild that day. I was excited to feel this way towards her. I wanted to make passionate love to her but did not know how to proceed.


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