Story About How I Fucked A Girl On Last Day On Campus

Story About How I Fucked A Girl On Last Day On Campus

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People have asked for her mail id, and as we both are true advocates of gender equality, here are the mail ids

We were lying on the ground, cuddling and kissing in the woods. Soon we started to move towards my bike so that we can go to my hostel to have the real fun. Our campus is vast, maybe 2000 acres. It takes a while, even on the bike, to reach my hostel from the north.

I asked her to ride the bike, and I got on the back. I was caressing her neck and kissed her shoulder, placing my hands on her perky boobs. She was shivering a bit. I lifted her skirt, which made the cold breeze to touch the glory hole. She pulled over and said she can’t ride the bike this way.

I took the bike and started going, now she took my dick out. She started warming it up nicely in the cold. All I could I feel was her warm hands around my dick in the cold breeze. We reached our hostel and went to my room on the second floor.

I left the room and went to the terrace and checked if anyone was there. But to my luck, there was no one (I thought so). I went back to my room, and she was searching in my wardrobe for condoms.

Chaaya: No condoms?

D: I don’t have any now.

Chaaya: As if that would stop us.

Saying this, she took my sports T-shirt, which was sweaty. She smelled it deeply and gave a nasty look. Maybe she liked the scent of my pheromones. I pinned her to the wall held her hands in my hands, not letting her go. I was taunting her lips.

She was desperate for a kiss which I didn’t give. But I bit her neck, leaving a mark. She hugged me tightly in pain. We decided to continue this under the moon, on the terrace, in the open. I took a mattress to the terrace. I came back to the room.

To my surprise, she was wearing my basketball jersey sleeves with no panties and bra. The sight was amazing. The jersey was giving a clear side view of boobs. She pulled the jersey back, and her nipples were poking out. She was taunting me by turning around and bending, showing me her ass.

I spanked her so hard her butt cheeks became red instantly. I kissed her butt cheeks to calm her. I took the same jersey shorts and wore it in front of her and gave a nasty look. We went to the terrace and sat in our knees and started kissing. We didn’t cover ourselves with blankets.

We were kissing openly as I knew that no one was around. Damn! That felt good. There was no love. It was just pure lust, the lust which was not satisfied for a long time. We needed a raw fuck. We had masturbated individually, but we both were craving for a fuck.

We were pushing each other while kissing to take dominance over one another. I am tall, so I had the edge over her. Our hands were on each other’s backs and suddenly, I pushed my middle finger into her asshole. She trembled a bit fell I was on top of her.

Now she was completely under me. I think she felt somewhat defeated as I was choking her with my hands and said.

D: Tonight, you do what I say.

Chaaya: Hai, goshuji sama. (ok master)

It was Japanese. She knows that I watched anime and said it purposefully to excite me. What she didn’t know was I watched anime sexual too. I think she wanted someone to dominate her and rampage her completely. She wanted true justice, which is ‘the winner takes all.’

The first thing I did was spitting on her face. She was angry. I held her throat and tightened my grip. Then she realized this is what she wanted. She closed her eyes. I started licking her face on one side and suffocating her on the other side. I loosened the grip but didn’t take off my hand over her throat.

She was able to breathe now. I moved my hand towards her left boob. I pressed it so hard she was almost on the verge of crying. Then I pinched her right nipple hard and pulled her nipple. Now, she started crying and was trying to hit me. I left her boobs. I crawled inside the jersey.

I started slowly licking her boobs and nipple. They became very sensitive because of the pain she held my head tightly in her boobs. All this time, she was in pain. Now, it was time for pleasuring her. I licked her boob, and she started feeling ease and enjoyed it.

I started chewing her boobs, and she pushed me away. I felt it a bit difficult staying inside the jersey. So I removed it, and she was naked. I stood up and was looking at her body, admiring it, I took off my shorts and stood there so that she can have a look at me clearly.

I fell on her and started chewing her boobs again, and she shouted. I realized a guy was standing maybe 10 meters away. Holy shit! I didn’t know what to do, but the guy was not looking at us. Rather, he was avoiding looking at us. By this time, even she realized there was someone.

I had stopped and was looking somewhere else. We were completely naked and didn’t cover ourselves. To my surprise, he just left the terrace. We were completely in shock. I felt it was no longer safe, but I didn’t want to stop. So I closed her mouth with my left hand and started chewing her boobs.

I have an obsession with the boobs. I started fingering her now with my right hand using two fingers. I was not fingering slowly or smoothly, I fingered her hard and fast. Within a few minutes, she had an orgasm. That’s how I fingered her this time. It fell on my hands and thighs.

I gave her the jersey, and I took the shorts. We rolled the mattress and came back to my room. She thought I would let her suck my dick before entering her, but I didn’t. I removed the jersey on both of us. I came on her and teased her with my dick placing it on her pussy.

Chaaya: Goshuji sama, (master), please be gentle.

D: Gentle, my ass.

I guided my ‘Excalibur’ into the ‘holy site’ and pushed my cock. It was completely inside. She couldn’t control and screamed. We both were desperate for this fuck, so I started drilling her hole with all my force. At first, she was trying to push me, but all in vain.

She started to move her hips too. She was becoming insane and pulling my hair, adding to the pain. I held her boobs tightly to have stability. Then I fell on her and rolled and made her sit on me. This was painful for her and me too. But she slowly started to have the pleasure.

She held my shoulders and riding me. She bit her own lips and pressed her boobs. I pulled her towards me and lip locked. Stopped fucking for a while and was enjoying the kiss. I rolled again, Now she was on her back. I took control and started ramming her with my cock as soon as I sped up I was about to cum.

She too came close, she came first. But we didn’t have protection. So I removed my cock out and handed it to her. She was lying there with no energy trying to make me cum giving a handjob. I was not done yet. So I forced my way into her mouth and mouthfucked her. She was gagging now.

But as I was about to cum, in that moment of ecstasy, I didn’t care how she was feeling. I came in her mouth. As soon as I took it out, she coughed a lot, and there were tears in her eyes. We both were exhausted.

I said I am sorry for gagging while cuddling her. She comforted herself in my arms. Soon we slept off. This was our first time, and in the morning, I will have to leave for my home.

I don’t know at what time I slept, but I woke up at 5 because of my alarm. I had to leave early so that I wouldn’t be bothered by the police on my way due to lockdown. I got fresh by 5:30. I found her clothes beneath the bed, and I woke her up.

It took me a while to wake her up without touching anything except her face. Because I felt if I touch her, I would not stop and go for another round. She woke up. I gave her clothes. She understood and wore them.

Everything was already packed. So we came down with the luggage. We took the bike, and I dropped her at her hostel. I checked if the security was watching. They were sleeping. So I pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately and said, “Stay safe.” She said, “You too.”

That is the end. After coming home, I contacted her only once. That’s when I came to know that her flight was canceled, and she was still on the campus.

Thank you for bearing me this long and hopeful that you all will be able to fulfill your desires in this lockdown.

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