Sexy mallu friend decides she wants to lose virginity – Hot story

Sexy mallu friend decides she wants to lose virginity – Hot story

Hey guys and girls, my name is Rahul and I am from a very conservative family down in South India. I thought it might be fun to pen down a small story involving a close friend of mine.

It all started out one afternoon when I was sitting at home scrolling through my Instagram feed. Roshini called me up and told me that she was feeling very low and needed drinks tonight. I couldn’t turn her down.

I picked up a bottle of whisky that I had stashed in my room and asked her where we should meet up. To my surprise, she told me that she was going to come over to my room.

Roshini said she had already told her parents that she was going to go over and sleep at a friend’s house. Like any other guy, my room has always been a mess. So, in the little time I had, I did the best to make it a bit tidy.

Before I knew it, my best friend Roshini was sitting in front of me and the two of us were clicking our glasses and sipping our glasses of whisky. Little did I know that I’d soon lose my virginity to her!, where are my manners? Let me help you out to get an understanding of exactly how Roshini is. Saying that she is a bomb would most probably be an understatement. She’s a mallu girl from Kerala and she has perfect curves. To put it simply, she has boobs the size of melons and an ass that’s meant to be smacked.

Now let’s get back to us clicking our glasses. I was sipping on my whisky and putting on a few songs when all of a sudden I saw my best friend Roshini get up and sit right next to me.

Roshini started telling me about how her mother and father had scolded her for not behaving like a girl. And also how girls should be far more polite or well mannered – that is, the typical blabber any south Indian parent lectures their daughters on. However, she suddenly broke down.

My best friend was in tears and I was just sitting there shocked. I was trying to console her but all my words were a waste. She chugged down her glass of whisky and signaled me to pour her some more. I was still in a state of shock and I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was just following her lead.

I could see how things were getting out of hand so I held onto her shoulders looked her in the eyes. I asked her to tell me what the problem was. She kept on eluding my line of thought but wouldn’t stop crying.

My mallu friend kept on cursing herself about how disgraceful she was and how badly her parents treat her. She kept on blaming herself for being an open and crazy girl.

I had enough. I snatched her glass away, placed it on the table, and told her to tell me what happened. I knew something wasn’t right. She just sat there like a rock staring at me half-drunk.

I told her all the amazing memories that the two of us had made together and all the times we had been there for one another. I told my best friend just how amazing a person I’ve always found her to be and kept on complimenting her.

Roshini pushed all those aside and told me I was just joking and I wouldn’t mean it if I knew more about her. I was dumbstruck for a moment. After all, we’ve been through she was suddenly treating me like an imposter. I didn’t know what more to say. I poured myself a glass and just sat next to her and started slowly sipping my whisky.

I looked at her again and said the one thing I’ve always told her, “Roshini, I’ve never had vibes with anyone the way I have with you. I’ve been able to do that only because you are different.”

“You are open and up to try crazy shit. You know I’ve always had a thing for you but I wouldn’t try to lie and make up for something you are not. What you just said made me feel like an imposter.”

I looked away and was finishing my drink when I felt her hold on to my arm and bury her face into my shoulder. I could feel her warm tears slowly sliding down my shoulder. I started caressing her hair and she slowly stopped crying.

All of a sudden, Roshini got up, looked me in the eyes, and asked me not to judge her for what she was about to tell me. I simply nodded my head and was ready to listen.

“Rahul, I’ve always had a crazy sex drive but I’ve always been scared to share this fact with other people. I’ve seen how women get slut-shamed so I decided that the only one that would satisfy me would have to be me..”

I honestly didn’t know what to say anymore. I was just looking at her blankly.

“Look all this may seem dumb to you but I bought a vibrator a long time back and have always had it with me. My mum found out about this last week and ever since that incident I’ve lost all my freedom at home.”

“I can’t sleep by myself, they won’t let me do anything. You have no clue how hard it was for me to even come out today. It’s so hard at home with both my mom and dad telling me that I’m a disgrace. I can’t take it anymore Rahul.”

I listened to everything my best pal Roshini had to say and wiped her tears, the second she was done. I looked at her straight in the eyes and told her,

“A person’s sexual feelings or emotions are just another human need.”

“Just like humans need food, sex is nothing different.” I told her, “Do not be ashamed of yourself. Something like this shouldn’t be bothering you. Masturbation is a norm.”

I was mid-sentence when I felt the mallu girl’s hand slowly feeling my boxers, right over my bulge. I hadn’t noticed it but ever since she clung to my arm and started crying, I was sexually aroused myself.

I didn’t know what to say but the moment I looked at her, I could see Roshini’s lustful eyes telling me that she didn’t want to talk anymore. She lifted her head slowly and inched closer and closer to me.

Before I knew it, both of us were sitting on my bed and kissing one another! Roshini had both her hands locked around my neck while mine was traveling through her shirt feeling her bareback.

My best friend suddenly pushed my hands against the wall and removed my shirt while kissing me. Roshini stopped for a moment and looked me in the eyes.

“Rahul, I want you to be the one to break my seal. Just make me your baby,” Roshini said with a naughty smile and eyes filled with lust.

I was removing her shirt when Roshini wrapped her legs around my back and sat on my lap. She pushed her boobs right onto my face and for a moment I was almost suffocated.

I slowly unhooked her bra and let her mallu boobs hit my face! It was the best feeling in the world. They were so stiff yet so soft. I couldn’t control myself any longer and I started to nibble on her left nipple while squeezing the other one.

Roshini was moaning in delight and using both her hands to caress my hair. I was using my tongue to circle around both her nipples. I could see that she was enjoying herself.

I was getting harder and harder every moment and could feel it pushing against her. Roshini was rubbing and moving her ass all over my cock and it was just so hard not to pull it out. I could hear her moan lightly as I was sucking and biting her nipples. She was pulling my face onto her begging to suck them some more. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

Roshini was rubbing her ass all over me and I was completely turned on. I pushed her straight onto the bed and started kissing her. We were both exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues.

My hands finally unbuttoned her jeans and made their way in. Her panty was wet. I think drenched might have been a better choice of words. I slowly started to insert my finger and I could feel her moan into my mouth. Before she could react, I pushed my finger completely inside her tight pussy.

My horny best friend pushed her tongue straight into my mouth and stared into my eyes wanting more as her body jerked back. She latched onto me and was taking control of the kiss. I kept on increasing the speed and started to increase the number of fingers that I was using.

By the time I was using 3 fingers, Roshini was unable to kiss me any longer. Her moans filled the room and I had to pull out her panty and stuff it in her mouth so that the neighbors wouldn’t hear us. She was shivering and I could tell that she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

I looked into her eyes and started slowing down intentionally. She suddenly looked at me and begged me to go on like before but I wasn’t listening.

“Baby, come on just a little more and I’ll cum please don’t stop already..” I could feel her body slowly taking control again and she was coming back to a normal state.

Roshini was about to ask me to start again when I suddenly went down on her. Her complete body jerked backward the second my tongue touched her clit. I was now teasing her by slowly licking and biting her clit. Her body was jolting in every direction.

“Baby, stop just eat my pussy already.. I can’t take this..”

Roshini tried to grab a hold of my head and push it into her pussy but I grabbed hold of both of her hands and pinned her down.

My sexy best friend was helpless as I slowly licked her giving a short gap each time to make sure that she was being teased. I kept this going for a minute before I let go of her hands and started to eat her pussy. Her body was enjoying every moment and wasn’t jerking in shock each time I licked her.

My best friend took a hold of my head and took total control of my moments. She was using my tongue like a toy and I was enjoying every moment of it.

All of a sudden, Roshini let go of my head and commanded me to lie down on the bed. She pulled down my trousers and was shocked to see a dick for the first time. However, it was short lived.

Before I could say anything, Roshini sat down on my face crushing my head between her thighs and pushing her pussy onto my face. She held me by the head and started abusing me for having teased her so much.

“Come on baby, you saw this coming na.. You had so much fun teasing me, now it’s my turn to make you suffer..” she said with a kinky smile. She was now jumping on my face.

I could feel my tongue going in far deeper than it had before. It was only a matter of time before her whole body started shaking and she let out a huge load of cum onto my face. I had no choice but to swallow it all up but what a waste it would have been if I hadn’t. She looked down at me and I can never forget that sight.

My south Indian friend’s boobs were swaying in the air with her hair dangling in front of her. She was looking down at me crushed between her thighs with those big beautiful eyes.

Then Roshini got off of my face and started kissing me while gently teasing my cock. She was now using one hand to squeeze my balls while she was gently stroking my dick with the other. She stopped kissing me and whispered into my ear, “Since you’ve been such a good boy let me take care of you now baby.”

Her words turned me on just as much as her touch. She slowly made her way down. She was now teasing me by moving her tongue from my neck down to my nipple and slowly circling around my belly button before she started gently licking the head of my dick. I’d never felt such pleasure before in my life.

My dick was jolting with pleasure every time I felt her tongue rub against it. I was now begging for her to take it in all the way in but she still wanted to get revenge on me for having teased her.

The sexy mallu babe stopped licking me and took the head of my dick into her mouth but wouldn’t take it any deeper. I could feel her tongue licking every nook and crook of the top of my cock-head. I could feel the saliva slowly starting to build up in her mouth engulfing my dick in it. I couldn’t handle her style of teasing me anymore. My whole dick wanted the same treatment but she wouldn’t budge.

Roshini was moving her tongue and teasing me making me beg for her to take it all in. For a brief moment, she opened her mouth wide open and let the saliva slide down my shaft. She was now gently licking the head and letting my cock slide deeper into her mouth.

I tried to get a hold of her hair and push my cock all the way in but she stopped me from doing so and punished me by starting over again and sucking me from the head.

My dick was in spasms trying to break free from the sensation and I just lay there watching her, waiting for her to take it all the way in.

The second my cock hit the back of her throat, she started stroking and massaging my balls increasing her speed with each stroke. I wasn’t able to hold it anymore and told her that I was about to cum but she kept on going without caring the slightest. I blasted my load deep into her throat but that still wouldn’t stop there.

Roshini took a moment to show me all the cum in her mouth before she swallowed it whole and went right back to sucking me. I was now holding her hair so that it wouldn’t fall on her face and she was going all out.

It didn’t even take me a minute to get my cock as hard as a rock again. She gently popped my dick out of her mouth and looked at me waiting for instructions on what she should do next.

I knew exactly what she wanted so I got up and told her to gently lie down on the bed. I spread her legs wide apart and went down to make sure that her pussy was well lubricated.

To my surprise, her mallu pussy was drenched with precum – again even after I licked her dry.

I gently grabbed hold of both her thighs and edged her closer to me. I was now rubbing my dick along her pussy lips just admiring the beauty that lay in front of me. She was looking into my eyes and telling me to be careful as it was her first time. I could see the fear in her eyes but her lust was simply overpowering her to keep going.

I slowly started entering her trying to make sure that she was going through the least amount of pain possible.

Our eyes were locked upon one another and I could see that she was in a lot of pain but didn’t want me to stop. Her nails were now digging into my back as I slowly pushed deeper into her pussy.

My best friend’s pussy was so tight that it was tough for me to slide it in. I was already using a lot of force just to push myself in. Her walls were trying so hard to push me out and were squeezing my dick.

By this time, I was halfway in. I looked at Roshini in the eyes and the pain was visible. She was crying and tears were slowly sliding down the side of her face.

“Baby, just push it in quickly. I’ll deal with all the pain at once as it will only last a moment,” she said biting down on my hand to help her ease the pain.

I gave it one thrust and I could feel my dick all way in. Roshini was now in pain. She let go of my hand and latched onto me and bit me hard on my neck as it was easier for her to bite. It stung but it wasn’t comparable to what she was going through.

We lay on the bed like that for a minute with me on top of her while she slowly let go of my neck. I understood that the pain was slowly subsiding so I began slowly thrusting my dick deeper into her. She slowly let go of me and grabbed onto the pillow next to her and wiped away her tears.

When we made eye contact again, I could see that she was now enjoying it. Her moans were gradually getting louder and louder with every gentle stroke that I was taking.

I held onto Roshini’s big boobs and started to play with her nipple as I began thrusting her with more force. I was still going in very slowly but you could hear us collide each time I gently pulled it out of her pussy and rammed it back in all at once.

Roshini was now moaning and calling my name with each thrust. She was grabbing onto whatever her hands could find to get a hold of her body, but it was hard for her to do so with me constantly pulling her thighs closer to myself and thrusting my cock deep into her.

I could feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter and I understood that she was getting ready to cum again. She was now moving her body with me with each thrust we could feel each other move deeper and deeper.

Roshini was moaning so loud that I had to stop squeezing both her boobs to hold her mouth shut. Her lustful eyes were now looking at me and she was biting my hand trying to let her moans escape but she was enjoying it all.

I knew that both of us wouldn’t last much longer so I pinched both her nipples roughly before I flipped her over and started entering her from the back.

Now that Roshini was enjoying every moment, I had no intention of ramming my best friend’s pussy slowly. I held onto her waist and was slamming her as fast as I could. She was now moaning so loudly that it scared me that the neighbors might hear us but It no longer bothered me.

Her pussy was getting tighter and tighter and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I leaned over and whispered into her ear that I was about to cum. It was hard for her to talk as most of her words were lost in her moans but I understood that she was telling me to wait just a little longer so that we could cum together.

I was now rapidly thrusting my bestie and she was moving her body to the rhythm of my thrusts. I could suddenly feel her entire body shiver again and her pussy latched onto my dick and I felt her warm cum embrace my entire dick inside my pussy.

Words can’t explain how good that felt but the second I felt the warmth of her cum engulf my dick, I blew my load deep into her pussy as well. Her body was still in spasms trying to gain control from the orgasm.

I was still slowly thrusting her, enjoying the warmth of her tight pussy. She turned her head around and started kissing me.

We stayed in that position kissing one another for a while. Then we both cleaned ourselves and poured another glass of whisky.

We spent the rest of the night teasing each other and got pretty drunk to the point where we were just kissing one another before we both fell asleep.

I hope you enjoyed my story. I am a writer from Andhra Pradesh. I would love your feedback. My email is [email protected]

If there are any girls out there looking for some fun, I am sure we can get to know one another. Trust me, I am not a creep and I am not gonna only ask for sex. No one enjoys sleeping with a stranger. Just drop me a mail if you are interested.

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