Spending A Romantic Day With Ranjana

Spending A Romantic Day With Ranjana

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The next day morning I woke up with her good morning kiss. Ranjana kissed on my forehead and moved her soft fingers in my hair. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She had already taken bath and as always looked like a fresh tulip. I smiled at her. I held her hand and tried to pull on me.

But she stopped me and said, “Baby, wake up now. It is already 10. Samar went out to his office.” I looked at her and said, “I want a good morning kiss on my lips first.”
Ranjana: Chi, first you go and brush your teeth.

I tightly held her hand. Ranjana bent down and kissed on my lips.
Ranjana: Now, get up and freshen up. I am making breakfast.

I woke up and went to the toilet. I freshened up and came to the dining room. Ranjana was standing in the kitchen and preparing breakfast. She looked at me and said, “Don’t stare at me like this, you naughty boy.” Labu came and sat on my lap. I kissed her cheek.

Ranjana brought the plates. We were eating our breakfast and talking about today’s plan.
Me: Ranjana, you and Labu take bath and get ready. We will be going out ok.

After breakfast, Ranjana took Labu and made her ready. Ranjana put on the TV and ran her favorite cartoon. Labu was sitting in the sitting room and watching TV. Ranjana took her towel and went into the bathroom. I swiftly went in her bathroom with her and locked the bathroom door from inside.

Ranjana didn’t know first. But when she turned around, she saw me. She was horrified. “What are you doing? If Labu will come here, what we will do?”
Me: How she will come? The bathroom door is locked from inside.
Ranjana smiled a little and asked, “What is your plan?

Me: I just want to take a bath with you.
Ranjana: Only bath?
I didn’t reply but pressed her on the bathroom wall. I held her hands and pinned down on the wall above her head. She was smiling at me.

Her cute smile intoxicated me. I pressed my lips on her. We were smooching like crazy.
Ranjana said, “Yesterday night only you fucked me but still you are hungry?”
Me: Yes I am always hungry for you.

We were smooching and kissing each other madly. I held her kurti and opened it. I opened the knot of her pajama’s. It fell on her feet. I took both her Kurti and pajama’s and threw it to the other corner of the bathroom. She was standing in her red bra and panty. She was looking awesome.

Ranjana took out her hands from my grip and opened my t-shirt and shorts. I was nude. I hugged her and wrapped my hands around her back. I opened the hook of her bra and removed it from her body. Ranjana opened the shower. We both were hugging and kissing each other under the shower.

It was a heavenly experience. I was kissing and licking her lips, cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders, and boobs. she was moaning loudly. Under the lukewarm shower water, we were exploring each other’s bodies from the beginning.
Ranjana stopped me and turned.

Now she pressed me on the wall and moved down slowly. She kissed on my neck first. Then she again moved down and kissed and licked my both manly nipples with her lips and tongue. It felt so good. She moved down further. She got on her knees and held my hard dick.

She moved my foreskin slowly and sucked my balls one by one. Finally, she took my hard dick in between her lips and sucked. She first took my mushroom head in her mouth and sucked. We were under the shower and she was giving me a nice blowjob.

Ranjana took my entire dick in her mouth and gave intense sucking. I didn’t control myself and held her head with my hands. I fucked her mouth with full intensity. She was co-operating with me and took the entire dick in her mouth. Almost 10 minutes, I was fucking her mouth continuously.

I was grunting with pleasure. I was reaching my climax, and within 2 to 3 minutes. I released a huge load in her mouth. she ate every drop of my hot thick semen. I was in cloud nine. Still, Ranjana didn’t leave my dick and continued sucking. Within a few minutes, she again made my dick hard.

I held her shoulder and bought her up. I placed my lips on her and kissed. I sucked her tongue and felt my cum. I moved down and sucked her both the boobs one by one. I bit her erect nipples one by one. She was screaming with pain and pleasure. She held my head tightly.

I was biting her boobs which were red due to my continued invasion. Whenever I bit her boobs she screamed in pain. But she loved it. She loved this pain mixed pleasure. I moved down further and put her left leg on the commode. Ranjana was standing in her right leg and her left leg was on the commode.

Her pussy lips were stretched a little. I sat down on the bathroom ground and took the position in between her legs. I put my lips on her pussy lips and she immediately jerked. That was the first time for her also. Someone was licking her pussy under the shower.

I held her both the legs and licked her entire pussy lips with my tongue. She was trembling and shivering with pleasure. I bit her pussy and sucked her clit with my lips. Ranjana moaned, “Rohit I am cumming. What are you doing with me? You are making me a horny slut, who is always curving for acock.”

I didn’t reply but increased my licking and sucking. She held my head tightly and with several jerked she released her juices. I drank all her juices. Finally, I got up and looked at her eyes. She gave a little peck on my cheek and said, “You horny monster, now you satisfied? Shall we take a bath now?”

“Not now, Jaan,” I said. She looked at me with a surprising look. I didn’t waste any more time and took her in my lap. Suddenly the bathroom door knocked. I kept her down on the floor. She panicked. I made her cool and calm. She opened her bathroom door and moved her head outside the bathroom.

It was Labu.
Ranjana: what happened Labu? I am taking a bath. Why don’t you watch your cartoon?
Labu: Yes I am watching but where is Rohit uncle.

Ranjana: He went out to the shop.
Labu: But he said we all go together.

Ranjana: Yes Labu we will go together but uncle went to buy some medicine. When he will come back we will go. Ok but now let me have my bath otherwise we will be late. Be a good girl. You go and watch your cartoon.
Labu: Ok mama.

Labu went to the drawing-room and again watching her cartoon. Ranjana closed the bathroom door and turned to me. I was laughing. She bent down and bit my manly nipple with full force. I screamed in pain. Ranjana punched on my belly. I tried to hold her hands but she playfully moved out and bit on my lips tightly.

My lips were bleeding. Finally, I held her and took her in my shoulder. I took her to the bathtub and sat inside it. I made her sit on my lap. She held my dick in her one hand and placed her pussy on my cock. The bathtub was filled with water. She slowly sat on my hard dick and it went in her pussy.

she held the bathtub hand started jumping on my cock. I held her hanging soft juicy boobs in my hands and pressing them with full intensity. I moved up my head a little and sucked her nipples alternatively. She was fucking me in the cowgirl position.

We were both enjoying the pleasure of fucking inside the bathtub. She moaned loudly and released her juices after 10 minutes and collapsed on my body. But still, I was not satisfied. I took her in my lap and fucked her from the bottom. She wrapped her head around my neck and rest her head on my shoulder.

I was fucking her from the bottom. She was not in a position to move. I continued for another 5 minutes and finally, released my juices deep inside her warm cunt. 10 minutes later, we both got up from that bathtub and came under the shower. We both took a bath. She applied soap on my body. I felt good.

Then I applied soap on her beautiful buttery body, especially on her magnificent soft, juicy melons. We both completed our bath and came out of the bathroom after around 20 minutes. We got ready and went out for shopping. Ranjana wore a medium skirt and top.

The color of her skirt was off white and the top was black. Her top was a little deep necked. I could see a little glimpse of her cleavage some times. I guessed anybody when saw her upper chest, just below her neck. I tried to see her cleavage, which was not possible completely.

This made her more attractive and hot. She didn’t tie her shoulder-length hair. Her white skin was glowing. Labu was wearing a frock of baby pink color. Both Ranjana and her daughter were looking very beautiful as always. I booked a cab and headed towards the shopping mall.

Ranjana: Rohit, you didn’t tell me what you are going to buy?
Me: I want to gift you and Labu a nice dress.

Ranjana didn’t reply but leaned her head on my shoulder. I held my hand with her both hands. Labu was busy watching the road from the car window. We reached our destination and moved in. We three were roaming counter to counter. Every man was looking at us and felt jealous.

Ranjana and Labu both were very happy. We entered a shop with designer kurti. Ranjana was at first, hesitant. But when I insisted she was choosing a kurti for her. I saw a light yellow designer kurti. It was sleeveless. It was very beautiful. I asked Ranjana to try that.

She already chose a black kurti for her. Black is her favorite color. I said, “Ranjana why don’t you try that yellow one?”. The salesgirl immediately replied, “Sir you have a good choice. It will look very good on madam.” I replied, “Yes I know I always have a good choice, either it is dress or wife.”

Ranjana was blushing, hearing my words. The salesgirl said, “Yes sir your wife is very beautiful, and madam looks fabulous in this yellow dress.” Ranjana pinched on my back when the sales girl told me that Ranjana was my wife. Ranjana took both the kurtis and went to the trial room.

We followed her. We stood outside. A few minutes later, Ranjana came out from the trial room, wearing that yellow kurti. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Ranjana asked, “Rohit how I am looking?” I didn’t answer but gave a flying kiss. Ranjana blushed and hurriedly went into the trial room.

Then she came out with that black kurti. She was looking fabulous. She didn’t wait for my answer because she read my eyes already. She went in and changed in her blacktop. I told her that I bought both for her. She laughed at me and kissed me on my cheek.

Then we headed to the children section and bought a dress for Labu. We then headed towards a sari shop. We chose a light pink color silk sari. Ranjana took me to a watch shop and she gave me a costly wristwatch. We had done enough shopping. We went to the rooftop restaurant for lunch.

We ordered some nonveg food and we all ate. We were again roaming here and there in that mall. It was now 5 pm. We went to a nearby park. Ranjana and I were sitting on the grass. Labu was playing around. Ranjana was sitting on my left side. She leaned her head on my left shoulder and held my hand.

Ranjana: Rohit when you are with me I felt very happy.
Me: I also feel very happy.
R: Again when you will come to Delhi? Promise me every month at least once you will come to meet me.

Me: Ranjana I feel disturbed.
R: Why? Don’t you like to sit with me?
Me: Yes I like it very much. But your soft melons and erect nipples are poking continuously and making me restless.

Ranjana laughed and playfully hit my back. “You perverted monster, always you are thinking about sex na? Single-track mind.” I sniffed heavily from her head and said, “What can I do you always make me horny.” She pushed me to the other side and was laughing loudly.

I was on my back on the grass. I winked her to come upon me but she slapped on my leg and smiled. I knew that was a public place and she couldn’t do this. But suddenly Labu came and sat on my belly and jumped with joy. We all three were laughing.

A few times later, we had ice-cream. I whispered, “I don’t want to eat ice-cream from this cup, my best place is…” and didn’t complete my sentence. Ranjana understood that I was indicating the last afternoon when I was licking ice-cream from her entire body at my hotel room.

She blushed and her face became red. She hit on my stomach with her elbow.
It was 7 pm. Nobody wanted to go back. But we got up and headed home. In the car, Labu slept. Ranjana gave me several kisses on my cheeks and chin and neck. Once I held her face and went into a deep smooch.

She held my hard dick above my pants and squeezed hard. I wrapped my hand around her back and pressed her boobs above the dress. After almost one hour we reached their home. I took Labu in my lap and we went into the house. I laid Labu on the bed and turned around.

I saw Ranjana was standing. I saw a naughty smile on her face. I opened her clothes within a few seconds and made her completely nude. She didn’t protest, rather she was busy removing my dresses. I took her in my lap. I went to the dining room and placed her on the dining table.

I pushed my hard dick inside her wet pussy. She was wrapping her hands around my neck. She took my lips in her mouth and sucked while I was pounding her pussy. We both were grunting with pleasure. I wanted to do a long session but it was not possible because anytime Samar came.

So I pounded her pussy in the same position for 15 minutes. And after that, we both reached our orgasm. We both were gasping for breath. Her soft melons were going up and down with her every breath. We parted. Ranjana took her clothes and went to their attached bathroom and I went to my room.

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