Shy Rajasthani wife fucked by younger guys – Indian sex story

Shy Rajasthani wife fucked by younger guys – Indian sex story

Hello guys, this is Rahul again from Mumbai. I am 32 years old and got married in January 2020 to a very beautiful and sexy wife named Shivani.

Let me describe her to you, she is a Punjabi girl of 30 years and she is tall 5 ft 8-inches and very fair. Her assets are 36B boobs, 30 waist and 36 ass. My wife looks very hot and sexy in any kind of clothes or without any clothes for sure. She is from a small town of Rajasthan and was very conservative before meeting me.

Shivani worked in a college in that area as a Maths teacher. It was an all-boys college.

We got married 2 years back and our life was going on well. We both satisfied each other very well sexually. During the lockdown, I made my Rajasthani wife watch so many porn movies so she can learn good techniques in sex. And as an obedient wife, she tried all the kinky stuff like 69, cum-swallow, etc.

I even tied my wife to the bed, blindfolded her and fucked her very hard. She was no more conservative for me. For others, she was still a girl from a small town and very conservative.

One day after fucking my Rajasthani wife, I asked her if she was sexually enjoyed by someone or touched inappropriately by someone. Then she told me about many such incidents. One of them was a major incident.

She told me that boys in her college including the principal and teachers used to check-out her figure and cleavage. Then the principal made a dress code for female teachers as saree and he made most of her sarees as see-through sarees and deep cut blouses.

Many students used to watch her cleavage and come to her desk. She also suspected some boys at the last bench masturbated in the class.

One major incident she told me was that once she was teaching after college hours to a group of 10 students who were very weak in studies. She was very shy and conservative and she noticed 2 guys at the back bench were jerking while watching her curves and milky white boobs.

When she went to see what was going on, one of student pushed her softly and she fell in the lap of another student with her saree pallu down and exposing her cleavage. That guy immediately grabbed her boobs such that her blouse buttons were broken!

Then, all of them got up and started rubbing their hands on her waist, boobs and ass. Shivani was being enjoyed by 10 guys. She didn’t stop them for some reason at that time. But after that, she left her job.

Shivani was then married to me. I used her shyness and conservative nature and made her do all the slutty things. I used to make her wear short clothes in front of my friends and colleagues. Especially when I used to take her to clubs, I searched for the sluttiest dresses and made my Rajasthani wife wear those dresses.

Now coming to the real incident which happened in Goa. I took her to Goa and she came with me in a sky blue color saree and black color deep cut blouse. She was looking like a local prostitute!

All the guys at the hotel played with her body through the eyes. I could see that happening. I heard one guy calling her, “A hot maal” and that she should be fucked in doggy position.

We checked into a resort in Goa. It was huge and we had booked the presidential suite. First day, we decided not to go anywhere and we had lots and lots of sex that day.

The story begins the next day. We had drunk a lot last night so when we woke up, it was already 11 am. We had missed the breakfast timings of the resort. My wife still had the buzz of the alcohol from last night.

I ordered some food for us and by the time we finished the food and got ready to go out, Shivani was high again. We decided to go to different places in Goa but Shivani didn’t have many trendy clothes so she wore a saree again and decided that we will get new clothes for her on the way.

My Rajasthani conservative wife wore a red chiffon see-through saree and deep cut black blouse with sexy back and sleeveless. Her blouse was smaller than her bra so her black bra was also visible.

I then hired a scooty and continued to go to the local market. She insisted on driving so I shifted to the back seat and let her drive the scooty. When we were going, it started to drizzle a bit and we were getting wet in the rain. From the wind, her pallu was covering her face, so I took her pallu.

Now her sexy face was getting wet. The water droplets were falling down on her neck, collar bone and cleavage. I was getting hard-on on seeing her milky white cleavage with droplets of water, from the mirror of the scooty. I also could see that my wife turned the heads of every guy who saw her.

Shivani had only 3 buttons on her blouse and while riding on the scooty, I opened 2 top buttons. She looked smoking hot in the dress like that.

She got tired and stopped the scooty in the middle of the road around 300 meters away from a tea stall where an old guy in his 50s was sitting and looking at her. I noticed that he was touching his dick from above his pajamas.

So, to tease him, I turned Shivani’s head towards me while sitting on the scooty and started to smooch her. She was responding too. Then I grabbed both her boobs and started pressing them hard. While I was doing this, I saw the guy’s dick was out and he was jerking!

I now broke her last button of the blouse and started pressing my Rajasthani wife’s big milky white boobs cupped in her black bra. Soon, he came and lied there on the stall tired.

I asked my wife to drive the scooty again. Now her blouse was all open but her boobs were in bra. She drove for like 5 km and then I got the urge to pee. I asked her to stop somewhere. She stopped the scooty and I got down and went to pee in the bushes.

I turned back to her while peeing and I saw a college student close to 20 years old sitting at the back of the scooty and cupping my wife’s boobs. He was pressing them like I was doing it earlier. Shivani thought maybe it was me and was enjoying it with her eyes closed.

Soon there were like 20 more students of almost the same age gathered around her and they were recording her. I was enjoying the scene from far away. In no time, she realised what was happening. She looked for me but I was hidden in bushes. She wasn’t protesting either.

All the boys gathered around her started touching her everywhere. First they removed her blouse, then her saree and then the petticoat. A 30-year-old sexy woman in between young college boys was a treat for them.

The boys also removed her bra and took her milky white boobs out. They tore my wife’s panty and threw it away.

Then they started fucking my wife in every position on the road. Shivani had multiple dicks in her mouth and pussy and the cum of many boys on her body. She was being used well like a local whore by all the boys. When everyone was done, they went away, clicked a lot of pics of her.

When I went to pick her up, she was all covered in cum oozing out from her mouth, lips, pussy, and boobs. Uffff aaah what a scene! She was all drenched in cum.

Since it was raining, it was easier for me to clean her and make her wear clothes again. She was all exhausted and I brought her back to the hotel again. All the hotel staff saw her condition.

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