Story about the rich kids who were rich at heart as well

Story about the rich kids who were rich at heart as well

Previous Part: From Dharward To Bangalore – Adjusting To The Shift

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Previously – The next morning, I woke up sore in my cunt. I was still cursing Afreen to the depths of my heart for body and personality shaming me. I was still angry with her.

I was adjusting to the shift, just like Sachin was.

I got dressed in a hurry and left before Sachin woke up. I messaged him after I locked his house from the outside and threw the key into the window. I reached my aunt’s house. I got a lecture from my aunt and uncle about how my behavior was getting worse every weekend.

Basically, according to them, women are not supposed to be disappearing every Friday night or, for that matter, even wear jeans. They went on and on about how girls have to finish college, come home, cook, clean, and live a ‘proper’ life.

Well, to all my readers who have a daughter above the age of 18 – she’s probably already experimenting with her body. The more you keep her in a cage, the more she’s going to rebel.

I’m 34 years old right now. I had my first threesome when I was 26 and a foursome when I was 28. I’m successful and work a respectable job. So I suggest you go easy on your daughter and give her the freedom she wants. But protect her the right way.

If you are a parent who has a son – teach him how to treat a woman right. And never ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do, be it in bed or otherwise.

So, here we go – I was still sore on that Saturday morning. My head was pounding from a bad hangover. I excused myself and stayed in my room the whole day, thinking about that guy rolling a joint outside the restroom.

It was a typical weekend for a middle-class girl like me. It was all about food, family talk, and watching Kannada serials. I just couldn’t wait to get back to college.

Monday came. I got dressed and left for college. I had about 50+ messages from Sachin. By now, I was sure he was in love with me, or should I say, ‘in love with my body?’ Well, I was in love too, with his cock and nothing else about him.

I reached college. It was a typical Monday – two rows of seating, women on one side and men on the other side. As usual, I sat next to my regular set of girls. Somehow, I had become a superstar among my village friends, considering that all of them were still virgins.

We girls share a lot, and I had been telling them about my sexual escapades. I was always one of those goody-two-shoes girls who got to class 10 minutes before the lecturer arrived. So, we gossiped for a bit, a few girly giggles, and then class started.

About 15 minutes into class, the ‘joint guy’ walked in. The lecturer stopped and looked at him.

He – May I come in, Sir? (In English)

Lecturer – Who are you, and what do you want? (In Kannada)

He – Sir, I’m Deepak. I joined college last week, Finance and Marketing elective. (In broken Kannada)

Lecturer – Okay Deepak, this is your first and last warning, don’t come late to my class again

Deepak – Sorry Sir, next time onwards I will be on time.

I could already see my friends light up with puppy dog eyes looking at this guy. He was different, with long hair, a black T-shirt, jeans, a denim jacket, and a helmet in his hand.

So, he walked up to the middle of the aisle, looking very confused. He sat in the 4th row in the girl’s side of the classroom. Everybody just froze. The lecturer couldn’t believe what was happening. I’m quite sure nobody had ever done that in the history of my college.

Lecturer – Hello, hello, Mr. Deepak, what are you doing? Why are you sitting there?

I could see the look on Deepak’s face. He was clearly confused.

Deepak – Sorry, Sir, did I do anything wrong?

Lecturer – Shut your mouth and sit on the boy’s side. Do you think you are great?

Deepak apologized and walked up the gallery, and sat at the last bench. The boy’s side was full. There was no other place to sit.

Lecturer – I knew that you were a last-bench idiot. You come late and then want to sit with the girls. Let’s see how long you last in this MBA course.

Well, Deepak didn’t say anything. I guess he was trying to adjust to the shift himself. The class got over, and we had a break. I usually head to the canteen for a snack and coffee with my girlfriends during breaks. Some boys come to talk to us, literally eye fucking us as they do. We girls liked the attention.

And then… the strangest thing happened, Afreen walked up to us, and she asked if she could talk to me in private. I was already trembling and scared even before she said anything. My friends moved away, and Afreen apologized for saying what she had said the previous week.

I was confused and wanted to run away, but she was genuinely apologizing. She introduced me to the rich kids’ group, and I felt relaxed a bit. I tried my best to speak in whatever English I could. Strangely, nobody was laughing at me. I actually felt good.

There were Afreen, Kavita, Jagadeesh, Kunal, Disha, Anisha, and Jennifer. Deepak was nowhere in sight. We spoke a bit, exchanged introductions, and headed back to class.

As any good girl would, I took notes and was attentive in class. I kept turning and looking at Deepak from time to time. He never lifted his head. He just kept taking notes.

The class got over, and everyone left. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about those rich kids. So I stayed back a bit and left class about 15 minutes later. I was walking past the parking lot. I saw Deepak start his bike. He rode a Royal Enfield, and not many people had bikes in my college at that time.

And then, my heart sank, and I felt like throwing up. I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw Afreen sit on Deepak’s bike. She held his shoulders, and they rode out of college. It was then that I realized that I had a thing for this guy.

Boy-oh-boy, if I have to think about it now, after all these years. My hormones were out of control when I was in college.

I took the bus home, and all the while, I was thinking to myself why I couldn’t be like Afreen. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and Deepak fucking each other. They were probably doing it right now with me taking a local bus home to my horrible aunt and uncle.

Anyway, I reached home, went for a bath, and still couldn’t stop thinking about both of them fucking. I started to masturbate, slowly working my fingers around my already hard clit. I would like to admit that my pussy lips are irregular. One is longer than the other.

I often like to pull on them and rub my fingers around until I work up some juices before I finally insert two fingers. Just when I was about to insert my fingers, my phone vibrated. I stopped and looked at my phone.

Text messages

Afreen College: Hey babe, you want to catch up? A few of us are going shopping.

Me: Hi, yes, yes, I will come!

God, I felt like a complete idiot!

Afreen College: Sure, see you at 7:30 at Orion Mall?

Me: Okay, yes, yes, I will come.

Afreen College: Ahem, okay, see you then.

I jumped out of the shower and looked for the most modern clothes I had. After almost half an hour of digging through the clothes, I found a pair of tight jeans and a white sleeveless top. I wore that, stared at myself in the mirror, and realized that something was missing.

Oh yeah, my non-existential boobs. I got a pair of socks and stuffed them into my bra. They looked slightly bigger. I slapped on some lipstick and headed out. I took an auto-rickshaw.

I kept thinking to myself, what if Deepak notices that my boobs look bigger? What if he had already noticed my almost flat chest in the MBA uniform? Did he notice that I had a nice round, shapely ass? But how could he have noticed it in my formal uniform pants? It was just so many thoughts.

I reached the mall and went to the ice cream parlor as they told me to. Afreen hugged me. Her nice round boobs were pressing against the socks that I had stuffed in my bra. I prayed hard for 3 seconds that she wouldn’t notice.

Afreen – Hey Pooj, glad you made it. We are just getting some ice cream.

Me – Hi, yes, yes! Nice meeting you.

I was such an idiot. I felt like I was a sheep who had just walked into a den of wolves. But strangely, they were nice. We talked about boys, mostly about the rich kids – Kunal, Jagadeesh, Vaibhav, and others. But nobody spoke about Deepak.

I was thinking maybe because the pack leader (Afreen) was doing the horizontal dance on him. After an hour of walking around the mall, I finally had to ask her, so I mustered up some courage and said.

Me – Afreen, shall I ask you something personal?

Afreen – Sure, babe, anything.

Me – That boy you went with on the bike today, is he your boyfriend?

Afreen – Who Deepak? Yuk no… not at all, he lives near my house. so I get him to drop me home

At that moment, the sun just shone on me again at 8:30 pm in the evening.

Afreen – Deepak is a nice guy, but he’s always smelling of booze and ganja. We don’t even talk to him that much. Nobody in college wants to talk to him. He came to me and told me that I should not be bad to you and that it is wrong to body shame or personality shame a woman.

Afreen – I was scared. But when he told me how you would have felt for what I said, I almost cried. I’m sorry once again, babe.

Me thinking to myself – Do I want to fuck this guy, marry him, or both? My Knight in shining armor.

Afreen – Babe, I’m really sorry, and we girls think that you are very pretty, I mean, your ass it pretty. Your boobs don’t show in uniform, but they look nice and firm in this top.

Me thinking to myself – Yeah, right! I’m glad I stuffed those socks in my bra.

We shopped for a while. I couldn’t buy much because, like a middle-class girl, I couldn’t afford much of what these rich girls could.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I really wanted to fuck Deepak. My English was bad. I wasn’t as hot as Afreen or the other girls or guys from the rich kids’ group. Although I was learning and adapting, I was like a fresher gaining experience.

What I learned was simple. Some rich people are rich at heart.

I would like to apologize to my horny male and female readers that there was not much sex or erotica involved in this episode. But I’ll leave you with some anticipation.

So, for the anticipation part, Deepak and I did fuck, eventually. He was the cause of my divorce. The threesomes and foursomes I had were with him involved. I don’t meet him anymore, but yes, I did feel great to recall all the great times.

This is me, Poojita, and thank you for reading. I promise that the next episode will be loaded with a lot of raunchy things. I’m going through my dairies as I write. I just turned a page about a great experience.

Please keep in mind I’m a mother of a child, and please comment accordingly.

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