Story of a hot and sexy girl whom I met at the pub

Story of a hot and sexy girl whom I met at the pub

Hello everyone, I am back again on this site with another one of my experiences when I was in a pub. You can read my past experiences here and have a good time.  A bit of an introduction about me: I am a good-looking 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

This experience of mine took place almost a year ago. I traveled to another city for 2 weeks due to some office work. I was stationed at one of the luxurious hotels in the city. Over the weekend, I had plans to explore the city and wrapped up my work early on Friday evening.

I reached the hotel room and quickly got ready to explore the nightlife of the city. I scanned through Google and found out that my hotel has one of the town’s finest pubs. I was really happy with that fact and decided to hit the pub at around 10 p.m.

At 10 p.m., I went through to the pub. I entered inside, and it was buzzing with loud music. There was a big crowd on the dance floor dancing to the DJ. Some hot girls were grooving to the music played and flaunting their curves with their moves on the dance floor.

I quickly got a drink from the bartender and observed a cozy corner seat close to the bar empty. I placed myself there. I had a good view of the dance floor. I checked out all the hot girls for my luck. At around 11.30, a girl entered the pub with no one following her.

She straight away went to the bar and ordered her drink and was scanning around. She caught my eyes for the sheer hotness she oozed out. She was wearing denim and a tube top that covered just her boobs and a dark color, medium-sized bindi.

She was one of the hottest girls on the floor with the right amount of curves and looked like she was in her early 20’s. Once the bartender served her drink to her, she started enjoying it in her own world. Drinking sip by sip and dancing like a free bird close to the bar.

All the boys around her were ogling her. They were trying their chances with her by passing her free drinks or cracking a conversation with her to shake a leg with her. I was enjoying all the drama unfolding from the distance of my seat. She did have a glance at me in between, and I smiled every time our eyes met.

After almost 2 hours on the dance floor, one of the boys started getting too touchy with the girl. This made her uncomfortable. She pushed the boy away from her, collected her belongings, and moved outdoors. I followed her and saw her standing near the parking lot.

I slowly went close to her and was standing at a distance from her.

Me: Boys can’t bear the sight of a single girl at the pub enjoying all alone.

Her: Not everyone is like you. Some of them are born cheapos.

Me: I would take that as a compliment. What plans for the night to enjoy it further?

Her: Haven’t thought of it as yet. Have you got any?

Me: I am new to the city. Here for some work. So do not have much idea about the city.

Her: So it would be my task to think and plan something for the night, that means.

Me: Of course.

Then she took a few steps towards me and held my arm and started to walk towards the hotel’s exit. She quickly hopped onto the next-door building. She took me to a rooftop pub, which was buzzing with loud music and a hot crowd on the dance floor.

We made our way to the bar counter and ordered our drinks and found a cozy corner to enjoy it. We were standing in the corner with a small table and humming to the DJ’s tunes. We both exchanged our names, and I came to know her name was Vineeta.

Vineeta slowly started to groove to the music and was dancing freely. At one point in time, she went down, twisting her body and touched the floor with her ass. That was a sight to behold. With each passing song, she started to come close to me and dance.

After a couple of tracks, my hand was around her waist, enjoying the touch of her bare waist. She was dancing in my arms and enjoying the show she was putting up for me. After a couple of tracks, we were dancing close to each other, and our lips brushed against each other.

Vineeta did not react to the touch, and I gained the confidence to move ahead. My hands moved down from her bare waist towards her ass. I started to feel her ass and squeeze it in between. Vineeta looked into my eyes and had a wicked smile on her face and was enjoying the squeeze.

Her ass was soft and mesmerizing, and I lost track of time while playing with it. After a couple of tracks, the DJ announced the last track of the night. I was in a fix to hunt a plan and lure her to my room to further enjoy her ass. We were done for the night and headed for the exit.

All the while, she was holding my arm like we are a couple for the night. We came out of the building. I was thinking hard about a move but running out of my options for the night. Just then, I had a thought and asked her.

Me: Vineeta, would you like to join me in my room for the after-party?

Her: What’s there to join in your room?

Me: Have all the arrangements. Music to booze. Company of each other.

After some more convincing, she thought for a while and said Yes. I was delighted to have her company and was looking forward to what the night has in store with Vineeta. We were in the hotel building lift going towards the room and chit-chatting about some irrelevant topic.

I opened the door and placed the card in the holder to activate the lights. Vineeta followed into the room, bolted the door, and removed her jacket onto the rack. I just turned around to face her and ask her for her preference in drinks. But what happened next shocked me for a second.

Vineeta took a few steps towards me and jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. I was pushed back by the sudden movement of hers and landed on the sofa. Once I landed on the sofa, our eyes met.

Her: How do you feel the ass is now?

Me: The up-close feeling is mama mia. Would like to feel the raw skin of the plump ass.

Saying this, I tried to slide my hand inside her denim and managed to land my palm on her tight curvy ass giving it a squeeze. She let out a soft moan.

Her: Now, you know how much I had to control when you were squeezing my ass at the pub. Turned me on like hell at the pub. Had the wild idea of stripping you and making you lie at the bar counter and ride you like there is no tomorrow.

Me: That’s a nice idea. Should have tried it out. (winked)

After hearing my words, Vineeta went crazy like a wild cat. She held my shirt from the collar bone. She forcefully pulled it apart, removing all the shirt buttons in the process. But that gave me the idea that it’s going to be a good night with her.

She pushed my shirt aside as much as possible without letting me move much. In the meantime, I slid my other hand into her denim and onto her plump ass and gave her ass cheeks a soft squeeze with both the palm. It made her moan like anything.

She stared at me in the eye with a kinky smile and started to fondle with my nipple. She would pinch them at times and would pull them to the core in between. After a couple of minutes and listening to my moans from her nipple play, she bent down and started to lick my nipples.

Vineeta was getting wilder by the minute. Her tongue roamed around all over my bare chest and gave me love bites at various places, making me moan. I lifted her by her ass and placed her on the table in front of the mirror. I looked at her eyes, and all I could see was pure lust and a wild cat at play.

I pulled her by her hair, and placed my lips on her juicy red lips and smooched her. Tongues started to roll in, and soon we both were engrossed in a tongue fight. Slowly I removed her top along with the bra, and her huge melons popped out. They were the sexiest pair of boobs I had seen.

The nice round, firm boobs were eagerly waiting for me to taste them. I pulled Vineeta out of the kiss by pulling her hair. I started to lick her from her neck to the shoulder to the collar bone and then to her cleavage. I wriggled my tongue for a while in her cleavage and then started to lick and suck her nipples.

She was in pleasure and was moaning with each suck and lick. She was roaming her hand in my hair, showing signs of enjoying the play with her boobs. The play with her boobs got her so high that a wet patch had formed on her denim near her panties.

I just touched her wet denim and wriggled my fingers around it. I slowly unbuttoned her denim without leaving her boobs from my mouth. I removed her denim and simply sat in her panty around her waist while kneading her boobs. She wrapped me with her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck.

I lifted her up by her ass while smooching her delicious juicy lips and biting her lower lips. In slow motion, I turned around towards the bed and threw her onto the bed. I was standing at the edge of it, admiring her beauty.

Me: Never knew you would turn up here like this with me when you entered the club alone and sent me bonkers for your hotness.

Her: You never know what turns out for the night. So you should keep your fingers crossed.

I started to give her a show. Slowly removed my shirt like a stripper to reveal the bareback. Started to unbutton my denim and slowly let it go down. She was looking with a hint of glows in her eyes and biting her lower lip in ecstasy. I turned around to show her my back.

I slowly pulled my undies down only to throw it on her face. She grabbed it with her hands and sniffed the undies to inhale the toxic smell of my pre-cum. Then she rolled it into a small pot and stuffed it into her mouth. That was damn erotic the way she stuffed herself with it.

I pulled her down with her legs to make her lie at the edge of the bed with legs touching the ground. I kneeled down in front of her of a glistening shaved pussy. I stretched her legs apart and held them there. I slowly gave her a good lick from the bottom till the top of her pussy.

She shivered while moaning in pleasure. I started with slow licks from the bottom till the top of her pussy and increased my speed after that. The action of licking her pussy made her moan. She had a nice orgasmic blast onto my face within a couple of minutes.

I swallowed all the cum that she just blew onto my face. But was not only done to leave her yet from that position. I stretched her legs to the maximum possible and gave a nice soft lick to her asshole. The moment I touched her asshole Vineeta erupted from the bed with a loud moan.

It was as if it was the first time someone licked her there. She panted for a second and said, “It’s the first time someone has licked me there. None of the boys I have been with liked it. But you have given me the pleasure tonight. It feels so amazing.”

I pushed her body down and told her to enjoy the show. I gave her exposed ass crack a nice lick covering her asshole and pussy. Then I gently started roaming my left-hand thumb onto her pussy while I focused my tongue onto her asshole. I started with some slow licks to let her absorb the sensation.

But then increased my pace and started licking her ass hole like a wild dog. In the ass licking, I softly inserted two of my fingers into her pussy. I was rubbing them around inside her and started to finger her pussy as much as I could. A good couple of minutes and she had a wonderful panting orgasm.

She flooded my mouth again with her juices. I slowly got up from my place, placed myself onto her tummy with legs on either side, started kissing her, and shared the juices with her. She was all the wilder with the kiss and was scratching my back with her long nails.

Once the cum was swallowed by both of us, she pushed me down onto the bed. She lay next to me for a good couple of minutes, regaining her energy. She bought her face near mine and started with a kiss. Slowly she started licking me all over.

She started with my ears down through the cheek to the neck, following the collar bone, and onto the right nipple. She spent some time on the nipple, licking it and making me moan in ecstasy. She alternated between my nipples and gave them a nice lick, suck, and a bite at times.

She proceeded southwards after she was content with my nipples. Licking through the center of my chest and onto my navel. She made my navel wet and juicy with her tongue game, and that feeling was simply amazing. She went downwards and held my dick with her hand and started to suck my balls.

She was alternatively taking each ball into her mouth and was giving it a nice suck. She was blowing my cock with her hands as well. Once content with my balls, she proceeded down south and gave me a nice lick onto my ass hole. She was burying her tongue, trying to dig deeper inside my tongue.

After playing with my ass hole for a while, she proceeded with a nice lick. Then she started to show her real skills and was blowing me really well. She started by sucking me slowly and taking me entirely in her mouth. But then she increased her speed of the blowjob.

The horniness took its toll, and soon I blasted my load into her mouth, filling it with my jizz. Once I unloaded my cum she sat back and looked into my eyes. I had a feeling that she would come down and kiss me to share the cum. But she sat there and swallowed my entire cum, and I was looking at her enjoy it.

Then she licked me clean. She came up and lay down next to me. All the while, her hands roaming around my cock to arouse it quickly. And I didn’t disappoint her. Her actions started to show its effects. Within some time, my cock was back to its standing glory and ready to slay her.

As soon as my cock was hard, I grabbed a condom. In the meantime, Vineeta got up from the bed and positioned herself near the couch near the window. She was bending onto it and stretching her ass cheeks wide to let me in. The window had a great view of the city in lights as we were on the 10th floor.

I positioned myself behind her and tried to push my cock inside her tight pussy. She was tight, and it took me some effort to push my cock completely inside her pussy. Once inside, I rested it there for a while for both of us to get accustomed to it.

Once accustomed, I started to bang her pussy and increased my speed after every hump. While she was also moved by my stroking. Moaning with each hump in her pussy and looking at the city lights and banging her was another high of pleasure.

After a couple of minutes of banging her there and having her orgasm again, she pushed me away and changed the position. She positioned herself on the edge of the bed. She held her legs high in the air, stretched apart from each other, and invited me with her finger to enter inside.

Without wasting any time, I quickly inserted my cock inside her. I rammed her pussy nicely and hard with the word go. She was moaning in pleasure while I was banging her pussy nice and hard all the way.  After banging her tight pussy deep and hard, I was about to cum.

I was on my way to a satisfying orgasm for the night. Just then, she said, “I am about to cum, baby, just don’t stop.” This gave me the push to continue for some more time with control. Once I was out of control, I started to cum in the condom by pushing my cock deepest inside her.

Those cumming sensations let her to quickly cum herself. And we both came somewhat together and lay down on the bed, exhausted for the night.

We both were chit chatting with each other and did not realize when we fell asleep. When I woke up, I searched for her in the room, but she was nowhere to be seen. I saw a note on the table which read, “Pack your stuff and checkout from the hotel. See you for lunch. Waiting for you to satisfy the hunger.”

She had mentioned the location of her house in the note and her mobile number. I was excited for the week ahead and quickly moved out to her place with my luggage.


Till then, ciao!

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