Story about how I turned into a gay!

Story about how I turned into a gay!

I am a 22-year-old guy, Shrey, bisexual. This is my first story and a fictional one.

After the breakup with my first gf due to her job for which she left the town, I wasn’t able to find any other. I became increasingly horny, unable to satisfy my lust with my hand and porn.

I dived into even more categories of porn. That’s how I came in contact with shemale porn. I developed a liking for beautiful girls with thick cocks. Gradually, that liking turned to a liking for a cock.

That’s how I came into gay porn. I started to enjoy it. Boys taking it in their asses just like girls. I was inclined towards the bottom side, getting fucked by a dick in fantasy but afraid to do so in reality. But I wanted to try surely one-time.

And that day of my first gay experience came soon. I went to a movie at a mall, and the movie wasn’t much interesting. I needed to pee, so I went to the bathroom. There was only one other man except me. He looked like he was in his thirties, a bit dark complexion, a little bit chubby, and 5’8″ in height.

He was standing at the urinal before I came. He stood there even after I finished and was about to leave. So I stopped and watched, and I found he wasn’t peeing. He was jerking off!

I was able to see his cock from a certain angle, and I stopped to look at it. I didn’t know what came over me, that I went and spoke to him, “May I help you?”

He stared at me, “What? How can you help me?”

Me: I can give you a handjob.

He gave me a shocking look.

He: Are you gay?

Me: Yes.

He: But I am not. I don’t need you.
Me: Trust me, its more fun when anyone else rubs it

He looked at me for a few seconds and said, ok. I went to him and took his cock in my hands. It was 6 inches long, handful dark in color. I started rubbing it. Pulled the foreskin and pushed it.

His expression changed and became to enjoy, “Oh, yeah, you’re good.”

I increased my pace, and pleasure waves begin to strike him. I also like rubbing another man’s cock. He said, “Why don’t you suck it? I want a blowjob, suck it, please.”

I wasn’t ready for a blowjob, but the lust overtook me again, and I agreed. We went into the commode room and closed the door. I sat over the commode seat, and he stood in front of me.

I took his cock in my hand and brought my lips close to it. I took it in. I took it half in and took out. Again went in, and out, and started sucking it. I rubbed my tongue all over it, rolling it over the cock. I pressed with my lips the whole length of cock.

Took it out, spit over it, rubbed it with my hands on his cock, and again took it. I applied all that I had seen in porn. I took it whole and increased the pace of sucking. He was in ecstasy. “You are too good at this. Looks like a professional,” while this was my first time.

He was moaning and began dirty talking, “Yeah, take it bitch, suck my cock, suck it hard.” I was also enjoying it. My lust forced me to get even dirtier. My cock got hard, and next, I wanted to get fucked in this encounter with the big guy.

I took his cock whole, deepthroated it. My nose tip touched his pubic hairs, my lower lip touched his balls. He was making strange groaning sounds from his mouth. I kept his cock in my throat till I wasn’t able to breathe. Next, I took it out and again started.

He: I’m cumming.

The lust that was controlling me told me to get dirtier.

Me: Cum in my mouth.

He: Ok.

And after a few seconds, a wave of hot thick, slippery fluid filled my mouth. Then came second and third spurts and few smaller ones followed. My mouth was filled with a stranger’s cum, and I was enjoying it. I drank some of it and spit out the rest on my hands.

He: You are too good. I am straight. I didn’t think I could enjoy myself so much with a boy.

Me: Thanks. You over or want more?

He: What more?

Me: Wanna fuck me? My ass, it’s a virgin.

He thought for few seconds and said, “Sure, I wanna fuck you.” His cock had gone limp, so I sucked it again to revive it. I made it hard by sucking for a few minutes. His pants were down till his thighs. I unbuttoned my pants and underwear and took them to my thighs.

I said, “I like standing doggy style,” desperate as I was enjoying sex after a long time.

First, he kept his cock in my ass crack and rub up and down. I liked the sensation of a cock rubbing in my ass crack. He pressed my hips on his cock to feel his cock trapped inside an ass.

I stood against the door, leaning forwards, and my ass sticking out. He stood up, spat on his hands, and rubbed it in my asshole. He did it two to three times to lubricate it. His dick was already lubricated with his cum.

He kept it at my hole and pushed inside. “Ah,” I cried as it pained a lot. “It’ll pain in starting. Eventually, it’ll be a pleasure,” and he started fucking me.

Initially, it pained, but gradually it reduced, and pleasure took over. He rammed his cock inside and kept fucking me in that position for 10 minutes.

We both started to moan after a few minutes. I cried,” Oh, yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me hard, you son of a bitch.”

He said, “I am gonna fuck you real hard.”

He spanked my ass a few times and even grabbed it and pressed it. Next, we changed positions. He sat on the commode, and I sat on his cock. As it went inside, I started to jump over it to fuck. He held my cock in front and started rubbing it.

It was too much pleasure. First, the pleasure of taking a cock in my ass and then of my cock being rubbed by someone. We both were enjoying the hot steamy fuck in a mall’s washroom where anyone could come anytime. But we were too much in pleasure to care about it.

I cummed, and it struck the bathroom door. And he was close to cumming, that he signaled me. I said, “Cum inside,” and after a few minutes, he cummed inside my ass. Cum came down from my ass spread on our thighs.

I sat there only for some rest, his cock still inside my ass. He said, “I really enjoyed it. Whether it will make me gay, I don’t know.”

We broke a laugh.

I said, “Not gay because gays are interested in men only. You are still interested in women, right, so you’ll be a bisexual.”

He replied, “I think I am not interested in men, just in you.” He laughed.

Then only I realized all this while the door was only shut, not locked. And so someone opened the door. He was a janitor. He looked at us in shock, two guys, naked fucking here and his cock still inside me. His expression tensed, and I could see the rage on his face!

What happens next? Find out in the next part. Do mail me about your reviews at [email protected]

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