Sex story of my wife and her work colleague

Sex story of my wife and her work colleague

This is the story of my wife, Anita. Let me introduce ourselves. I work for a reputed NGO concerned with social work and travel a lot throughout the country. I really enjoy my work. My wife, Anita, is a teacher. We’re married for seven years now.

In fact, I met Anita in one of my project work when she was a college student. We dated for a year, and after she completed her studies and got her job, we got married. I’m 41 now, and she is 34. We have a 2-year-old kid. Our married life is fantastic.

We both work and travel during our vacations, which are few and far between. She is great in bed and very kind-hearted. Three years ago, she was pregnant and was on maternity leave. Her school appointed a new teacher to replace her. His name was Rajinder, and was from UP.

They came to know each other even before she joined back because she had to let him know about her syllabus and class’s progress. When she joined back after 1 year, the school appointed Rajinder as a permanent teacher. He was nearly 35/36 and was married. His wife stayed back with his parents in UP.

He stayed here in a rented room alone. He and my wife became good friends soon as they shared the same subject in a few classes. They talked regularly and used to for tea together during the class break and after school. He visited our home a few times, and even I became good friends with him.

I actually loved her friendship with him. My wife had a trusted colleague who often helped her with her work when she took occasional leaves for our kid. Sometimes Anita would take tiffins for him as he disliked cooking in the morning.

Rajinder gifted her a watch on Friendship day. She invited him to have dinner with us on that day. We all enjoyed the food. I had nothing to doubt them. One year ago, I was posted down South for 3 months. This was my longest time away from home.

At first, I gave some excuse to the NGO. But they guaranteed me that they would not post me away for the next year after this. I agreed and went there, leaving Anita, our kid, and my old mom back home. The first few weeks went good, but I missed Anita a lot.

Every night we did a video call before I went to sleep. I slept early as I worked the whole day, and I get tired. Once Anita had some work in the bank, she went with her colleague Rajinder, as he was an expert in such works. She referred to him as Raj.

Only that day, I came to know from her that she used to fondly call him Raj, and he called her Ani. I had a little jealous feeling about this, as I called her so, but didn’t mind so much. One day as they were going for tea after the school was over, Rajinder met with an accident. He had minor injuries only.

After that, she accompanied him to his room, which was just 15 minutes ride from their school. She was worried. She thought had she not insisted on tea, he would have been safe. This was not the first time she went to his room. She went twice previously for some school works. She cooked him a little meal.

He said that he won’t cook that night as he had pains in his leg. Upon that, she insisted that he come with her to our home and stay for the night. She worried about leaving him alone on that accident day. He agreed, and both of them came to our home. It was already late evening.

After getting fresh, he and my mom talked for some time, and he also played with our kid. She cooked a nice meal for dinner. They had dinner together, and after that, my mom went to sleep. He prepared an extra room for his accommodation.

They both bid goodnight to each other and went to their respective rooms. After coming to her room, Anita changed over to her nighty and breastfeed the kid. Her nipples were very sensitive, and breastfeeding sometimes gives arousal to her.

As she was breastfeeding, she remembered that she didn’t give a mosquito net for Raj. She immediately got up, and in that dress only, she went to Raj’s room to give him that. Raj was already in his boxers and was on his bed. He was shocked to see her.

As she tied the mosquito net, she noticed Raj was looking at her very painfully. She asked what happened, and he said that his leg pained now. She asked him to keep patience for the next day when she’ll take her to a doctor. He asked if she would mind giving a little massage on his leg.

She said, why not and asked him to get on the bed. As she started massaging, they talked. He said that she was as generous as his wife. Still, he missed her. Anita said that even she missed me. She jokingly told him that she is not any less of a wife now!

He giggled and talked about how he hadn’t been with his wife for 6 months now. He also jokingly said, why don’t they act like husband and wife when they were missing them. Anita laughed and jokingly hit him on his shoulder. At this point, they heard the kid crying.

As she was coming back to her room, he asked her to come back again. Back in her room, Anita again breastfed the kid to sleep. This time she was aroused by the kid’s soft sucking. After the kid slept, he went back to Raj’s room and again started her massage.

Then, Raj jokingly said that he can’t sleep today because of the pain and if she would also breastfeed him to sleep. She was shocked but took it as a joke only. Then all of a sudden, Raj grabbed Ani and started kissing her. She was confused but didn’t respond.

Raj smooched her lips and then left her. He apologized and said told that he got carried away with his emotions and generosity. She said okay and readily came back to her room. But she couldn’t sleep, neither could Raj. At about midnight, Raj again texted her sorry.

Then she asked if he really can’t sleep and if it pained still. He kept saying sorry. But then, Anita got up and knocked on his room. He opened the door. She said that she wanted to give him the gift of their friendship and pay back all his help tonight. He pretended to be confused and went back to bed.

She got up on his bed and gave him a look. After that, for the next two hours, my wife Anita and her Raj were in heaven. She breastfed him like a baby, kissed him like a wife, sucked him like a slut, and let her fuck like a sex goddess.

In fact, she was a sex goddess. She had a figure of 34-26-36. Anita confessed to me all these after one year when he got transferred. She made me promise not to overreact. She got her chance to confess that I was teasing her funnily with Raj and talking dirty one night.

I was shocked, jealous, angry, and but also aroused at the same time. That night we fucked wild like anything. I was so aroused thinking of my wife’s 34D sized milking boobs being sucked by her work colleague. I don’t know why, but ironically, our relationship got better both in bed and outside after her confession.

I started taking care of her more so that she couldn’t drift away to someone. She also confessed that she used to just like his wife after that accidental night until my return. He also used to take care of her like a husband. Both of them fulfilled each other in their spouses’ absence.

After about two years of his transfer, she told me one night that she feels like fucking him again. That night we role-played, with me acting as Raj. But that even aroused her desire for him more. What happened next would be confessed in another episode.

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