Sexually bored Indian husband bangs another guy’s wife! – Story

Sexually bored Indian husband bangs another guy’s wife! – Story

Hello you all! Hope you are safe and staying sane in these unprecedented times. Really hope this time passes soon and the normality returns.

I am Meet (name changed), a 34 yo, married guy staying in Bangalore. I am originally from a town in Coastal Karnataka but settled here for the last 15 years.

This year 2020 has been one of the negatives and a slim sliver of positivity can boost your mood multi-folds. This is exactly what happened to me.

Since early March, both I and my wife have been working from home and the long working hours associated with this was taking a toll on us. We were missing the social gatherings, our weekend outings, dine outs, etc.

Looking at the situation that we are going to be WFH all through this year, my wife decided that this would be the best time for her to spend some quality time with her parents and off she flew around mid-July, with me having left home-alone.

The first few weeks went fine and then the boredom hit me. I was missing sex, companionship, and the touch of a human being. I didn’t want to get into any serious relationships, but only casual encounters.

I searched in Locanto and only found leads to call girls. That was when I came across Omegle. I keyed ‘Common Interest’ as Bangalore and started looking for women to chat with. Those who have used Omegle would vouch for me when I say that it’s like finding a strand of hair in a heap of hay!

The connections were only men on their journey of finding a woman to chat with. Persistence wins!! I kept my search on, and one day I got connected to the heroine of this story – Neha (of course, the name changed)!

I was skeptic when she introduced herself as a 28 yo married female working in an IT company here in Bangalore. I casually started asking her about herself and we got chatting. Slowly, I was gaining confidence that it was indeed a female I was chatting with.

Neha’s husband was also a software engineer and was stuck in the US because of this pandemic. She was married for the last 2 years and was from Punjab. Imagine yourself chatting with a girl like this – alone, married, Punjaban, 28 yo! I was sold!

I asked her to share her pic and she was reluctant at the start. I obliged and didn’t want to force anything on her.

We chatted in Omegle for almost 30 minutes and were comfortable with each other. I then popped the question if we could chat outside Omegle. Imagine what her response was.. she said YES! She gave me her Snapchat ID.

The very next second, I was in Play store installing Snapchat and creating an account. I searched for the ID and found a match. She accepted my request and we transitioned from Omegle to Snapchat.

I hadn’t seen her yet and her Snapchat didn’t have any of her snaps. After the initial pleasantries, I asked for her pic. This time, she didn’t refuse and sent me an old pic that she had clicked on one of her holidays last year.

Here is what she looked like. She was gorgeous, had an angelic face, 5’5 feet tall, perfectly figured with the right amount of mass at the right places.

I complimented her and she acknowledged. She asked for my pic and I readily sent one from my holiday gallery. She liked me. I am 5’11” tall, averagely built – not too muscular, neither thin.

We chatted for a long time till late in the night and then she had to disconnect for a call with her husband.

We continued our chat the next day (a Friday) and my work productivity was the lowest that day. She stated that she was bored staying alone at home and that was missing her husband. It was the same case with me and I informed her.

I asked if she wanted to meet on Saturday and go on a drive around Bangalore. She told me she would let me know by afternoon. We casually chatted about our likes, interests, married life, etc.

Hers was an arranged marriage and she was happy with it. Her man away for the last 10 months was making her irritated and bored.

In the night, as we were chatting, I asked her for a pic and she sent one. I then asked her to send a selfie. And she did. She was lying on the bed on her tummy. She was wearing a tee and had smartly covered her cleavage with her hand. I was in love. I complimented her and she sent a blushing smiley.

I then reminded her of the drive the next day and she accepted. A million cells would have erupted inside me with ecstasy at that moment. This was very promising and I was hopeful. Mind you, we haven’t spoken a word about sex yet.

I thanked her and asked where she wanted to go. She said that we would decide on the go tomorrow. She asked me to pick her up from her apartment in Koramangala at 8 am. It was time for her call with her husband and we had to say our byes.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night in anticipation of the next day. I was really not sure what was going to transpire. I had no clue of what she wanted! I didn’t want to hurry and panic her and decided to just flow.

The next day I woke up early, went for my routine 10k run, took a fresh shower, put on a tee and a pair of jeans, and started my car. I messaged her that I was leaving and if she wanted anything. She asked me to get some chocolates – Cadbury Silk to be specific.

I then asked her if she was ready and she told me she was still in her bed. I asked her to move her lazy ass and get ready and started driving. She had sent me the name of her apartment.

I pinged her when I was in a signal asking if she was ready and she sent me a selfie of her in her bathroom, in front of the mirror. She was in her green, thin spaghetti and her night pants.

I could see her sexy boobs underneath that top and the bra. It was a sexy picture and I was surprised at the sudden change in her behaviour. I knew it was gonna be a good good day.

I sent her a reply – “SEXY” and asked her if she had decided where to go and if there was anything else I had to get. Below is the transcript of our chat after this. You could imagine what would be passing thru me at that moment.

MEET: Wow.. you look “SEXY”. Lucky husband.

MEET: I have reached near Koramangala and will be near your apartment in 10 minutes. Are you ready? Where do we go? I have bought your chocolate. Anything else?
NEHA: Find a bar and ping me.

MEET: It is 9 am on a Saturday. Where do I find an open liquor shop now?
NEHA: Just go around, find, and buy chilled beer for me.

MEET: OK. Do you have plans to drink as I drive? Dangerously crazy you.
NEHA: Ping me once you have bought the beer.

MEET: Beer done. Anything else madam? Are you ready?

MEET: You are making me crazy. What is your plan? You aren’t ready yet!
NEHA: Shall I tell you a secret?

MEET: Hmm.
NEHA: When a woman gives you her time, she is really into you. Find a pharmacy, buy contraceptives and a lube.

MEET: WHAT??! Are you serious? Oh, shit.. my best day.
NEHA: Make it quick dude. I stay in house # XXXX, X block. Park your car outside and enter the apartment building.

Now imagine my state of mind. I was going weak in my legs. I found a pharmacy and bought a pack of condoms, i-pill, and lube. I was shaking all the time and the pharmacist must have wondered why I was so tensed.

I drove to her apartment and reached in 5 minutes, parked the car, and messaged her that I had reached. She asked me to take the lift and just come soon. She was on heat and I couldn’t wait any longer.

She had pre-authorized my visit and the security allowed me to breeze through. I rushed to her apartment and rang the bell. She opened the door with a wide smile and a face filled with lust. She was still cute but was raging hot as well.

I entered the house and hugged her. She hugged me back and was squeezing herself onto me. I gave her the bag of beer and chocolate and she walked to her fridge.

My eyes were stuck on her ass. She had taken a shower, had changed to a pink spaghetti and a shorts. I could clearly see her bra and pantie through her clothes. I complimented her figure and she said, “You still haven’t seen it inside.”

I ran towards her and held her by her tummy. Her sexy ass was rubbing on my already throbbing cock. I lifted her and took her to the nearest bedroom. I put her on the bed and removed my tee. She was pressing her boobs and biting her lips. She kept her beautiful, soft, and fair feet on my chest.

I held her shapely, buttery thighs and planted kisses on her legs. I slid away from my jeans and slid her shorts too. Her panty was already dripping wet.

Neha rose up and we kissed for a long long time. We were licking each other everywhere. In the meantime, we had gotten naked and were eating away each other. She had perfectly shaped boobs with pink nipples. I couldn’t keep my mouth away from it. Her soft fingers were playing with my cock.

Neha made me lie down and started smooching me from the top of my face. In no time, she had my cock in her hand and she started stroking it. She then gave me a blowjob that I wouldn’t forget to my grave. She asked me not to cum because she wanted it all inside her.

She came up and placed her hairless, pink pussy on my mouth. I darted my tongue inside her hole and started licking her. I was pressing her sexy ass as I licked her to glory. She was moaning all thru giving me the confidence that I was doing it right.

After she was done, she smooched me and licked her juices off my face. She was beyond horny..she was in a trance. She asked me what my favorite position was and it was doggy for me. She immediately obliged and turned around showing the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. They were a fucker’s delight.

I generously applied the lube on her ass and pussy. She held my shaft and guided it at the entrance of her pussy. At that moment, I paused. Everything around me was a haze and it was only me and her. My fantasy was about to turn into reality. The next second, we were one!

I was deep inside Neha and she gasped as I measured her depth with my cock. She was warm and was clenching my cock with her inner walls. She was a magician. In the next 1 hour, we had switched to all possible positions. We were exploring each other’s anatomy and finding newer pleasure points in each other.

Neither of us had any idea of anything around us. We were madly in love and were madly making love to each other. We orgasmed a couple of times, took small breaks to fill ourselves with beer and chocolate, and continued exploring each other.

By afternoon, we were exhausted and high. Both of took shower together and she ordered food from a nearby restaurant. We snuggled up in front of Netflix and started watching 365 Days. Inevitably, we shamelessly made out in front of Netflix.

The food arrived and we hogged. Understandably, we were tired and we slept off for a while in the afternoon. In the evening I woke up to find her in the kitchen roaming around in a bra and panty, making us a cold coffee. I kissed her, made her sit on the kitchen slab, and you guessed it right – made love – not sex, but love.

We dressed up and went out for a drive on the NICE road. We came back around 8 pm and I was sad that we’ll have to part.

She was sad too and then she suggested that I stay back. I didn’t have any extra clothes and she asked why did I need one? I would be a fool to not accept the offer. I had told my wife that I was going on a long drive in the morning.

I called her up and informed that I had reached home and I was going to bed as I was tired of the full-day drive. We were back at Neha’s house now. We were snuggled up again in the hall and she was showing her wedding and holiday pics on her iPad.

She was gorgeous in her wedding pics and appreciated her beauty with occasional kisses on her face and lips.

As we were talking, she got a video call from her husband. She asked me to go and sit in the balcony and she continued with her call for almost 45 mins. I was enjoying the cool breeze from her 12th-floor balcony, reflecting what a day it had been.

I had been looking for a casual fuck, and here I was having all my fantasies checked off one after the other by this angel named Neha.

After the call, she called me in and hugged me saying sorry for keeping me wait. I had no issues with it and really didn’t bother. I lifted her on my waist with her legs wrapped around me. I pushed to the wall and we were kissing really passionately. We were in the bedroom again and did what we have been doing since 9 am in the morning.

Every time we made love, it was as wonderful and satisfying as the first time. The whole night we were shifting between sex and sleep.

We woke up late around 10 am the next day on Sunday. We did everything like a newlywed couple in their den.

We cooked, we showered together, had sex a numerous number of times, watched Netflix, ate together, slept and had a good lazy Sunday. The best Sunday of my life.

It was evening around 7 pm and I had to go back home to avoid suspicion from my wife if she did a video call. She was sad, I was sad that we had to depart. But were both practical and knew that it would only harm us if we were over-confident. But we agreed to spend time together every weekend till the time either of us was not home alone.

We had decided that we would put an end to this story of ours once out spouses were back – around mid-September. We had decided to meet the next 4 weekends that we had. She is coming to my place next weekend. We have also booked a resort in the outskirts of Bangalore for the weekend after next.

We still don’t have each other’s phone number, not connected on Facebook – and we don’t intend to. We still chat on Snapchat and have decided to block each other after September.

So, has 2020 been good for us? Absolutely no. But it has indirectly helped me live many of my fantasies. Eagerly waiting for the next weekend now.

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