Sex in a haunted house with innocent mom – Ghost sex story

Sex in a haunted house with innocent mom – Ghost sex story

Hi friends, this is Sunny from Chennai and I would like to narrate my story of a haunted adventure with my mom in a haunted house. Guys, this is a fully fictional story and is fully my imagination, so don’t get worried about the ghost!

This fictional story is about my mother’s body and some ghost combination. There is a lot of sexy things in this story so read the story fully and enjoy it.

Let us go to the story. I am a single child of my parents and unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was 8 years old, so my mom had taken over our family responsibly at her age of 28 itself and she is 38 now.

She raised me up to 18 years. After that, I got more knowledge in a lot more things like mom-son porn and lots more, but I didn’t have any idea about her body and her loneliness after my dad passed away.

My mom had planned to buy a house near my college and luckily,we got a house at a low cost. We were so happy to get into this house. We moved to this house in my fourth semester in college.

As it was vacation time, we had lots of time to shift our things to this new house which at that time I did not know was a haunted house. We shifted our furniture and stuff to that house. At that time, I started to admire my mom’s beauty for the first time by seeing her milky breast in the blouse which had been covered by her saree.

She was sweating profusely in her blouse. It made her look so hot and her boobs were ready to fall out at any time due to her work pressure. As my mom was busy working, her pallu moved in between her two boobs, and her two mountains were fully visible to me. Her saree was draped below her navel which attracted my eyes like a magnet.

The beads of sweat on her abdomen up to her navel were like water drops on fresh fruit. She hadn’t seen me and kept taking things from the doorstep inside the new house.

I was waiting for the time when her saree fell down fully from her shoulders, giving a better glimpse of her melons. I had not seen my mom like this way before, it was like magic to me.

I knew it was all because of this house, as all these things began to happen when I entered this house only. It was already late to arrange all the furniture in the house so we just got one room ready so that we can sleep that night. There were a lot more things to arrange in the hall and another bedroom.

It was 12:30 am, and mom and I were in the bedroom. I was trying to sleep but my mom was already in deep sleep because she was too tired that day.

Suddenly in the dark, I could hear someone making some sounds like “Ahhaaaaa, Mmmmm, Ssshhhh” followed by some kissing sounds!! I didn’t know what to say or do. I didn’t want to disturb my mom so I got up and started roaming around the house to see where the sound was coming from.

I went to all the rooms and even to the bathroom, but I could not see anything.

After that, I returned to the bedroom that we were sleeping in and I was shocked to see my mom’s nightie lifted up to her navel and her pantie pulled down to her ankles.

She was half nude and her pussy was clearly visible to me. I went near her and didn’t know what to do. My mind kept yelling, “Come on, just push your finger into your mom’s pussy!”

I slowly touched her thigh and moved my hand to her hairy pussy. It was really surprising to me, to see her pussy tightly closed like a zipped pouch but much softer. So, slowly I just touched and gently caressed her pussy and the skinny lips with my two fingers. Even though it was hairy, I loved it.

However, I didn’t want to go further as I might wake her up. I let her remain as she was but tried to cover her body back with her nightie. Suddenly, she woke up and saw what was going on She asked me, “What are you doing, da?”

I was really nervous and a little bit scared to hear her voice. She told me to move away and she adjusted her dress back. After that, she did not say anything and went to sleep again. Now, at that time I was really hard and I could not control myself. So I wanted to jerk my thing.

I went to the bathroom and saw that my erection was staring at me. I saw mom’s panty in the washing basket. I picked it up and smelt it. Her aroma was so strong and her smell was saying, “Fuck your mom’s pussy.”

Such dirty thoughts kept ringing in my mind. Then I covered my hand with her panties and started to jerk my tool hard and I felt I am going to cum. Again I heard that voice, “Aaahhhaa, give me more dear, fuck me harder. Fuck your bitch.”

I had never heard that voice before. Then in 5 minutes, I came in mom’s panty, depositing my thick yellow load where her pussy had been earlier in the day. Finally, I went to the hall and slept there in a chair as I did not want to wake up mom in the bedroom.

The next day in the morning, as usual, she went to the bathroom to have a bath. I slowly woke up and heard her sound in the bathroom, having a bath under the shower. I was worried that she may seen her dirty panty in the washing basket filled with my thick cum.

Then my mom came out with a towel tied around her hot, soft body, and really the towel was too small for her. Half of her boobs and her thick thighs were almost fully visible.

As she was wet, her nipples were poking through the towel and clearly visible. I did not know what to say and no words to say after seeing her. She knew that I was staring at her nipples, but she only smiled at me and said, “I don’t know where the other towel is, so I had this small towel da.” She then left the hall and went to the bedroom.

After that, we had morning brunch and started to arrange the things again in the newly shifted house. She called me to help her, to put things up on the shelf by standing on the chair. She said she will take stuff from the ground and give it to me and I had to put it up on the shelf. She had worn a nightie with a zipped neck that day.

After I arranged a few stuff on the shelf, when I turned back, I saw that the zip on my mom’s nightie had got unzipped.

Her cleavage and the middle part of her breast were well-exposed to me and I saw that her boobs were wet in sweat because of the work. It was like water was sprinkled and looked like small drops of water falling from a big melon!

I really got hard and my mother noticed that I got a bump in my shorts. She smiled at me and asked, “What happened da?” But she had not noticed that her dress and open cleavage were the reason for that.

I said, “nothing” and kept staring at her boobs. She noticed my eyes pointing in the direction of her boobs and saw that her boobs were clearly visible.

She adjusted her nightie and zipped it back and said in a husky voice, “I don’t know how this happens.”

Then we stopped work and took a tea break. After that, we continued our work but many times her blouse got unzipped and gave me a good show of her ripe juicy melons. That night we had almost got the home ready.

I went to my bedroom to sleep and she went to hers. I tried to sleep but could not get sleep as I kept seeing her heaving cleavage in front of my eyes. I decided to go to her room to play some games with her boobs and pussy.

I saw my mom sleeping in her nightie and I knew that today she doesn’t have any inners. I started to imagine that I was fucking my intimate and innocent mom.

Suddenly, I could feel the change in the room temperature even though the AC was not on. I saw that her nightie was being unzipped at the neck and then she was being turned even though she was in deep sleep!!!

A few seconds later, her left boob came out from her nightie, surely not by itself! Seeing my mom’s boobs and hard nipples, I got a hard-on and got drawn towards her.

I slowly touched her boobs and gently started to massage them. She was murmuring. I slowly took my dick out and placed it on her nipple tip. She was still in deep sleep so I kept tapping her nipple with my dick tip.

It was like a game to me and I then placed my dick to her lips (mouth) but she turned away due to my dick smell. I got disappointed with her action and then lifted her nighty and searched for her pussy, finally spotting it.

I pushed my fingers in slowly and gently. My mom started to feel that and was biting her lips. I came to know that she also wanted that, so I took my fingers out and spread her legs slowly without any force.

Her legs were in “V” shape now and I kissed her pussy first and said, “Mom, I am sorry for this but I think you will enjoy it.” I then pushed my dick into mom’s pussy like I was inserting a needle into a banana.

I pushed my full dick in, and by the time I reach the end, it was like pushing my dick into a fruit jam. I didn’t want to go further because she was my innocent mom and I didn’t want to get scolded by her. So I dressed her back and left the room, and went to my room with unfinished homework with my mom’s pussy.

In the middle of the night, I saw a lady roaming around the house. I noticed that she was so weird and strange-looking. She looked like a ghost.

I followed her but she was in a modern saree with long loose hair. I follow her from behind.

The ghost woman slowly removed her saree and was walking only with a blouse and skirt. She went to the kitchen and returned to the hall.

She stood in the middle of the hall, then started to remove her blouse and bra. I got hard-on there itself. Her boobs popped out from her bra and jumped out. They were like two pulpy mangoes hanging on the tree.

The ghost removed her skirt and panties too. I saw a tattoo text on her hip which read “sexier” engraved on a dick symbol. She smiled at me and went to the bathroom and then disappeared!

I came back to my room and saw a surprise waiting for me. The lady was sitting on my bed and she was crying and fingering herself. I didn’t know what to say. I moved towards her, her body was almost light blue and her skin tone was like freezing-ice color.

I saw some scratches over her body and her pussy was so wet. I took my hand over her shoulder and she looked at me. Her eyes were white and her lips were blood-red in color.

Slowly, I started to press the ghost woman’s boobs. Her boob size was almost 37 and her hip was 30 and her butts were 38. She was a middle-aged woman like 29 something. She was very sexy by the way.

I pinched her nipple but noticed that her body temperature was like freezing ice. Then I made her lie on my bed and spread her legs. She had a clean shaved pussy which was so wet and gluey.

I took my dick and pushed it into the ghost woman’s pussy. I started to pump but she still didn’t make any sounds. When I looked up at her breast, it was getting bigger. It was now a size of 38 and I can’t understand what was going on.

Her pussy was so tight and it started eating my dick gently. “Oooooh.. that felt so amazing.. aaahhhhhh yes, it’s so pleasurable.”

Then I cummed inside her and she smiled at me and pushed me away. I was hanging in the air with some magic. She came to me and she knelt down beside me. I knew what she was going to do. She kissed my dick tip and started to suck my dick gently.

Then after an hour, she released me, as I fell on the floor. She turned around and showed me her asshole. I touched her hole and opened it with my fist. She had shouted, “Aaahhhhh..”

Now I recognized that the voice I heard before belonged to her. I saw her asshole being full and leaking oil. I pushed my dick into her ass, she was crying out of pain, “Ooooohhhh noooo.. you are tearing my are so hard my dear.”

I started to cum and I noticed that something was not good and felt the stickiness in my shorts.

I woke up and then came to know that it was a dream and saw the cum in my bed and in my shorts. It was a dream but I was still thinking about the lady in the new house. Later my mom came to my room to clean the bed and saw my juice on the bed and asked me about the sticky glue on the bed. I said, “Mom that’s some sauce I ate last night.”

She said, ‘Okay,” and took my cum with her fingers, then licked it and said, “But it smells terrible and tastes so bad.”

I was just laughing about my mom’s action. I hugged her and said, “You are so innocent mom, that’s just glue,” and I left the room thinking about her cuteness and expressions she made when she tasted my cum.

But the unexplainable thing is the strange ghost woman in my dream and her voice in my haunted house.

The real story begins now.

To be continued.

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