Sex games with my son’s classmate’s mom – Lust story

Sex games with my son’s classmate’s mom – Lust story

Hi Dear Readers. I am Rahul, 35 years of age with a good body and good looking personality. I have been married for 10 years now. We have a below-average sex life primarily due to my wife’s low sex appetite. We indulge in sex games, maybe twice or thrice in a month.

As I am in a Government Security Related job, I keep myself quite fit. I am a regular reader of this site. I finally decided to publish my real-life story, as well. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome at my email id [email protected]

So finally, coming on to the story. The heroine of my relationship is Niti (name obviously changed to protect her identity). She is extremely fair and beautiful with 36 D sized boobs and average height. As I mentioned earlier, I am in a government job at an executive post and married. I have two kids.

At the time of this incident, I was posted in Dehradun. My elder son was 5 years old and was studying in one of the reputed schools of Dehradun. As is the case of all schools, it was a monthly parent-teacher meeting day. Though earlier I was never able to attend, my wife insisted me to go as she was not keeping well.

I never imagined that it was going to be a life-changing experience for me. While I reached school, I parked my vehicle outside and entered the class. All parents were given a time slot for interaction with the teacher. I was waiting for my turn when the heroine of my story entered the class.

She was the mother of one of the students and was looking stunning. Dressed in an elegant yellow kurti and white leggings, she was looking absolutely ravishing. I couldn’t just take my eyes off her. She noticed me checking her out. However, she didn’t give any reactions.

I didn’t know how to approach her. But I kept looking at her in between, awaiting my turn to meet the teacher. While my turn came still, I couldn’t concentrate much on what the teacher was saying. However, I realized there was a WhatsApp group of parents, mainly mothers.

I immediately requested the class teacher to add me to the group. I was secretly hoping that it may allow me to interact with my heroine. Though till now, I even didn’t know her name or anything about her. I am sure most of you would relate to my feelings at such a moment.

The next day I was added to the group. I introduced myself to the group and was welcomed by everyone. Even my wife was pleasantly surprised to see my sudden interest in school activities. I checked out all group members and finally found my dream girl WhatsApp ID there.

I found out that her name was Niti. Parents used to share classwork and such stuff in the group. After a few days on the pretext of discussing an upcoming outing trip of kids, I gathered courage. I sent a message to Niti with a ‘Hi,’ and a small introduction about me and general queries about the trip.

I was half expecting her not to respond. However, I was pleasantly surprised when she replied. Even more when she mentioned that she noticed me at the parent-teacher meeting. We started chatting gradually. Initially, it was an occasional good morning and good evening messages.

However, later on, we started discussing other issues, including our kids and families. After a month or so, we were quite comfortable with each other. One day I decided to finally take the risk and sent her a little naughty joke. But no response came for 2-3 days.

I thought she would be upset and apologized to her. However, to my surprise, she sent a naughty smiley response. It encouraged me, and after that, we started sharing double meaning jokes and WhatsApp forwards. Obviously, this was hidden from our partners.

We had decided to delete messages after reading to avoid any suspicion. Slowly we developed trust and started discussing our sex lives and shared our secrets also. We had started sex chats and shared nude pics also but without face to avoid identification.

Also we used to take precautions of deleting the picture after seeing. The feeling of sexual tension was building up in us. Finally, we decided to meet in person. Believe me, friends, it was that feeling of exploring something out of routine married life that took us ahead and brought us closer to each other.

I booked a five-star hotel for us a little far away from our area. We met at a pre-decided location where I picked her up. While on our way to the hotel, Niti was quite nervous, fearing that someone may recognize her. She had come out of her house, giving the excuse of meeting a female friend.

I had already checked in the hotel to avoid complications during check-in. On reaching the hotel, we straightaway headed for the room. Upon entering the room, we did not want to waste time as Niti was short on time and had to go back.

I immediately hugged her on entering the room, and she also responded by holding me tight. The thrill of eating the forbidden fruit was even high, as it was the first experience for both of us out of our marriage. I looked in her eyes and complimented her on her looks, and she started blushing.

Slowly, I started kissing softly on her lips. She closed her eyes and kissed me back, first softly and then with intensity. I started sucking her lower lips. She moaned loudly, which immediately aroused me even more. I put my hands on her large-sized boobs and started softly pressing them on top of her kurti.

She started moaning even louder and biting me harder. All the time, she was rubbing her hands on my back. By now, I was fully hard, and my dick was poking her in between thighs. I kissed her neck and softly bit her earlobes, sending shudders in her body. I could see that she was completely aroused.

I kept on pressing her boobs and teasing her nipples on top of her clothes. She was pressing my rock hard dick on top of jeans. I slowly started to take off her clothes and took off her kurti. I stepped back and admired her beauty. Her big and fair boobs were covered in a black bra.

She was looking like a sex goddess. I took off my shirt and jeans quickly and again, hugged her tightly, pressing her boobs with my chest. After that, I started kissing her neck and moved down kissing towards her cleavage, giving soft licks and bites all along.

She took off her leggings, and we climbed in the bed. I climbed on top of her and kept on kissing her perfect body from top to bottom. I kissed and licked her everywhere. Starting from her breasts, stomach, navel and finally reached her panty.

Her panty was soaked with her juices, which I started sucking and licking on top of panty. She was loudly moaning and pushing my head inside her pussy. I quickly got up and removed her bra and panty. I was amazed to see her inner beauty.

She had very fair breasts with large brown nipples and clean-shaven pussy, which was soaking wet. She also took off my boxers and started stroking my dick, standing in its full glory. I turned her back and started licking her spotless back. My kiss and the soft bite was giving her goosebumps.

I pressed her ass cheeks hard. After licking each and every portion of her back, I turned her back. After that, my married friend and I got in 69 position in the hotel and started sucking each other hard. She was licking my tip and massaging my balls. It was an entirely new experience for me, as my wife didn’t like oral sex. It aroused me even more.

I started sucking her even harder, putting my tongue inside her pussy tongue fucking her, and massaging her clit. She was making moaning sounds, which was arousing me even more. Suddenly her entire body tightened, and she released juices. I happily and hungrily drank, licking her pussy clean.

She was breathing heavily, and her eyes were closed. I was in full mood to enter her now. So I got up and placed my six-inch dick on her pussy hole while sucking and massaging her breasts. I was rubbing my dick on her pussy and purposefully not entering her to make her desperate.

She grabbed my ass with her hands and told in a slutty voice to fuck her and fuck her hard. I was also not able to control now and pushed it in. We had already decided not to use a condom and enjoy the skin to skin feeling without any barrier.

Her pussy was fully lubricated, and although my dick is of a good size, it easily entered her fully. I slowly started pushing it in and out and gradually increased pace. Simultaneously I was sucking her boobs and massaging her nipples. She was highly aroused and was pushing her mature pussy up to match my erotic thrusts.

We had gathered a good pace and were enjoying our fucking immensely. She was licking my face and chest in between and telling me to fuck even faster and harder. I also started giving her rapid thrusts with full intensity. Suddenly her entire body tightened. I could feel her pussy gripping my dick hard.

She had locked her legs behind my back and was enjoying the pure bliss of orgasm as our lust for each other was fulfilled. The feeling of her orgasm got me also to the edge, and after a few thrusts, I shot my load in her pussy. Believe me, friends, it’s the best feeling to lie in each other’s arms post an intense fucking session.

We kept lying in each other’s arms for a few minutes and then got up to clean ourselves. As Niti was short on time, we cleaned up and dressed. And after some cuddling and kissing decided to head back. I dropped her some distance away from her home and went back to check out from the hotel.

This was just the beginning of our relationship, which continued until I was posted in Dehradun. We used to sneak out in between for our fucking sessions. We fulfilled all our fantasies while taking all precautions to avoid suspicion.

I hope you liked the story as it’s a true incident of my life. Please send your valuable feedback for further improvement. Will share my other experiences in the next posts.

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