Story of a holiday romance with a hot and lusty lady

Story of a holiday romance with a hot and lusty lady

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Howdy folks? Wassup?

I am Michael. Some here might know me, some may not. But still. I am Michael, a bit of a vagabond, a good photographer from Bangalore, 6ft tall, and fit body. You could say I like to work with passion.

This story is a continuation of my Trekking story with a lusty lady. The story is a bit long, but you guys will love the ending.

The memories from it tranquilized me during my morning shower. As I stroked my dick, I remembered the best experience from it. Aditi was in the shower, washing up. I was outside in the room, watching TV. Some boring program was on.

All my thoughts were driven by the idea of her sexy milky body, with water slowly dripping through her body. My dick was already hard, with my dirty thoughts. She then came out of the shower in a bath towel wrapped around her cleavage, barely covering boobs and her thighs. She dried her wet hair.

I looked at her in the mirror. As she was drying her hair, she saw my reflection and smiled. I smiled at her, with a hard-on under the sheets. I asked, “What do you want for dinner? We could order something.”

Aditi:- You lazy hunk, get up, we will eat from the restaurant downstairs.

Me:- Okay, whatever you say.

She smiled. I went in to shower and then dried up myself and got dressed. We then went downstairs. We both were famished due to ‘extra circulars’ on the bed, so we had stomach-full dinner. Then I had picked up a bottle of vodka, a few cans of beer. We then went back to the room.

After some time, she was on the bed, watching tv I was on the balcony. I was enjoying the mesmerizing view and finishing up a can of beer. Aditi came out to the balcony in her saree. I handed her over a beer. She happily took it and s6tarted to drink.

Aditi:-The view is so beautiful.

Me:-It is – both outside (I looked at her) and inside.

Aditi wrapped her hands along my elbow, interlocking our elbows. She laid her head on my shoulders.

Aditi:-I have to leave tomorrow.

Me:-I know. I will always cherish the good moments.

Aditi:- Me too.

We both gulped down on the beer, sat down on the balcony, feeling the cold breeze of the night. The moonlight reflected off her skin, making it shine its beauty. The breeze flaunted her hair in the air.

Oh, man! It was so romantic. We then talked some more, getting to know each other. I saw her smile in that moonlight. It was so enchanting. Then she saw me staring.

Aditi:- What are you looking at?

Me:- Nothing(nodding my head side to side)

Aditi:- Oh, okay. I thought that you were staring at my lips and thinking of kissing me here.

She then raised her eyebrows a little and bit her lips, looking at me.

Me:- Well, yes. I was but not just kissing.

Aditi giggled and remarked with the question, “Oh, really?”

Me:- Oh yeah!

Aditi:- Dream on, pretty boy.

She then caressed my cheeks and go tup and was moving out of the balcony. I pulled her into my lap and gave her a sudden kiss. We both kissed each other. She was on my lap, facing me her sideways, with her legs laid down to my left side. We kept on kissing for 5 minutes, as our head tilted to the sides.

I then took her face in my grasp and gradually kissed her. We just hopped on one another, kissing deeply and exploring each other’s bodies. She responded with a heated passion for kissing, and tongues rolled. We scoured over one another’s body.

I bit her lips a few times. I then went to kiss her neck and drive my tongue as the line through her neck to the sides of her shoulder. Her hands rubbed and gripped on my broad shoulders. I started to kiss her earlobes, then to her chin, lowering my tongue to suck on her neck.

She turned her head in passion, letting out a small gasp of air of satisfaction. She gasped as I sucked on her neck. My hands went to her navel. Feeling its soft skin and grabbing on it with full pressure. She straightened out her spine and stretched her neck wider and backward.

I kissed and sucked along her neck down to her collarbone. We kept on kissing each other than scouring the bodies of each other. Feeling up each other’s body. She then leaned away from me. I started to suck her neck. I laid her hands on my head, pulling me more closely.

I then leaned from my chair towards her a little bit. Her upper body was in the air, as my hands caressed her navel and her ass. We both stared into each other’s eyes and could only see lust. I then raised my hand on her back, driving my fingers along her spine.

I was pushing my fingers into her tight blouse in the back and pulled it away using my teeth. I kissed along her neck into her chest. Her breath was shallow. I kissed down on her cleavage and dropped my tongue in between her boobs. I licked the boobs from side to side.

I then removed the blouse button one by one using my mouth. As the blouse got loosened with each undid button, the boobs awaited to be freed. As soon as the blouse opened, her boobs in her bra fell out. I had seen them a thousand times in the last few days but couldn’t savor my hunger.

I became a beast seeing them. Like a beast, I ripped out the bra and took those brown nipples in my hand. I dropped the bra and blouse on the floor. She was nude, sitting on my lap in the balcony. She then rubbed on my chest. She started to kiss me very passionately.

Her nails drove into the buttons of my shirt and unlocked one be one, exposing a bit of my fit body. Once she was done opening my shirt, she licked on my neck. She opened my shirt wide, driving her nails into my broad chest, she licked on my neck and collar bone.

She kept kissing on the body, going down to my chest then over to my abs. Her soft lips and warm kiss in that cold night breeze made me wanna fuck her like hell. I was had gotten very much hard. She then got up on the floor. She looked into my eyes and kept on kissing me and licking through my belly button.

My pants bulged. She then removed my belt and then my pant button. She lowered the zip, and she took a tight grip at the end of the pants. She gave me a naughty smile.

Aditi:-(with a wicked smile) This is the punishment for ripping my bra.

Me:-(with a lust look) Go ahead, guilty is charged.

She then lowered my pants and lowered my underwear. I was on the chair in the balcony, nude, with a married woman appreciating how hard my cock has gotten. It was saluting her like a pole. She licked my foreskin and the precum. I felt her breath on my dick.

I felt a jolt through my body as my dick throbbed to get into action. She slowly moved it into her mouth and started sucking my dick. I caught her head and moaned as I pushed it in, moving her mouth faster and faster. She then started to lick its sides. Then took it in her mouth and bit its foreskin.

I was in pain and pleasure, moaning in a low sound. She licked around and kissed the ball and licking the underside of my dick. She then sucked it really hard. She started giving me a beautiful blowjob. Firstly stroking my cock, licking its head later, moving on to sucking the cock.

She was a pro at sucking. Her creativity was unparalleled. She then slowed down and stroked it as she sucked. She had this slutty expression as she did the blowjob. She swirled her tongue around my dick. My legs were shaking. As I neared to cum, she took out the dick and smiled at me.

She said, “That is your punishment.” She then was going into the room. I pulled her to my side and closed the balcony door. I pushed her to the balcony door glass. I pinned down her hands. She did show slight resistance, but she loved the idea of outdoor sex.

I then started to press those boobs while pushed her onto the balcony door. I fondled them wildly and with a hard grip on their skin. Her wrapped around my back, gripping hard and driving her nail into my back, holding me close. I then lowered myself to suck on her nipples like a child, biting them.

I was swirling my tongue around them. She moaned romantically and kept tapping on my head. She had a tight grip on my hair as I bit them. I placed my lips on her nipples, sucking them hard. I held her boobs in my hands, brought her nipples together to my mouth, licked, and bit them.

I then went to suck different parts of her frontal body, biting her to give love bites. As I did these things, she was squirming around and squealing. Then I went down, kissing her down from her boobs to her belly button. I played with her belly button and moving again down after a deep kiss at her navel.

My hands were raised to play with her boobs. She took one of them and started to suck on those fingers. I then raised her leg on my shoulder and started to lick them from toe to thighs. I did it to both her legs and slowly dropping her petticoat. She was in nothing but her panties now. I then removed it too.

She stood in front of me naked. I licked on her inner thighs, licking it and sucking on the skin, even biting it. She bit her lips as I did it. I went to lick her pussy. I rubbed on her pussy for some time very roughly. Her legs tightened around my hands and my head.

Pussy was slightly wet. Then I slowly licked her clit, playing with her. I pushed in my finger into her pussy. I licked her clit as I pushed them inside. She moaned in a low voice. I swirled my tongue around her clit, driving my tongue top and down, from side to side.

Even squeezing her clit as I fingered her pussy really hard. I kept on sucking on her clit, as I drove my fingers into her asshole. I fingered her pussy and her asshole. She was squealing and was moaning. I then reached her g-spot and played with it.

I kept up this foreplay and intensified it by squeezing her nipples till she orgasmed. She was covering her mouth to hide the orgasm. So she squealed and groaned as she had the orgasm. I then looked at her and smiled. She hugged me and whispered to me in a begging voice, “Please…Mike… let’s go inside.”

She was panting as she said this. We then went inside. I then placed her against the closed balcony door, with her boobs crushed on the glass. I took out my dick and rubbed over her pussy lips. She stretched her hands to pull me closer. I kept on rubbing my dick. I then slowly pushed my cock into her pussy.

She was moaning as it went, gasping for air. Her nails scratching the door. As I licked her back, sucking behind her. I grabbed her boobs from behind, and fondle them, and squeeze her nipples tight. I lowered my hand squeezed her clit. I then spanked her hard as I fingered.

When slaps became a bit painful, she started to moan. Her breath becomes heavy, and starting panting widely. She turned her head to me, trying to kiss me, and we kissed her. I increased my thrust into her, putting my hips more. She started to squeal, and I squeezed her clit hard.

I increased the pace of pumping and squeezing her nipples. Her lower body was shaking. She squealed and moaned. I then gave a tight squeeze on her boob. I started to press her boobs from behind, trying to milk them and pulling the nipples.

She was moaning with a deep voice. Her moans became louder as my pace increased further. She had an orgasm.

After returning home, I was tempted to look for her on Facebook. But I remember what she had told. It was just a one night stand. So I left it as it, wondering whether I would meet her.

I opened my eyes back in my own shower. The time had already passed, I couldn’t finish. I got out of the shower and got dressed up. I went to work with a hard-on. I worked for an Ad-company. I got on a bad day, as our team leader was a bit angry with us.

He greeted me with sarcasm and was a bit angry about the pending projects. He then appointed me to receive a high-end client coming today. I was scared. He asked me whether I could handle it in a grizzling voice. I agreed with reluctance.

Back to my desk, I leaned in my chair, taking a relaxing breath. Then Tarun leaned over to my desk.
Tarun:- Dude, how was your trip? (with a pinch of curiosity and wild smile he always has on his face).

Me:-It was okay. (With a wicked smirk). No thanks to you all.

Tarun:-Come on, dude. You know, I had to go over to my wife’s place.

Me:-Yea, then what about him? (pointing at Ajit.)

Ajit just smiled at us and extended his hands in an expression that he was helpless.

Tarun:-Besides, you seem to have enjoyed yourself.

Me:- Nah. nothing like that. (I still had a wicked smile and immersed myself into work).

11:00 AM- Enter Anand

Anand, a well-known businessman in Mumbai, he was here to launch a product in Bangalore. He wanted to work without a company to find the right ads and tag-line for it. Yes! Unfortunately, I was his scapegoat.

Once I get to meet him, He seemed like a nice guy, nice mannerism, egoistic. But the dude knows how to talk. Must be why he is a good businessman. We discussed the strategies and tag-lines. He was happy to have my help. We bid that day. The project could take a few days.

The next day he came to finalize the results. We had some model ads set up, and he was finally happy with one of the tag-lines. My boss was also happy we got the contract. I then was escorting him out of the office. We were in the lift, he kept on getting calls. But he kept on ignoring them.

Then we went out of the main entrance, and then there was a familiar lady at the reception. She came to him as soon as she saw him.

She:- You know, how long, I was kept waiting, Anand?

Anand:- I am so sorry dear, I am all yours now.

Anand then wrapped his hand around her shoulder.

Anand:- Michael, I would like you to meet my wife, Aditi.

I was mind blown, I don’t know. For a few moments, my brain froze up, my mouth was literally open. She had her eyes bulged put, and she too was surprised and shocked. I then extended my hand shook hands. We both were in shock.

Anand then looked at his wife and asked whether she was okay. She said she was fine. Then they left. As they were leaving, she turned her head around and looked at me.

Stay tuned for the part. I hope it aroused you all. I hope to see all your lovely comments. This story is an invitation to all the ladies out there. Contact me for a discreet chat at [email protected]

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