Started with a kiss, ended in sex with cousin sis – Hot Story

Started with a kiss, ended in sex with cousin sis – Hot Story

Hi, I am Shailendra from Bangalore. I am writing a sex story for the first time. This is a story based on real incidents that happened between me and my distant cousin sister

After my engineering degree, I stayed in my relative’s home. There was me, my elder cousin brother, and younger cousin sister. I was 26 years old at that time and she was 25.

Here is some description about myself. I’m 5’7” in height, very fair and good looking, working in a software company now. This story is about what happened 9 years back.

We three were very close to each other and uses to roam around, watch movies in our free time, etc. Initially, I didn’t have any bad intentions. My elder cousin brother was working as a sales manager and hence he used to go on tours for 4 days in a week. So, most of the time it was me and my cousin sister staying at home.

Now, let me describe her to you all. She is of 5’5” in height, 34bb-27-36 curvy figure, fair and had pouting lips. We both were very friendly, kind of close with not too much of dirty talks, but used to talk about girls, etc. Whenever any girl looked at me, she used to tease me.

I started feeling that she likes me internally and because of that, she is jealous of other girls who flirt with me.

One day I was sleeping on her lap and slowly started seducing her by moving my head from her lap to close to her pussy and began smooching her gently. Slowly, I started gripping her butt by surrounding my hand around it.

After some time, she slept in my lap, and I gave a kiss on her right cheek! She woke up suddenly and left from there. I was surprised and felt that she might have got angry.

But as days passed, I slowly increased my touches and one fine day, I hugged my cousin sister from behind. She tried to escape and since I held her tight she said, “It’s not right”. I told her that I like her and if she doesn’t like me then I will free her. She said to leave her and so, I left her.

She went to another room, and I quietly went to the master bedroom and lay on the cot in disappointment. After some time, she came in and said, “Sorry” and asked me why I was sad?

I said, “You know the reason”. She then said, “Ok, I will allow you to only hug me”. I said, “Along with the hug, I want to kiss you on your cheeks.” She was okay with that, then I slowly got up and made her stand touching the wall.

I started hugging her slowly and seductively from the front ensuring that my chest will sense and touch her boobs. I slowly started kissing her cheeks and seducing her by kissing her close to her lips but not exactly kissing on the lips.

Initially, she was not hugging me in return. Then I removed my hands and left her. She asked me, “What happened?”

I said, “Maybe you are not interested to hug me and don’t like me”, then she said, “I like you”. I asked her to respond to my hug. She started hugging me and this time it was very tight.

I increased the hugs count from the next day. I slowly started kissing on her lips too. The next day during my hugs, I kissed her lips unexpectedly. She again showed surprise and left from there. I said, “Sorry, I won’t do all these things”.

My cousin sister was quiet for some time and came to me and said that she likes me a lot. I grabbed her and started kissing vigorously on her lips, started initially with a mild kiss on my favourite pouted lips, and gradually increased the depth.

She was mesmerized and responded well. Slowly, I moved my hands to her bare belly by lifting her salwar top. OMG! It was damn smooth and I was really on cloud nine. She got tremors in her body but didn’t stop me. She was in a trance and we were like that for some time.

The next day same was repeated and this time, I kissed a little deeper onto her neck and slowly started kissing the beginning of her cleavage. I asked her to remove her salwar top and she obeyed.

I started kissing on top of her black bra and the uncovered portions of her boobs. Then I made her lay on the bed and I hugged her and started kissing on her uncovered portion of boobs and licking there.

I came down and started licking on her deep navel (my cousin had a navel like an actress, Tamanna). Slowly I removed her bra and OMG, what a pair of golden smooth boobs she had! They were really awesome, and I was awestruck watching them for some time. Then slowly, I started licking every portion of each boob and finally came to her brown nipples.

The moment I started licking them, she hugged me very tightly and pushed my head to her boobs. She came on top of me and I was licking her boobs. Simultaneously, I started moving my fingers on her back gently, as she was losing her control and said, “Your hands are really turning me on a lot. I’m fully yours”.

Her boobs were awesome to lick and I was pumping them like anything.

Then I moved my hand to untie the salwar bottom and removed it. I moved my hand on to her pelvic region and made gentle moves as she was shivering like anything. I touched her pussy lips and slowly moved my fingers up and down.

Now, I removed her panty too and then removed my t-shirt and shorts too. Slowly I started inserting my fingers into my cousin sister’s pussy and she became uncontrollable. I did this for 5 minutes and she was begging me to insert my penis.

I removed my inners and touched my penis tip on her pussy and started moving my tool from top to bottom of her pussy without inserting. Then I licked her pussy for almost 15 minutes. She was moaning loudly and was literally begging me to insert. After 5 more minutes, I inserted into her pussy slowly.

Her pussy was very tight and she was feeling pain. She requested me to stop but I was ramming her pussy and touching her g-spot simultaneously with my finger. She was frozen and held me tightly. Then she reached her climax but I still continued for 15 minutes more and dropped all my liquid into her love hole.

We both felt happy and I did 3 more times that day. We had sex in multiple angles like early morning sex, sex in the shower, doggy, in the kitchen, etc.

We enjoyed it for the next 2 years, but now we both rarely meet.

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