Story Of A Group Travelling On A Private Jet, Enjoying Sex

Story Of A Group Travelling On A Private Jet, Enjoying Sex

Hi guys, this is a fictional story. But I hope you guys will love it. With a slight character intro, we will get into the story.

Chloe Cassidy was a hot and gorgeous teen girl who was doing her junior college. She was 19 then, and she looks stunning. She was around 5.9 feet tall with an amazing body figure of 34-24-34.

Just by seeing her sexy curves, many guys cum oozes out of their penis. In simple terms, she looked as hot as Sophie Turner.

Her neighbor and her long term friend, Noah Thompson, was a tall and handsome man with an athletic toned body and 6 feet tall. He was the hottest guy in the school. Though Noah and Chloe were neighbors and childhood friends, they never had much of a conversation.

It was because Noah had a girlfriend named Carol. Carol was a short and cute girl who was just 5.5 feet tall with a sexy body figure of 33-24-34. She looked more like Amber Heard.

And Chloe had a boyfriend named Justin, who was a son of a billionaire with an attractive manly body and height of 5.11 feet. So Chloe and Noah never really had the chance to engage in a conversation or had the time to hangout.

One day, Chloe’s boyfriend Justin plans a trip to an island named Niue, which was 2000 km away from New Zealand. Justin also invites Noah to join the trip with his girlfriend, Carol. Noah hesitated at the beginning, but as Carol insisted on him, he agreed to join the trip.

Few days went by. They all got ready for the trip to that remote island, unsure of network and habitats. As Justin’s dad is a billionaire, he made arrangements to go to Niue island via a private jet. They all hopped into Justin’s car from their home and reached the place where his private jet was parked.

Noah, Carol, and Chloe were moving their bags and luggage from the car to the jet. Justin noticed a lady who was sobbing. She was in her late 40’s, but still, she looked young and hot with a firm, sexy and curvy body.

Justin was attracted to that woman at first sight. She looked stunning, with a height of 5.7 feet and a busty body with a figure of 37-27-36. He walked towards the lady and asked her the reason why she was sobbing.

She had a sweet voice. As she spoke, Justin noticed her glossy red lips and her dazzling light brown eye. She looked more or less like Hayley Atwell.

She said her name was Sophia Peyton and explained that her husband passed away. He was working in New Zealand. So Justin offered her to join in their flight out of sympathy as well as in an evil mind hoping to get a chance to sleep with her.

She hesitated as everyone was a stranger. But she needed to go to New Zealand soon to attend her husband’s funeral. So she accepted the offer. So Noah, Carol, Justin, Chloe, and Justin’s bodyguard John Riley and the hot milf Sophia Peyton got into the jet, and the jet took off soon they got in.

Once the jet took of Justin told Chloe and others the reason he helped Sophia by offering her a ride. They offered their condolences. But about an hour later, Justin was gradually flirting with Sophia. He was eventually looking at Sophia’s cleavage as she was wearing a sexy short dress with a coat on top of it.

Her marvelous breasts were crushed inside her bra, forming a deep cleavage. Sophia noticed that he was staring at his cleavage and tried to cover it by her furry coat. That moment he was turned on. He couldn’t resist, and he can’t lay his hands on Sophia as well.

Justin walked to Chloe while she was with Noah and Carol, having a fun conversation. Justin picked Chloe up and started kissing her on her soft lips. Chloe was wearing a blue t-shirt and a midi.

Justin was kissing Chloe so deeply and passionately in front of everyone. His hands crawled to her ass and started squeezing it tightly. He turned Chloe to the other side, facing Sophia. He wanted Sophia to see how he pleasures his girlfriend.

Justin’s hands were squeezing Chloe’s ass hard. He was staring at Sophia, and she was looking at him too. A few minutes later, he made Chloe sit on his laps in a face-off style, still facing Sophia. He groped and squeezed Chloe’s firm hot breast.

Noah was seeing this the entire time, this made him horny, and it made Carol horny too. But they didn’t want to react to their intentions and make the situation more awkward. At the same time, they couldn’t control their urges.

Later, Justin and Chloe went inside the restroom. As soon as they got inside the restroom, Justin was hastily removing his dress. Her dress as well, he was completely naked. Chloe was also naked, except her thong was still on.

Justin kissed her so passionately and started pressing her boobs and ass while she was stroking his cock slowly. After a few minutes of deep kisses and tongue plays, Chloe went for his cock. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

That 6-inch cock of his was hard for her to take it completely in her mouth. A few minutes later, Justin felt like cumming. So he stopped her and made her turn around, tore her thong off her waist and inserted his rock hard wet cock inside her pussy nice and slowly. Her pussy was wet and horny already.

He fucked her pussy like never before. While fucking her, he closed his eyes and imagined Sophia. Chloe was screaming out of the pleasure that everyone in the jet could hear screams and moans. It made Noah and Carol hornier. Her screams and moaning sound from the restroom also gave John an erection.

5 minutes later, Justin cummed in Chloe’s pussy. They stood there in a hugging position for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Noah and Carol couldn’t control their urges any longer. Carol came up with an idea. She took a blanket from her bag, and they covered themselves till their tummy.

Then Noah’s hand crawled to Carol’s thighs. Carol was wearing a skirt, and Noah’s hands slowly crawled into her skirt, reached her panty. He started rubbing her pussy over the silky panty. She felt extreme pleasure at that point. Her body was swaying left and right due to her immense pleasure.

A minute later, Noah noticed that her panty was getting wet. So now he slid his hands into her panty, reaching her hairy pussy and started fingering her. She let out a slight moan but controlled it with heavy effort. Noah was more aroused by getting his hands wet by her pussy juice, which was oozing out of her vagina.

She attained multiple orgasms in just 10 minutes. After her 3rd orgasm, even her lower part of the skirt was wet. They didn’t care about it. Next thing Noah noticed was Carol’s hands moving towards his cock.

Her soft cold hands unzipped his pants and led her hand reach and grab hold of his penis. She started playing with the bud of his penis, and the foreskin. Her hands paused for a minute. She was about to shed tears. That’s when Noah realized that she had her 4th orgasm by his deep finger fucking.

As her eyes were filled with tears of pleasure, he stopped from finger fucking her. Instead, his hands moved up to her small firm boobs, which was inside her bra. As he started squeezing and playing with her boobs, her hands again started playing with his cock.

Carol slightly started stroking Noah’s penis. Then gradually, she increased the pace of stroking. She even played with his nutsack, giving a gentle massage and returned to stroking the cock. She then stroked his cock fast. A few minutes later, he cummed on his pants and on the blanket which was covering them.

Just then, Justin and Chloe and came out of the restroom, adjusting their dresses and their hair. Meanwhile, Noah and Carol tried to adjust their dress inside the blanket casually. But Chloe noticed the cum on her blanket and smiled at Carol. Carol smiled back at Chloe.

After their hot moment, they tried to have a nap. John Riley, Justin’s bodyguard, was human, after all. So once they all took a nap, John walked into the restroom. He saw a thong lying on the floor, he knew that the thong belonged to Chloe.

He picked it up, he noticed that the thong was wet and torn. He brought the thong near his nose and sniffed it. The wetness of the thong, the warmth of Chloe’s pussy juice, and the smell of it made John get turned on. He held the thing in the left hand and jerked off in his right hand.

He jerked off his cock by smelling Chloe’s thong and imagined like fucking Chloe in the same restroom, where she was fucked by Justin. Meanwhile, Sophia sensed that John would probably be jerking off now. She also thought for herself that she was traveling with a bunch of perverts.

John then jerked off his cock real, and he placed Chloe’s thong in front of his penis. He cummed on that thong. He then dipped it in the washbasin and threw then on the ground as same before. He came out of the restroom with an awkward reaction to his face.

Sophia saw him and turned around immediately. That’s when John realized that he forgot to zip his pants, and his cock was partially visible. He suddenly zipped his pants and covered his face with hands shamefully.

Time went by, and they all had a small nap. It has been 4 hours since the takeoff. They were doing fine till then. But later they started feeling heavy turbulence. Everyone woke up by the turbulence and the pilot’s words, “Mayday…mayday…”

Justin rushed to the pilot and asked what’s wrong. The pilot responded, “We are about to hit a swarm of storms. We can’t control the flight properly.”

Justin panicked and asked, “Can you land somewhere or lower the altitude, perhaps?” The pilot answered, “We will try to do a safe landing, but still there might be a heavy ground impact, so brace yourselves.”

Justin rushed back to seats and asked everyone to put on their seat belts and hold on to something. Everyone panicked and but they didn’t say anything further. They did as they were told. The flight turbulence got stronger every minute.

(P.S: This story takes place before COVID 19 pandemic. And all these characters are fictitious)


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