Story of a bus journey with a hot sexy married lady

Story of a bus journey with a hot sexy married lady

I have a humble request to all the readers of my previous story. Please do not ask me for the contact details of the woman in this story about my bus journey. Whether a man or a woman, both have equal physical urges. Just because a woman was involved, it does not make her characterless. Please respect this.

This story dates back to 2017 when I had to travel. It was an Airavat bus which started from Bangalore at 12 noon and was scheduled to reach Shimoga by 5 PM. I boarded the bus and sat in my designated seat. The bus was empty, with less than 50 % occupancy.

When the bus started, a family consisting of the husband, wife, and a small kid of around 3 years boarded the bus. They did not have a reservation, so they bought tickets from the conductor and went and sat in the middle.

The lady was young, around 28 or 29 years old. She was slim, with not a great figure. I don’t know why I felt like looking at her again and again. The bus started, and it was past 1 PM. I closed the book I was reading and glanced back once. I found most of the seats empty.

I got up from my seat and casually walked to the bac. Luckily, I found the row of seats behind the family to be empty. I sat down in the window seat just behind them, pulled the curtains, and settled down. There was a strange feeling that something might happen during that journey.

I was sometimes looking at the TV and sometimes outside. The family was busy talking and playing with the kid. The kid was jumping from his mother’s lap to his father’s lap frequently. They spoke very less and were concentrating on the TV screen when not handling the kid.

The lady was in a blue salwar suit. She was petite in build. She had small boobs, but her face was quite attractive. I, too, was attracted to her. After some time, the lady pushed her seat back completely. The distance between us was too less, you could say a few inches.

A naughty thought crossed my mind. I kept my left hand in the gap between the seat and the window and wanted to test the waters. Nothing happened for some time. But when the bus took a turn to the right, the lady was pushed towards the left, which made her move towards the window.

I was thrilled when my fingers brushed her arms. I could feel the material of her dupatta on my fingers. Her arms were slender, but I somehow felt very horny feeling those arms. She had moved back to her original position, leaving me disappointed.

I did not have to wait for long as the next turn was very steep. This time she was pushed completely towards the window. This time my fingers did not just brush against her arms but pressed into her flesh. The nylon material of the dupatta and my fingers digging into the flesh of her arms sent me into a tizzy.

This time, she did not move back to her original position but continued to sit leaning against the window. The wide gap between the seat and the windowpane helped my cause. I made a slight movement of my fingers to let her know that my fingers were feeling the pleasure of touching her arms.

I wanted to check what her reaction would be. My idea was to remove my hand if there was any adverse reaction. Luck was on my side, nothing happened, and she continued to sit in the same position. The kid jumped to his mother’s lap, which made her open her arms to accommodate him on her laps.

This was a blessing in disguise as now the arms were stretched, leaving the sides of her left boob open to my touch. After receiving the child in her arms, the lady leaned back to her seat. But her arms were wound across the child, leaving the boob vulnerable to my touch.

I waited patiently, and when there was a jerk. Her body was pushed back, leaving my fingers in contact with the sides of her boob. The outline of her small bra holding those small boobs making contact with my fingers was a heavenly feeling.  I still was not sure if she knew about my advances.

I was surprised when she did not bother to move away. I was now comfortably feeling her boob over the dress. I started making small movements with my fingers to enjoy the feeling of the bra. There was no way I could guess the bra’s color or the size, but it was enchanting.

The lady felt sleepy and what she did next was even more intoxicating. She put her head to the left and rested it on the window pane. It made her body move further to the left, pushing her boob deep into my fingers. I could clearly feel the bra material.

I was now completely aroused. Thankfully I was wearing a pair of jeans that did not make my boner evident. Luckily, there was no one beside me or on the other pair of seats on the right side, and my activities were not noticed by anyone. I wanted to experience the maximum out of the situation.

I moved my hand slightly up, and now I could feel her armpits. I moved my hands a little front, and now I could feel her complete boob. I gently pressed it once. Seeing no reaction from her, I continued to hold her left boob intermittently pressing it.

I could not gauge whether she was enjoying it or not. But the lack of resistance confirmed she was alright with it. The act continued till we reached the outskirts of Shimoga. There was a stop in Bhadravathi, and then the journey was less than 15 minutes to Shimoga.

I took courage, and what was small, gentle pumps of the boob now turned into vigorous ones. I kept mauling her boob, and she seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. When we reached the Shimoga bus stand, it was time to alight from the bus. I waited patiently.

When my dream lady was on the aisle holding her bag toeing behind her hubby, I stood behind her and started moving with her to the exit. I put my left hand on her small ass cheek and gave a gentle pump. I could feel the outline of her panty, and this made me even hornier.

I moved a little front and poked my dick on her ass. I was surprised by what she did. She put her left hand behind and gave a gentle squeeze to my dick. This was my chance. I had quickly written down my phone number on a piece of paper and kept it ready. I found the right opportunity and thrust it into her hand.

After getting down from the bus, I was sad that my sexual journey had ended. But what lay in store was surprising. That night, I received a message on my phone, which read, “Neevu maadidhu sarina.” (What you did?)

I didn’t have an answer. But I simply replied, saying, “I am sorry. I could not control it. You are very beautiful.” I didn’t get any reply. I did not want to push, so I slept.

The next morning, when I got up, I was greeted with a message that read, “Call me in the evening.” I was delighted. After returning from work, I dialed the number and introduced myself. She said, “Hi,” and then asked about me and told me about her.

She asked me how long I would stay and that where I was staying. I gave an answer to her, and she told me that she would like to meet me. The following evening, it was planned that we would meet near the veg food court, which was close to the hotel where I was staying.

She came as promised. We stood like strangers in the food court and managed to eat something talking in hush tones. She told me that she would love to invite me home. I was very happy and agreed to meet her in the afternoon the next day.

I managed to tell my boss that I would not be working in the afternoon as I had some urgent personal work the following day. Luck favors the brave. My manager also agreed without a fuss.

The next day afternoon, I reached her house. Once I reached the street, I sent her a message to confirm my arrival. She messaged me back, saying she would keep the door open. I entered the house without being noticed as it was afternoon. There were very few people on the street.

I sat down and was served a glass of water. Then she sat opposite me, and both of us did not have anything much to speak as we knew what we wanted. She stood up and started walking towards the kitchen. I followed her. Before she could reach the stove, I caught her by the hand and pulled her towards me.

She managed to say, “Bidi nan nana.” (Leave me.) But I was in no mood to listen. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck region and, at the same time, moved my hand to her right boob, which I had not touched on the bus. I started giving it small pumps. I could hear a faint moan escape her lips.

She bent her head back with eyes half-closed and was enjoying every bit of the moment. I did not want to waste time. I held her hand and started pulling her towards the living room. Once there, I asked her where the bedroom was. She pointed her fingers towards the room. I held her hand and led her to the room.

Once inside, I hugged her again, crushing her boobs against my chest. I put my hand on her back and pulled her tightly towards me. I moved my hand down to her ass cheeks and started squeezing them lightly. They were not meaty, but I was attracted a lot towards them.

I started feeling the ass cheeks one after the other. The feeling of the panty on my hands was a torturous moment for my dick. I made her sit on the bed and then put my hands under her knees and made her sleep on the cot. I removed my shirt and jeans and then dug into my jeans’ pocket to pull out a khaki cover.

You guessed it right. I had bought a packet of moods on my way to her house. I sat on the cot beside her and then bent forward and put my lips on hers. I started pressing the boobs on the dress and gradually brought my hand down to the hem of her dress. I started pulling the chudi top up and took it till the neck.

I could now see the beautiful boobs that I had become so mad about hidden in a pair of red bra. I put my hand inside the bra and pulled out a boob. Now the thing that I had yearned for was in front of my eyes, with an erect nipple and a brown areola surrounding the nipple.

I put my mouth on it and started sucking the boob like a hungry baby. I started circling sucking the nipples of this married woman.  It sent Sandhya into a tizzy. Yes, that was her name. Sandhya. I had learned about it on the call on the second day.

I put my hand on her pajama and started unknotting it. I managed to pull the pajama down till the ankles. The black pajama sliding down white skin was an awesome sight. The silver anklets and the shining toe ring made the environment terribly electrifying.

I pulled the black pajama out. Now my Sandhya was sleeping like snow white in her red bra and a white panty. I could see a dark spot on her panty, indicating that she had become wet. I put my hand behind her back and unhooked the bra.

Then leaving it on the shoulder blades, I moved down to slide the white piece of cloth down. I stood up to see sleeping beauty. She was shy and closed her eyes with both hands. What a sight it was – a red bra hanging on the shoulder with a white soaking panty at the ankles.

She removed her bra and, with her legs, threw the panty out. I removed my jockey and, with trembling hands, opened the condom box and wore one. My tool was standing in its full glory, 7 inches long, and 4 inches wide. Sandhya had covered her eyes with her forearm and was awaiting the final onslaught.

I kissed her again on the lips and in the neck region and started fondling her boobs. I sucked the nipples again and then moved my hands on her mound once. I could hear a very faint moan escaping her mouth and ended with “Amma.” I knew she was ready to receive my tool.

I positioned my dick on her vaginal entrance. I gave a small push, and my excited tool easily went in. Then I started a rhythmic movement increasing the pace slowly but surely. I now felt her legs wound across my waist and her hands held my back tightly. I could feel her nails dig through the skin of my back.

I had now started moving in and out fast, and she started reciprocating to every hit of mine. She started urging me to push and do it faster. I kept pushing and pulling. Then after what looked like eternity, I unloaded my cum inside the condom with a grunt.

I think she was satisfied, and she gave a tight hug and even kissed me on my cheeks. We both slept hugging each other tightly, and after some time, we got up and dressed. She served me lunch, and then it was time to depart. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Whatever happened, happened. But it should stop.”

She told me that my antics on the bus had turned her so horny that she took this extreme step to explore another body just once. She could not control her urge and finally give in. She asked me to promise me that I would neither meet her nor try to contact her again. I hugged her for one last time and promised her I wouldn’t.

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