Slutty 19-year-old Indian neighbour girl deflowered – Sex story

Slutty 19-year-old Indian neighbour girl deflowered – Sex story

Like I had promised the last time, this story is about how I had sex with my 19-year-old neighbour. Both of my last two stories were from different accounts (I keep losing them, but the username is very similar).

Onto the story – I and my girlfriend (“Losing virginity with my modest classmate girl“) officially broke up sometime before the final year of college. This was a few months after my fling with Sania (“Breaking virginity of college girl, Sania“).

I didn’t get into any relationship after that and had a relatively dry spell for a few years.

After college, I got a job and moved to a different city and would visit my hometown only once in a month or so. This story happened last year when I was 25.

My neighbour Amrita was in the second year of college. Amrita was friends with my sister so she would come over frequently. She was short and skinny but cute. She had a petite built and tiny boobs and I had never looked at her with much interest.

One day, Amrita came over when my sister was taking a bath. My parents were both busy downstairs and she went to my sister’s room.

I was watching porn in the next room with the door wide open. I did not expect her to walk in so suddenly and from her look, it was obvious that she understood what I was doing. Either way, she came in and said that my sister had locked the door so she thought she could wait in my room.

My sister was known for taking long baths so Amrita knew that she would have to wait for a while. My neighbour girl sat beside me on my bed.

The two of us didn’t have much to talk about besides the usual pleasantries. I was having trouble hiding my boner. Now and then, she would look down at my pants and then continue talking.

Out of nowhere, she asked if I was watching porn. Though I tried to lie, she pointed out my boner and I reluctantly accepted.

Amrita giggled a bit and asked if I had a girlfriend. I replied that I did not. I had no intention of revealing my past to her.

With each pressing question, my young neighbour moved closer to me and I was having trouble losing my boner. She kept asking about girls and my fantasies which I tried to sidestep but to no avail. Without me asking, she said that she was really good at giving blowjobs!

This was all very sudden. I was already turned on from the porn and hadn’t been with a girl in years. Amrita telling this made me harder than ever. Sensing this, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips! I couldn’t resist and instantly kissed her back. Her hands were already on my pants and she was caressing my cock.

Amrita broke free and lay on her belly and pulled down my pants. Without any hesitation, she put my cock inside her mouth. Her warmth was incredible and in that position, I could see through the neckline of her shirt all the way to her belly. She was not wearing a bra. I wanted to jump on top of her but her technique had me spellbound.

Amrita’s technique was the best I had ever seen until then. The way this college girl used her tongue, hands, and mouth had me unable to move. Her mouth was tiny and barely able to fit my cock in it. But she still did it with relative ease. With such a tight mouth, I could imagine how great her pussy would be.

With these thoughts flooding my mind, I came in her mouth without warning. Amrita was barely fazed and she continued and cleaned me up without missing a single drop. She sat back up, impressed with her work, and asked me how well she did. I gave her a 10/10 and asked her how she got so good.

Apparently, she experimented with a college senior and ended up sucking off all his friends. Once painted as the college slut, she just went with it and gave a blow to pretty much any guy who asked her!

I was pretty taken aback by how casual she was about all this but decided not to pursue it. Before I could do anything, my sister unlocked her room and Amrita went off. For the first time, I looked at her from behind lustfully.

The next time that I was at home, my neighbour made sure to come over when my sister was taking a bath. She came straight into my room and got down to business! No time wasted talking.

As she kept sucking my cock, I couldn’t help but thank my luck for getting me such a slutty neighbour. She felt even better than before and I came for 10 seconds without stopping. That was a lot of cum and some dripped over her mouth.

As she sat up and wiped herself, I launched myself on to her chest. She was not wearing a bra. I lifted her shirt to reveal two tiny and perfectly round boobs. The skin under her shirt was very fair and her nipples were rock hard. I could easily squeeze both boobs on her tiny frame with one hand and I did just that as I unbuttoned her jeans.

There were still people in my house and the door was open. We had to be quiet and this just got us even more excited. My other hand was rubbing her clit in no time and she covered her mouth to not moan.

I slowly started to suck Amrita’s nipples as she lay back with me on top of her. I sucked one breast while caressing the other with my hand. Then interchanged it all the while having my other hand on her clit.

I could feel her juices flowing out of her tiny slit. My hand could make out that Amrita had a tiny pussy. I wanted to take a taste but before I could I felt her body tighten as she got an orgasm. It lasted almost a minute.

She held my head in place with one arm while covering her moans with the other. My hand increased the speed of rubbing her clit giving her the climax of a lifetime.

Amrita was panting heavily after finishing. Amrita barely managed to sit up and adjust her hair as we heard my sister unlock her room. With a coy smile at me, she said that none of her college friends took a genuine effort to satisfy her after getting the head (blowjob). With this, she walked out. But I wanted more, much more.

The next couple of times that I visited, we did not get a chance to do it. I was getting impatient and Amrita kept refusing to send me nude pictures.

Finally, after about six months since our first encounter, I got an opening. I was alone at home and knew that I would be for the entire day. I invited Amrita over and she came without any hesitation.

Since we were entirely alone, this time we could do it more freely. We had a deep kiss with our tongues exploring each other’s cavities followed by her giving me head.

I completely undressed and she took off her shirt as we did it. She took her time pleasuring me till I came and lay back on the bed indicating that it was my turn. Her perfect tiny breasts were inviting me and I obliged happily.

I purposefully did not let her orgasm, delaying it by pausing every now and then. Then I took off her pants to get a view of the sweetest pussy ever. She was all shaven but I could make out that she did not have much hair growing there anyway.

I slowly started to lick her juices and inserted a finger insider her. She was really tight and her insides were squeezing my finger. I got rock hard and was done waiting.

I jumped out and took a condom from my drawer. Amrita looked at me nervously as I put it on and neared her entrance. Just as my dick touched her entrance, she pulled back and sat back up. She looked very nervous.

When I inquired if something was wrong, my slutty neighbour revealed that she was still a virgin and had been too scared to go all the way.

After all the waiting that I had done, there was no I was letting her go without having sex! But I knew that it would be hard to convince her with words. After all that she had done, I was quite surprised that she was still a virgin.

I smiled at her and told that it was alright and before she could say anything, I kissed her. Slowly, she started to kiss me back and as I felt her confidence return, my hands started to work around her body.

My hands were all over her chest, ass, and pussy and my virgin neighbour was moaning in pleasure. I knew that this was my chance. Without breaking the kiss, I placed the head of my dick on her pussy. She didn’t object.

I pushed ever so slightly and could feel her pussy lips. Her body twitched and she bit my lip acknowledging the entry of my manhood. Before she could resist, I thrust hard and was fully inside her. My neighbour girl’s virginity was on my bed with a few drops of blood.

Amrita half screamed and half moaned as I deflowered her. I made a few slow strokes and she didn’t push me off. As I gained pace, Amrita’s expression changed to one of pure ecstasy. Seeing that turned me on even further.

Her pussy was every bit as good as I had imagined. The warmth was incredible, her smell was intoxicating. Her insides were gripping me tightly and I had to use significant force to thrust her. I could almost make out my cock penetrating her depths from the bulge on her stomach.

The two of us came together in a few minutes and fell asleep in each other’s arms. After we got up, she was too sore to go another round so we called it a day. She would later text me and say that it was a good move to lose her virginity. But she wouldn’t let anyone else have her pussy and that would be exclusively for me.

Of course, I never complained and my neighbour girl has been a fuck buddy ever since. Amrita has become quite skilled in sex since then and now we do it raw whenever we get a chance!

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