Shazia fucked by husband’s friend – A cheating wife’s story

Shazia fucked by husband’s friend – A cheating wife’s story

Hi, my name is Mayank, and today I want to share a story about my first affair with my friend’s wife. His name is Abbas (name changed). He married a woman whose name is Shazia.

She is damn hot, and honestly, I couldn’t believe that someone like Abbas could score someone like her. She really didn’t care about cheating with her husband’s friend.

If I could describe her, she looks like a buxom lady, good figure, and fair. Her height is almost 5’11. Abbas is a short guy, though. Well, I think arranging marriage can get you any type of woman you want.

One day, Abbas asked me to take his wife to Kanpur as he was going to Ajman. By the way, Abbas and I used to study in the same Indian school in Sharjah. I reached their house in Ghaziabad. I saw Shazia for the first time after their marriage.

I controlled myself hard not to look, or you can say stare at her like a creep. I was there with my BMW. Then Abbas booked ola and went ahead for Delhi international airport. I greeted Shazia with, “Salam, bhabhi.” She told me, “No bhabhi business with me, call me Shazia.” I was like okay.

So we went ahead with our drive and stopped at World Square Mall to eat something at Haldiram. I ordered chole bhature, and she ordered aloo paratha. Now when I sat, her legs were almost touching my legs. Then she, which I know was not by mistake, felt my dick.

Then she said, “Sorry, maaf kar dijiye, Mayank ji galti se hogaya.” Then we finished our breakfast and went towards my car. I opened the door, and she cleverly touched her boobs with my chest. This time, she behaved as nothing happened. I was feeling a little uncomfortable now.

Now we continued our drive, and to know her, I deliberately asked.

Me: So, Shazia, how was your honeymoon? I hope you had fun there.

Shazia looked to me in a shock and then moved her head. After two minutes, she responded.

Shazia: Well, we went to Ooty, and nature was beautiful there.

Me: Yeah, that only?

Now I wanted to push myself, and I knew the consequences of spoiling my relationship with Abbas.

Me: So, how was it fun?

Shazia: What exactly do you mean? (she smiled but hid it)

Me: It means how Abbas was in bed.

Shazia: Well, his dick is 4.5 inches, and he cum too early in bed.

Now, this sign was enough for me. I just took the car another way towards my house and reached my place in New Delhi in Vasant Vihar. I got out of my car and opened the door for Shazia. Now I think she also knew what was going to happen but pretended to be innocent.

I took her inside my house. She complimented my home and revealed that she almost got a thing for rich and successful men. Now I got the hint and leaned towards her. She also obliged. We started kissing first slowly and then passionately.

Now I could not control myself and tore her salwar kameez. I lifted her up, went to my bedroom, and hold her against the wall in such a way that her boobs were pressing against the wall. Now I took off my jeans and underwear, and my 7 inches cock was ready.

I penetrated her vagina. She moaned, and by her moan, I got turned on very badly. I started stroking her for 2 minutes. I turned her around, showed her my big boy, and what she said then really turned me on.

Shazia: Mayank ji, please give me your big uncut cock.

Me: Beg for it. (I got really kinky)

Shazia: Please give me your big uncircumcised dick for me to pleasure you, Mayank ji.

So, I pushed my bad boy in her mouth and then made her gag on my dick and mouth fucked her very roughly. I cummed in her mouth, and she swallowed it. But the quantity was too much, so it leaked all over her body. Now I sat on my couch and instructed Shazia to crawl towards me and suck my uncut cock.

She sucked it like a goddess. Now I pushed my whole 7 inches inside her and took it out. She coughed, and now tears ran through her eyes. Then I told her to be in doggy style position, sucked her ass and her vagina.

She was moaning all the time. Now I lifted her up, shoved my cock in her vagina started fucking her in standing position.

Shazia: Baapre baap abba abba waah kyan bada lund hai.

Me: Shazia, I will make you my slut. I want you to give me your pussy whenever and wherever I want.

Shazia: Yes, yes, I will be your slut, this Mrs. Ali is yours forever.

I now got totally turned on and fucked the shit out of her till she squirted. Then I took her to my bed and fucked her in missionary position very hard. She was like, “Chodo mujhe, Mayank ji. Fuck your Shazia. I am yours now use me like your slut. Main tumhari rand hun ab se.”

Then I just got on the seventh cloud and was getting excited. Then I slowed down to last now much longer. Then after 5 minutes, I started fucking her hard. She was moaning. Then I instructed Shazia to fuck me in a cowgirl position. After 15 minutes of cowgirl, I made her lie on the bed in the prone position.

I entered her. She cried, and tears were running. She was screaming loudly. Then suddenly, I took my bad boy out of Shazia’s ass and penetrated her vagina. She went down in her body, and now she was begging

Shazia: Please don’t stretch my pussy so that my husband can’t feel my pussy.

Me: I don’t care about it.

Then I cummed a lot in her pussy without her permission. I told her, “ I don’t care if you are married to Abbas or not. But your first child will be mine.” She also told me that she always had a fantasy to sleep with a Hindu guy. Well, I enjoyed her, and for the week, I daily fucked Shazia.

After a week, I dropped her at Abbas’s place. She told me that she will manage the story about her not reaching Kanpur. I trusted her. Then for 6 months, we fucked 3 times a week. She was cheating with her husband’s friend.  In the next part, I will tell you more about our fuck sessions.

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