Sex At A Hot Photo Shoot – Sizzling Hot Model Sex Story

Sex At A Hot Photo Shoot – Sizzling Hot Model Sex Story

Hi guys, this is Shiva again. I am here with a past incident about a hot photo shoot. So without further ado, let us get into the story.

A few years back, when I was 19, I was doing my college in Bangalore. I am tall, around 5.11 ft. I was very much interested in photography in those days. So I bought a DSLR camera to work on my photography talent. It gave me an opportunity which came in handy with the camera.

I was introduced to a girl named Khushi. She was 25 when I met her. She was 5.8 ft tall, an attractive smile on her scarlet soft pouty lips, and had an amazing curvy body. She was super fair. Her skin was white as milk. Her hair was dark, was brown, and wavy, which reached her shoulders.

She had great breasts of about 32 c. Her waist size was so stimulating. Her body figure ranged from 35-24-37. She looked like Neha Sharma except for a bit taller. She spoke to me so friendly without any age discrimination. She said she wanted to become a model.

So, one day, she came to me asked tips to become a model. I did my internship in a modeling agency company.

“What type of model do you want to be?” I asked her.

“Fashion or glamour model?” she said without confidence.

I appreciated saying that it was a good choice. She asked me to help her with that, and the photoshoot as well. She was hot and alluring, I agreed to help her. I suggested that we start with social media. I asked her to post attractive photos on social media.

After gaining some followers, she will be recognized and soon get the chance to meet a modeling agent. The next day, she came to my flat, I had a room set up like a studio. I captured a few photos of her, simply, like in tight shirts, torn jeans, and denim shorts, etc. She gained nearly 100 followers after those photos.

She insisted on going for a sensual photoshoot so that she can get followers quickly. I hesitated but agreed. The next week, she came. I told her that we are going to also do some topless shoots. She said okay, plainly.

I asked her to sit on a stool just with her bra and torn jeans. She sat and gave various poses, some of which I instructed. But all the photos were exposing her beautiful deep cleavage. Then, I suggested that she remove the jeans and pose in panties.

After a few clicks, we decided to push. Further, I asked her to remove her bra, and tie up a towel, just covering only half of the breasts. She was feeling shy a bit.

“To become a model, you shouldn’t be shy,” I motivated her. She turned around and removed her bra and tied up a towel, and turned back to me. She tied 3 inches below than usual. I just covered the nipple part of her breast. I took a few pics.

Then I suggested her to pose some more erotic. While I had an idea, I poured a bottle of water on her head. Her hair was wet, and drops of water were still sitting on her shoulders, face, and arms. That pose was turning me on. I managed to hide my bulge.

A few seconds later, we winded up the photoshoot. While sending her photos, I managed to send a few photos to my mail. Later that evening, I went to the washroom, masturbated for her photos. Then that week, she gained 3000 followers just for 5 photos.

She decided to give more bold poses. I happily agreed. Then during the next photoshoot. I asked her to wear a black lace bra and panties and denim jacket just on tied to her hips. She posed bending towards the camera, exposing her cleavage.

She laid on the floor facing the roof, exposing her boobs to hang on the sides of her bra. Then, I suggested her to wear white cloth, which becomes transparent if wet. Then after a few poses, I was thinking about how to convey my thoughts.

She asked, “What is that?”

“I thought if your…your nipples were hard, and if it pokes through that cloth, it would be erotic,” I said hesitantly on how to say that.

She thought about it and went into the other room. I could not help it. So I peeked through the keyhole. She is applying saliva on her nipples and pinching it gently. Soon she came out and insisted on taking the pics quick. I was surprised to see her perky nipples.

It gave me an instant hardon. With difficulty, I managed to behave professionally. Then again, I poured water on her sleeved t-shirt. It was wet and transparent, exposing her big soft melons, her deep cleavage, and her perky brown nipples. Then we moved to the topless part.

I asked her to remove her t-shirt and her panties. Instead, asked her to wear a thong. And she stood topless, facing the back towards the camera. She turned a little sideways, exposing her milky side boobs. And her ass cheeks were like cheese balls. And she sat on the stool, facing toward the camera.

Her left hand was pressed on her breasts, and her right hand was on the stool. She bent a little forward. That pose and her smile ate my soul.

“What about semi-nude poses?” she asked.

“Photos exposing your nipples won’t be accepted by the social media guidelines. So, no,” I said.

Then next week, she reached around 8000 followers. So, to make things spicy, I decided to shoot outdoors in nature. I told her through the call. She agreed. I researched where to do the photoshoot without public disturbance and found a spot.

A week later, I took my car, along with the equipment. Also, I asked her to bring a male model, so that the photo gets more response. She managed to find a friend of hers. We started to ride.

I, Khushi, and her friend Rakesh went to Karwar beach. Because people do not usually go there much often during working days. Once we reached there, it was already night. We went to a hotel near the beach. And booked 3 rooms. Khushi interrupted and told me to take just 2 rooms.

She asked Rakesh and me to share a room. I expected more, but I went with it. We got to our rooms, took rest, and informed them to get ready by 5 am. The next day, we went to the beach by 4:45 am. I was setting up my tools. Meanwhile, Rakesh was standing there, flaunting his abs.

He was 6ft tall, robust, and had strong jawline. I started with individual photoshoots. Khushi posed in her bikini for the first few photos, asked her to pose in the wet body. She took a dip in the beach. There was no one else around the beach at that time.

She was wet, her pink bikini and thong made her extra sexy, and I made turned on. I wanted to fuck her right on the beach. But I controlled.

Later, she removed her bra and laid on the ground, on her stomach. Her breast pressed to the ground. Her sideboobs were visible on the sides. Her ass was mounted up firm and big. The sand was sprayed on her ass, giving me the intention to jerk off to it.

Then, I went to the duo photoshoot, I asked her stand topless hugging Rakesh sideways. That bastard was lucky that day. Khushi’s boobs were pressed against Rakesh’s chest. Then, he placed his hands on her ass and pressed it gently. Then the next pose is where Khushi was leaning against Rakesh.

Her ass was rubbing on his crotch area. His hands moved to her waist and her abdomen. Khushi stopped his hands right near her lower abdomen. He was enjoying his time with her, also spoiling his reputation with her. Meanwhile, I was happy to see him spoiling himself, hoping for an opportunity.

We were doing photoshoot till 8 am, Khushi was semi-nude the whole time. She posed in various ways. Most of the time, Rakesh’s hands were behaving mischievously the whole time. We went back to the room, had our breakfast. Khushi and I decided to talk a walk at the beach.

She also wanted to talk to me. So we went down to the beach by 11. She was wearing a white low-neck crop top and denim shorts. She was not wearing a bra underneath because I saw her nipples slightly poking out of her top. She said that her followers went up to 12000.

She was happy about it and said that she was invited to participate in a fashion show the following month. She hugged me as her breast pressed against my chest. I did not leave the chance. I hugged her back tightly, keeping her boobs pressed against mine if I could.

“If it weren’t for you, I could not have got this,” saying that she hugged me again. “You have a long way to go. Don’t celebrate yet,” I said, and she smiled at me. Her smile not only makes me fall for her but also turns me on. She was inches away from me.

I bent towards her and placed my lips on those sexy pouty lips of hers. She did not stop me. I took that as a sign and started kissing her hard on her lips. Soon, my tongue found its way inside her mouth and met her tongue. It was a public beach. Yet no one was there.

I decided to make love to her and fuck her hard on this beach itself. I removed my shirt and made took her in the waist and kissed. She responded to me very well by licking kissing my lips and tongue back.

I kneeled and made her lay on the beach sand. I went on top of her. My hand crawled inside her crop top and grabbed those boobs and squeezed them, I sucked her nipples which perky when I held her boobs. I sucked her nipples over her tops.

I fell on her. My hands immediately went down to remove my pants. I got completely naked. I was not worried if someone saw us recorded us. I went on top if she removed her tops. My hand went to her pussy. I started rubbing it gently. She was moaning on the beach. It felt so erotic than anything.

I was kissing her lips, pulled her tongue out, and sucked that tasty tongue of hers. I kissed her face, neck, ears. I slowly reached breast and kissed them around, near her ribs, kissed her armpits, her arms, her every long sexy finger. Then I started sucking her hard-perky nipples.

Then I removed her shorts, and while removing her thong hastily. I accidentally tore it. I threw them away. I went down and started kissing her shaved pussy and started eating. Within a few minutes, she started moaning loud, then she had her orgasm.

“You always make me hard,” I whispered near her ears. I inserted my fingers inside her pussy, started finger fucking her. I stood up and carried her further near the water. I made her lay on the shore and went on top of her. My dick was wet with the water on the beach and pre-cum just by her smile and her boobs.

I inserted my dick inside her pussy. It went in easily, and her juice helped it as well, the beach waves were hitting us often. I fucked her in that situation, I started slowly but soon, increased my pace and my ball sack was hitting her ass. I was fucking her in missionary position.

A few minutes later, she started to moan loud again and had her 2nd orgasm. A few minutes later, after her 2nd orgasm, she started to cry. I was afraid if I was hurting her. She said she is crying out of pain and pleasure. Hearing that, I went on fucking her again.

After 20 minutes of thrusting my dick in her pussy, I finally cummed. Then I was done for the day, I laid on her boobs, she was running her hands through my hair.

“Rakesh asked me to sleep with him if I did. He said he would recommend me to his agent,” Khushi said. I was taken aback for a second. I asked her not to. I encouraged her that she has talents, mesmerizing beauty, and pure hotness. She can succeed without sleeping with that bastard, I said.

She smiled and kissed me on my lips once again. Then we waited till our body got dried and dressed and walked back to the room. The next day, we came back to Bangalore. Later that week, she reached 25000 followers and started doing small promotions.


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