Sex In The Office With My Coworker – Part 3 – Indian Sex Stories

Sex In The Office With My Coworker – Part 3 – Indian Sex Stories

Nest Part: Hot Office Sex With My Horny Colleague – Part 2

Rajini, my coworker, now latched the door. It was just me and Rajini in the house. I asked Rajini, “How much time it will take for your mom to be back.” She replied “15 minutes.” We both went into her bedroom and I started undressing her saree and started kissing her lips, shoulders and earlobes, and arms.

Then I unhooked her blouse and then removed her petticoat. She was now my fantasy woman with only the black bra and black panty on her. She laid on the bed as I kissed and tickled her whole body. She let out soft moans and I started fingering her pussy by inserting my fingers in her panty.

She removed her bra in ecstasy as I squeezed her boobs and sucked her nipples. I could not control now and removed her panty and inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her in missionary position while squeezing her boobs.

Then I lifted her holding buttocks and started squeezing her ass cheeks and rammed her pussy. She was enjoying as she let out soft moans. Now I asked her to ride me like a cowgirl and she obliged by riding me. I laid on my back with the full view of her bouncing breasts while pushing my dick inside her pussy.

She took my hands and put it on her breasts. I squeezed her big boobs, and she was giving me a fantastic sensual pleasure. We didn’t realize when 15 minutes were over as the doorbell rang. She immediately cleaned my dick with her black panty.

Then picked up her nightgown and went to the bathroom and told me to open the door for her mom. I went and opened the door for her mom. She asked, “Where is Rajini?” I replied, “She has gone to the bathroom to freshen up.”

Her mom said, “Ok, I will prepare tea by then and serve snacks for both of you in 5 minutes. You can watch TV for some time.” She put on the TV and gave me the remote to select the channel as per my liking.

Now, Rajini had bath and came out in her loose nightgown and sat next to me. I put my hand on her ass cheeks and start squeezing as she looked at me in a sensuous manner. I told her,  “I am not feeling your panty.” She said, “I have not worn it.”

Her mother called her out to help her take the tea and snacks. She brought the tea and snacks out for us. I asked her, “Where is your mom?” She replied, “Preparing dinner.”

She bent down in front of me to keep the snacks and tea on the table and I saw through the top of her gown that she was not wearing her bra as I could see her boobs. She sat next to me and I asked her, “You are not wearing a bra, too?”

She replied, “How did you come to know?” I replied, “When you bent down to keep the snacks and tea, I saw through the top of your nightgown.” She replied, “Yes, I have just worn the nightgown and nothing else inside.”

I was charged up now. I could hear her mom grinding the masala in the grinder. So I knew her mom will not come out for a few minutes and I lifted her nightgown and started fingering her pussy. As soon as the grinder stopped, I removed my fingers from her pussy and she adjusted her nightgown.

I washed my hands and had the snacks and tea. Her mom came out in a few minutes and started talking to me and asking general things about me. As we spoke, it was around 8:45 pm. Her mom said, “You two have dinner at the dining table. I will have my dinner in the hall as I have a serial to watch on TV.”

Rajini’s mom served the dinner and she filled her plate and went into the hall. Her mom was engrossed watching the serial while having her dinner. A half-wall was separating the dining table and the hall. Her mom could only see our faces if she turned back towards us because of the half wall.

Rajini: Can we start our dinner?

Me: You feed me.

Rajini: What will you do when I feed you?

Me: I will satisfy your hunger for love.

She smiled and start feeding me, keeping an eye on her mom. The wall was our shield and I lifted her gown. She spread her legs and I started fingering her pussy vigorously as she fed me. She was controlling not to moan so that her mom doesn’t hear her.

I went down and licked her vagina. I wanted to taste her juices which came out during the finger fucking. She held my head in her left hand in ecstasy.

Rajini: Eat now or mom will suspect.

Me: After dinner, I like dessert also.

Rajini (shy and smilingly): You will get your dessert.

Me: How long is this TV serial?

Rajini: Another 15 minutes. Mom will be engrossed watching it and will finish her dinner when the TV serial finishes.

We both finished our dinner quickly. I went to wash the hands behind Rajini to the washbasin located in Rajini’s bathroom. I whispered in Rajini’s ear that we still had 7 minutes of privacy till the TV serial is over. She understood my intentions and submitted to me by saying, “Do it fast.”

I lifted her gown from behind and raised her right leg. I placed her right knee on the support of the long granite holding the washbasin and entered her pussy from behind. Since her vagina was well lubricated, I entered her vagina smoothly and started ramming her pussy as fast as I could.

I knew I had very little time and held her mouth so that her moaning was not heard out by her mom. I told her that I want to feel and squeeze her breasts while I fucked her. She lifted her gown and allowed me to squeeze her breasts and nipples.

I continued fucking her lovely pussy from behind. I could hear the TV serial in the background. I continued fucking Rajini hard and fast as both of us cum. After a few minutes, I could hear the music of the TV serial signaling the end of the episode.

So I stopped fucking Rajini telling her that the TV serial was over.  Rajini washed her hands and left saying “You close the door and wash hands and your self.” She left the bathroom. I closed the door to wash my hands and my dick after the sex session.

Then I came out and sat in the living room with Rajini and her mom. Her mom asked, “I hope you liked the food.” I replied, “The food was very delicious, and thank you very much for the lovely dinner.”

It was around 9:45 pm. I said, “I have to leave now.” Her mom told, “I will also come with you as I stay just ahead of the hotel where you are staying.” We both left saying bye and good night to Rajini. As soon as I reached the hotel room, I received a call from Rajini on my phone.

Rajini: I hope you enjoyed it. I was very satisfied.

Me: Yes. Me too. Thank you for everything.

Rajini: I wanted you to stay with me and feel you for some more time. But I know it was not possible since mom would have suspected. I miss you. Can you hold me in your arms now on call?

Me: Definitely, come in my arms.

Rajini: Remove your clothes. I want to rest with you.

Me: Yes, I am removing all my clothes and shut down the room lights. You also shut down the lights and lie on your bed. Can I remove your nightgown?

Rajini: Yes, you can.

Me: I am removing your night gown and making you lie on your bed and kissing your naked body.

Rajini started moaning while she heard me kissing her naked body on call. She was moaning loudly while I mentioned kissing her private parts. I mentioned that I am fucking her on call. She was moaning loudly as she was alone at home.

This continued for about 15 minutes as I mentioned various positions of sexual intercourse. She said that she was feeling me inside her pussy all the time on call. She cum, and I also cum.

Me: It’s late now. We need to wash ourselves and go to sleep. Tomorrow we have to be in the office on time

Rajini: Yes. Thanks for satisfying me sexually on call. You had already satisfied me in office and at home and now again on call. I will cherish this day and the moments with you. I don’t know how to thank you for showing so much emotional affection and connection that I needed.

Me: I will try to satisfy on call whenever you feel lonely and you need me, Rajini. I too cherish you as a good friend. Thank you for satisfying me.

Rajini: Thank you for saying that and making me feel special.

Since that day, three years ago, we met on one more occasion. She had moved on to another state many hundred miles away. But we connected on calls as good friends and on a few occasions connected at night to satisfy our sexual desires. I cherish those moments with her.

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